CQR Munich organizes round-the-world trip

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On the recommendation of one of their clients, CQR Munich was chosen by the plastics giant igus® to handle the planning of its 30th anniversary round the world trip

logistics business partner
logistics business partner

igus® has retrofitted a small car with iglidur® plastic components and sent it on a 10 month global expedition to demonstrate the high quality of its products. The CQR Munich team have been responsible for every aspect of the journey which is taking the car across four continents and three oceans; mile upon mile of tarmac, gravel, dirt and mud through rain, searing heat and snow.

“So far we are running to schedule, despite some schedule changes due to local vehicle registration problems in a few countries; we have had to register the car a few times to get local number plates, and the short transfer time of re-exporting the car currently in Brazil to Alaska. But, all in all this is a great project although I have to be reachable at all times,” explained Michael Lichtenegger of CQR Munich.

This tour has quite a following through its online blog and its facebook page which is certainly helping spread the name of Multi Logistics worldwide and increase its customer base.While for some companies this would be a once in a lifetime contract, for Multi Logistics, this is just one of a number of all-engrossing assignments, especially those for film, music and theatre projects.

Conqueror would like to congratulate the CQR Munich team!