CQR Tel Aviv increases its warehouse capacity

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The total warehouse capacity of CQR Tel Aviv is now 20,000 sq meters

Jackylog, a subsidiary of the Jacky Line Group, Conqueror’s exclusive agent in 3 cities across Israel, has increased its total warehouse capacity in the centre of the country from 13,000m2 to 20,000m2 (dry cargo, reefer, with a specialty in Pharma & Frozen food); 7,000m2 of that have been allocated to a new product courier service.

logistics companies
logistics companies


Business is certainly booking for the Jacky Line Group. Almost 1 year ago, we informed members of their plan to increase warehouse capacity and it is unbelievable that in less than a year, they need to expand again.


Conqueror would like to congratulate the Jackylog team on this achievement!