CQR Ahmedabad uses low-bed vehicles to move break-bulk project cargo

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CQR Ahmedabad has used its many years’ experience to handle a Break-bulk project of 60 tons

CQR member in Ahmedabad, SEA FREIGHT SHIPPING AND LOGISTICS PVT LTD, accomplished one more achievement recently, by transporting a break-bulk project of 60 tons from Kandla Port, Gujarat, by using 4 axle low-bed vehicles with a 100 M.T pay load capacity.

Additionally, they used a mobile shore crane with 124 M.T to unload the cargo, which consisted of a ball mill of 60 tons.

“We are happy to be part of the CQR family and to share with all the members our successful Break-bulk project Cargo”, Kiran Kumar Kasa, Sea Freight Shipping and Logistics Pvt Ltd Director, declared.

Congratulations to all the team!