CQR Tel Aviv increases its warehouse capacity

The total warehouse capacity of CQR Tel Aviv is now 20,000 sq meters

Jackylog, a subsidiary of the Jacky Line Group, Conqueror’s exclusive agent in 3 cities across Israel, has increased its total warehouse capacity in the centre of the country from 13,000m2 to 20,000m2 (dry cargo, reefer, with a specialty in Pharma & Frozen food); 7,000m2 of that have been allocated to a new product courier service.

logistics companies
logistics companies


Business is certainly booking for the Jacky Line Group. Almost 1 year ago, we informed members of their plan to increase warehouse capacity and it is unbelievable that in less than a year, they need to expand again.


Conqueror would like to congratulate the Jackylog team on this achievement!

CQR Tel Aviv expands its warehouse capabilities

Conqueror’s exclusive agent in 3 cities across Israel, has started construction on a 49,000m2 warehouse in Ashdod, in the south of the country.


logistics business partner
logistics business partner

The new warehouse will take their storage capacity for dry, reefer, pharmaceuticals, ice cream and frozen goods to 10 times its current capacity in the city.

In addition to warehouses in Ashdod, the company also has an 8000m2 warehouse for dry cargo in the north of Israel and a 13,000m2 facility for dry cargo and reefer with a speciality in pharmaceuticals and frozen food in the centre.

Projects such as these are all playing their part in helping CQR Tel Aviv become “The Independent Force in Shipping” in Israel.

Conqueror would like to congratulate the Jacky Line Group on this new project!