Conqueror Jeddah takes over MJ Heavy Lifts to bolster their Heavy Lifts Department

They created a new department called ‘ALS Heavy Lifts’ to better cope with their increasing volume of heavy lift cargo projects

Global Union Alliance Company, Conqueror member in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, has merged with MJ Heavy Lifts on the 1st of January 2021. Their new division called “ALS Heavy Lifts” will henceforth be working on an increasing number of heavy lift cargo projects.

CQR Jeddah-Independent freight forwarder
Heavy Lifts Department of Conqueror Jeddah

Their journey began in 2009 and later they expanded their operations across diversified sectors including oil & gas, HVAC services, contracting, etc, with the aim to offer value added service for their clients in Jeddah and beyond.

In the words of Hareb Shaikh, the Commercial Manager of Global Union Alliance Company, “We have acquired new staff, office, equipment, prime movers, modular trailers, jack and sliding systems, stools, beams, etc. Saudi Arabia has more than 100 heavy lift cargo projects announced and we believe this is the best time to acquire such equipment and have our own Heavy lifts department.”

Congratulations to Conqueror Jeddah and wishing them the very best for their upcoming projects!

Conqueror Jeddah creates a new client-focussed website

They have also boosted their social media presence by creating new handles on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn

Global Union Alliance Company, Conqueror member in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, has come up with a new customer-centric website for their company. Other than all the usual features, their user-friendly website also comes with a shipment tracking feature that allows their clients to get an idea about the exact location of their consignment at any given time.

user friendly website
shipment tracking feature

They are also in the way of getting a strong social media presence by creating their company profiles on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. As said by Mr Hareb Shaikh, the Commercial Manager of Global Union, “Our newly created website is an upgrade over our previous one as it comes with loads of useful features such as shipment tracking and tools centre that will enhance our customer experience in several ways. We are presently in the process of creating an app for our clients.”

Congratulations to Global Union Alliance Company and all the best for their future projects!