CQR Seoul has nerves of steel

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CQR Seoul was selected to ship an oversize shipment of steel tubes from Kwangyang, Korea to Mawan, China

Due to its reputation as a provider of all-encompassing break-bulk services, Daewon Logipia was given the task of handling every aspect of the loading and discharging of this cargo.
international logistics service provider
3,200mm diameter x 6,500 mm length

They provided lashing, shore cranes and their own stevedores, both dockside and shipside to load the tubes onto a chartered Chinese shipping line vessel before the final leg of the journey to Mawan. This is evidence that there really is no cargo that CQR Seoul’s team of 35 cannot handle.
To find out more about CQR Seoul,  contact Mr M. S. Kang on mskang@daewonls.com or click here.