“Conqueror” Launch Makes Big Waves – Real Time Press Release

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Madrid, Spain, September 23

Less than a week after launch, the recruitment drive for the world’s first “virtual multinational” freight forwarders alliance has already netted scores of pre-applications and hundreds of website hits (www.conquerornetwork.com) and requests for information.

“We are very encouraged by the response,” said Antonio Torres, himself a veteran freight forwarder and mastermind of the new Conqueror network, whose members will be obliged to work with each other on at least half of their shipments. “Our launch was reported widely in the specialized press, and seems to have become a talking point in the industry.

”This response from forwarders, Torres said, “is making us optimistic about our chances of meeting our first objective, which is to have the 60 most important cities covered within six months. That would already put us ahead of many of the medium-sized multinationals. Our target for the first year is to have 90-100 agents.”

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