Leading supply chain news portals covers the news of Conqueror’s 10th Anniversary and 2nd Virtual Meeting

Conqueror’s 10th Anniversary was celebrated during Conqueror’s 2nd Virtual Meeting that brought together network members on one platform on the 29th and 30th of November

Conqueror Freight Network turned 10 in 2021. The network celebrated this special occasion during its 2nd Virtual Meeting. Moreover, Conqueror screened a special commemorative video of all the highlights of the Annual Meetings in the last 10 years. Conqueror started its journey in 2011 with members in 47 cities and now it has come up as the largest exclusive international freight forwarders network with over 260 members across 137 countries. Some of the most prominent supply chain websites of our time have published the news of Conqueror’s 10th Anniversary and 2nd Annual Meeting.

Conqueror 2'nd Virtual Meeting for independent freight forwarders
Conqueror’s 2nd Virtual Meeting Media Coverage


Logistics Business, DC Velocity, Hellenic Shipping News, AJOT, and Veintepies are the logistics web journals that covered this news.

Logistics Business is an UK based website dedicated to the transportation and logistics industry. It updates the readers with important news, opinions, and reports from the global supply chain sector.

DC Velocity is a market leading multi-media magazine brand that comprehensively covers the news of all aspects of logistics. Its unique content model allows the readers to be at a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Hellenic Shipping News is a daily online newspaper for shipping and logistics news. Moreover, it provides extensive coverage of the international shipping industry with a special focus on Greece.

AJOT or American Journal of Transportation is a pioneering web journal covering transportation and logistics news. This century-old magazine, offers the latest news and insights from the supply chain industry.

Veintepies is a news portal offering valuable information to anyone who has to make business decisions related to transportation and logistics. With a large reader base in Spain and Latin America, it publishes news, opinions, and articles related to this industry.

International Journal of Transport aka ITJ is a transportation and logistics journal published by Swiss Professional Media AG. Additionally, their team of highly qualified journalists seek to provide their readers with out up-to-date, practical reporting on this sector.

The Press Release published in all the above websites talks about the journey of the network in the past decade. It also touches on the success of their 2nd Virtual Conference that hosted over 1680 one-to-one videoconferences. Additionally, it also provides an overview of the FreightViewer workshops and the screening of the celebratory video during the online conference.


Celebration time for CQR Delhi!

Three Aces Global Logistics celebrates their 30th Foundation Day

Our CQR member in Delhi, one of the leading custom brokers and freight forwarding companies in India, has recently completed their 30th year of operations. “The tireless working of each and every member of our team has helped us become what we are today. We sincerely thank all our employees (many of whom are with us right from the beginning), our clients and our partners within the network all of whom have immensely helped us grow,” stated Mr Pankaj Agarwal, Director of Three Aces Global.

international logistics service provider
international logistics service provider

Established back in 1989, Three Aces Global has quickly evolved into a multifaceted corporate house which has carved out a niche in the Indian as well as the global freight forwarding market. Mr Agarwal further added, “Our dedicated team will keep striving to keep the clients satisfaction to the highest level. We also have plans to expand our branches to other cities in India,”

Hearty congratulations to Three Aces Global!

Conqueror member in Jeddah successfully moves 66,000 Kg of air cargo

The cargo, which consisted of environmentally hazardous substance, was moved from Denmark to KAAIA Jeddah via Amsterdam

Global Union Alliance Co. Ltd, which has been offering unparalleled services in freight forwarding and customs brokerage ever since their inception in 2009, has recently moved an enormous cargo of 66,000 Kg from Denmark to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. The shipment, which consisted of environmentally hazardous substances, was efficiently air freighted, custom cleared and delivered to the client in Yanbu, Saudi Arabia.

Mr. Hareb Ahmed, the Commercial Manager of the Global Union Alliance has commented that “Apart from this successful shipment of hazardous cargo, we’ve also accomplished the smooth operation for customs clearance and delivery of 24,000 Kg air cargo of catalyst material from Germany to Jeddah with final destination to Yanbu, Saudi Arabia. Our team is extremely contented with these two successive accomplishments.”

Conqueror congratulates Global Union Alliance Co. Ltd for their brilliant achievements!


CQR Durban/ Johannesburg and CQR Riga/Klaipeda teams up for several general and OOG cargo transportation

The successful partnership between CQR Durban/ Johannesburg and CQR Riga/Klaipeda is a perfect example of synergy among CQR members

Logistics Industry
Logistics Industry

The routes of the shipments were from South Africa via Riga with further road and rail delivery to Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan. The cargo had been transported from Durban and Johannesburg to Port Riga from where they were reloaded on rail platforms for being shipped to Tashkent (Uzbekistan) and Astana (Kazakhstan).

In the words of Sergei Dubinin, Sales Manager of Rinosta Shipping Agency: “This project which has involved several transhipments ports spanning 3 continents has been a perfect proof of partnership within Conqueror. One of the most challenging parts of our project has been the delivery of the OOG cargo. The power of partnership has yielded more than sufficient results and we are looking forward to collaborating again in the near future.”

