Time is of the essence

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 CQR’s exclusive agent in Sofia, was recently commissioned to ship 100 urgent packages of automotive parts in just 10 days. Each parcel had to be delivered from Bulgaria to London and from Germany to London in just 9 hours

international logistics
international logistics

The delay of even one package would have caused hundreds of thousands euros loss to their client. In order to meet the short deadline, the team was available around the clock picking up the packages from their factory even; yes, even during the night.

The team was very flexible and used different solutions in order to deliver the shipments on time – on board courier, charter flights, next flight out emergency service, prepaid capacity of the airlines, dedicated couriers for pick-ups and deliveries, exclusive support of ground handling agents to ensure handling during the night, etc. Thanks to their good business relations with the carriers and the airlines, as well as their proven record in the three point traffic, none of the shipments was delayed.

“The client was satisfied by our services and we managed to establish good long term business relations with him,” said Adriana Damianova, Director Business Development, she continued, “we would invite any members with urgent cargo who are looking for a reliable partner who is attentive to details and will deliver in a timely manner, to get in touch with us. Due to our experience and knowhow, we can support you with solutions for triangle shipments also. We are available 24/7 and will find the best solution for you because we just take it personally.”