The CEO of CQR Sialkot gets promoted as the Vice Chairman of Pakistan International Freight Forwarders Association (PIFFA)

PIFFA is a non-profit group which represents over 500 freight forwarding companies in Pakistan who offer land, air, ocean, and multimodal logistics services

Mr. Arif Nadeem, the CEO of Teknik Movers, the Conqueror member in Sialkot, Pakistan, has accepted the position of Vice Chairman of PIFFA (Pakistan International Freight Forwarders Association.) PIFFA was founded back in 2005 with the objective of creating a sole representative body of freight forwarders in Pakistan.

international logistics
international logistics

In his own words, “I am delighted to take up this important position and I aim to fulfill my responsibilities with utmost care and diligence. Some of the functions of this organization include the creation of a support base for Pakistan trade internationally along with the expansion and maintenance of a robust global logistics services within the country.”

In the words of Mr. Ummar Sadiq, the International Operations Manager of Teknik Movers, “I’d like to congratulate our team leader/CEO for this well-deserved promotion as the Vice Chairman of PIFFA for the year 2019-2020. We hope for greater success and better representation of our team within the freight industry of Pakistan.”

Congratulations to Teknik Movers for securing this important position!

Interview with CQR Sialkot

Arif Nadeem is CEO of Teknik Movers, Conqueror’s exclusive agent in Sialkot, Pakistan. Recently, we spoke with Arif about the company, its approaching anniversary and future plans.logistics companies

Q. How did you get into the freight forwarding business?
A. It was after receiving my Masters in Business in 1993 that my career in freight forwarding began with a position as a trainee manager. Whilst in that position, I was given many opportunities to work with the top freight companies and gained invaluable knowledge and experience of all areas of freight forwarding and management.
Q. What prompted you to start Teknik Movers?
A. It was whilst working in these top freight companies that I realised that customers prefer a personal service by accredited freight partners. On the 4th February 2004, I launched Teknik Movers with the sole purpose of serving my quality conscious clients. I brought a team of dedicated managers on board and within two years we received IATA approval and opened branches across Pakistan. Within just a few years, Teknik Movers went from a single entity to a vast network.
Q. What is unique about Teknik Movers?
A. It’s simple; Teknik Movers always meets the customer’s needs. Our team is dedicated to building trust with customers so that they can rely on us for any project being assigned for the importation/exportation to and from Pakistan. We also offer value for money, a choice of carrier, a one window solution and a solid base to secure customer confidence.
Q. What has been your proudest moment as CEO of Teknik Movers?
A. For the year 2010-11, I was elected Chairman of the Community for Air Cargo Agents of Pakistan. Myself and Teknik Movers were acknowledged for our commitment to serving the local community. Currently, I am a member of the Central Executive Committee of the Air Cargo Agents Association of Pakistan.
Q. What current challenges are freight forwarders in Pakistan facing at the moment?
A. Well, thanks to the economic crisis, there is currently a price war between agents as agents are heavily investing in the overseas as well as the local market. Also, the negative attitude of carriers towards agents is equally unhelpful and inhibiting to all freight forwarders.
Q. How does Teknik Movers deal with these challenges on a daily basis?
A. As a team we have a positive attitude and we aim to serve our customers to the best of our ability in whatever the industry or economic status is in on that given day.
Q. Next year, Teknik Movers will be celebrating its 10th anniversary, what plans do you have for the company over the next decade?
A. While Teknik movers is a big name in Pakistan, we are aiming further afield with an international marketing campaign showing our successes over the 10 years and our plans for the future. Of course our success is down to our team and they will certainly be rewarded come the anniversary!
Teknik Movers has quickly made a name for itself in Pakistan and it sounds like it will be doing the same in the near future.
We welcome all members with shipments in Sialkot, Pakistan to get in touch with the Teknik Movers team.