Congratulations to Alpha Shipping Agency and Rinosta Shipping Agency for their successful collaboration!


CQR Manama/Bahrain ships mobile firearms range of 20 tons/174 cbm

CQR Manama/Bahrain has used its extensive experience in freights to ship a mobile firearms training range from Bahrein to Poland

CQR member in Manama/Bahrain, TAKHLEES SHIPPING AGENCIES, accomplished the task of transporting a mobile firearms training range from Bahrain to Gdansk, via Damam, in January this year.

international logistics service provider
international logistics service provider


An extremely professional and competent team was required for transporting the heavy range which weighed around 20,865.000 KGM/ 174 CBM. Takhlees Shipping successfully shipped the range from Bahrain to Damman by road from where a Bahri Shipping Line Vessel moved it to Poland.

Congratulations to the team!

CQR Callao/Lima transports a 126 tons-machine from Peru to Chile

CQR Callao/Lima has successfully delivered a heavy machine via RORO to Valparaíso, San Antonio 

International Freight Shipping S.A.C. has successfully transported a very heavy machine from Peru to Chile. The shipment, which weighted 126,480 kg, departed from Callao’s port (Peru) and was shipped to Valparaíso, San Antonio (Chile) by using a RORO vessel.

logistics companies and suppliers
logistics companies and suppliers

Thanks to its highly committed and professional team and its specialization in maritime transport and national- international cargos, IFS has been able to accomplish this complex task efficaciously and meeting their quality standards.

“Our service philosophy is based on Quality, Efficiency, Innovation and Passion for what we do, enabling us together, to be the first choice for our customers and strategic partners. Our customers’ success is our success”, states Reynir Gislason, Executive President

Well done to IFS team!

The September Edition of the Conqueror Newsletter is now ready!

The September Edition of the Conqueror Newsletter has just been released

In it, it is possible to find all the information regarding Conqueror’s 7th Annual Meeting, as well as very interesting news and interviews from fellow members or cities needing coverage. Additionally, the article about Conqueror’s establishment as the largest freight forwarding network worldwide can be read. Check it out here!

freight agents network
freight agents network


Interview with CQR Sialkot

Arif Nadeem is CEO of Teknik Movers, Conqueror’s exclusive agent in Sialkot, Pakistan. Recently, we spoke with Arif about the company, its approaching anniversary and future plans.logistics companies

Q. How did you get into the freight forwarding business?
A. It was after receiving my Masters in Business in 1993 that my career in freight forwarding began with a position as a trainee manager. Whilst in that position, I was given many opportunities to work with the top freight companies and gained invaluable knowledge and experience of all areas of freight forwarding and management.
Q. What prompted you to start Teknik Movers?
A. It was whilst working in these top freight companies that I realised that customers prefer a personal service by accredited freight partners. On the 4th February 2004, I launched Teknik Movers with the sole purpose of serving my quality conscious clients. I brought a team of dedicated managers on board and within two years we received IATA approval and opened branches across Pakistan. Within just a few years, Teknik Movers went from a single entity to a vast network.
Q. What is unique about Teknik Movers?
A. It’s simple; Teknik Movers always meets the customer’s needs. Our team is dedicated to building trust with customers so that they can rely on us for any project being assigned for the importation/exportation to and from Pakistan. We also offer value for money, a choice of carrier, a one window solution and a solid base to secure customer confidence.
Q. What has been your proudest moment as CEO of Teknik Movers?
A. For the year 2010-11, I was elected Chairman of the Community for Air Cargo Agents of Pakistan. Myself and Teknik Movers were acknowledged for our commitment to serving the local community. Currently, I am a member of the Central Executive Committee of the Air Cargo Agents Association of Pakistan.
Q. What current challenges are freight forwarders in Pakistan facing at the moment?
A. Well, thanks to the economic crisis, there is currently a price war between agents as agents are heavily investing in the overseas as well as the local market. Also, the negative attitude of carriers towards agents is equally unhelpful and inhibiting to all freight forwarders.
Q. How does Teknik Movers deal with these challenges on a daily basis?
A. As a team we have a positive attitude and we aim to serve our customers to the best of our ability in whatever the industry or economic status is in on that given day.
Q. Next year, Teknik Movers will be celebrating its 10th anniversary, what plans do you have for the company over the next decade?
A. While Teknik movers is a big name in Pakistan, we are aiming further afield with an international marketing campaign showing our successes over the 10 years and our plans for the future. Of course our success is down to our team and they will certainly be rewarded come the anniversary!
Teknik Movers has quickly made a name for itself in Pakistan and it sounds like it will be doing the same in the near future.
We welcome all members with shipments in Sialkot, Pakistan to get in touch with the Teknik Movers team.

Interview with CQR Budapest

Hunicorn joined Conqueror in August 2012 covering Budapest and then 4 months later took on Koper in Slovenia. Peter Schlembach, Hunicorn’s CEO, recently shared his thoughts on the challenges Freight Forwarders globally are facing and what their strategy is for meeting these challenges head on.

Q. Could you tell me a little about Hunicorn’s history and when you became involved with the company?
A.Hunicorn was established in 1991 and I was there from the very beginning. Prior to Hunicorn, I worked in the overseas department of Masped, the only freight forwarder (state-owned) in Hungary during the socialist times. Once the opportunities for privatization opened up, Hunicorn was born! Over the past 22 years, as a company, we have had our ups and downs like everyone else. We became ISO certified in 1998, started airfreight in 1998 and overseas LCL at the dawn of the Millennium. Since then, we have grown year on year. Last year we opened our new office in Koper and are planning another in Prague. 2012 also saw the launch of two new services for us; dangerous goods and personal effects.

Q. On Hunicorn’s website, it proudly states that Hunicorn is 100% Hungarian owned. Why, in your opinion, is it so important to emphasise this?

In Hungary, the multinationals have bought and are in control of almost everything or at least that’s how it feels, but the reality isn’t that far off with them having the monopoly in most markets, freight forwarding included. Many small and medium sized Hungarian foreign trading companies, shippers and consignees are not happy with the services these multinationals provide and as a result they prefer to use the services of Hungarians. So it is important to let our clients, both current and potential, know that we are not controlled or influenced by foreign powers!

Q. I
n your opinion, what are the current challenges facing independent forwarders such as Hunicorn, both in your country and worldwide?A. That is a very good question. We have had students from the Foreign Trading University, who are studying logistics and who come to us for experience and to write their final dissertations and many of them have chosen just this issue you are asking about. The answer to this question is clear, the multinationals. We have to fight the multinationals who have better global contracts with carriers, more money to finance their business and who take all the business on offer from international companies such as Nokia, RIM, Samsung, Phillips, Unilever, car manufacturers etc.Q. Clearly the multinationals aren’t too much of a challenge for Hunicorn, as the company is now over 20 years old and is going from strength to strength. What is the secret to Hunicorn’s success and how does it meet the challenge of the multinationals?
A. The only chance we have for success is by providing a high quality personalised service. Thankfully, not all clients are interested in the cheapest ‘solution.’ Everywhere, everything has its price and of course we cannot be the most expensive. We have learnt that if the price difference between us and the multinationals is over a certain level we will lose. Anything below that level and the customers are happy with us and over time, as we increase our volumes, we are able to offer better and better rates thus narrowing the gap. Furthermore, I have come to realise that Hunicorn alone will never actually be enough in certain fields of freight forwarding. This is why we have found strategic partners who, although technically our competitors, are also suffering at the dominant hands of the multinationals. We know that if we join forces, we can fight them!
Q. Hunicorn joined Conqueror 6 months ago, what initially attracted you to Conqueror as opposed to other networks?

We receive many recruiting emails from many networks every week. I am of the opinion that if a network is serious enough, there is no need to recruit new members like this. Actually, by sending these emails, they are saying they don’t care who joins, they are just interested in collecting the annual membership fee and that’s it! Conqueror seemed different especially because of its very serious application process. Plus, in the past, we had worked with some Conqueror agents and our experience was positive. When we began investigating, we saw that there were opportunities for us in Central Europe which is where we are currently opening new offices.
Q. I know that you and your network coordinator, Mihály Csapucha, are both attending our meeting in Bangkok this May. How do you think Hunicorn will benefit from your attendance?

We believe that Hunicorn will benefit a lot from the two of us attending this meeting. I strongly believe it will signal Hunicorn’s firm establishment in Conqueror. Exchanging hundreds of emails, even with our best customers, cannot compare to visiting them in person because it is during these face to face encounters that new issues come up. Our aims are to introduce ourselves and to meet as many members as possible and to discover their abilities and needs. We are sure that after the meeting our cooperation with individual members will grow!

With its eyes open to the challenges faced by freight forwarding companies, Hunicorn is ready for the fight!

We invite all members with shipments from/to Budapest and Koper to get in touch with the Hunicorn team.

Conqueror recognised for being an Elite network

Since our launch in 2010, Conqueror has experienced a quick rise to the top with our exclusivity, disciplined cooperation and secure payment environment attracting thousands of applications. As defenders of quality, we were determined to only allow the best to join, which is why only a mere 10% managed to pass our rigorous selection process.

best freight forwarder networkUnfortunately, with new networks being formed on almost a weekly basis, it has become increasingly difficult for freight forwarders to differentiate bona-fide quality networks, like Conqueror, from those that operate using dubious practices, provide poor quality services, offer unsubstantiated benefits, lack proper financial backing, fail to implement membership vetting procedures and are generally unable to fulfil their stated obligations to their membership. This not only damages the reputation of Freight Networks, but also creates much confusion among freight forwarders. To tackle this ever-present issue, a new association has been created, ELITE Association of Logistics Networks (ELITE) of which Conqueror is now a member.

ELITE is not a network itself, it is a tool by which we can differentiate bona-fide, high-quality networks from the many unscrupulous networks around the world – providing clarity and visibility to the global logistics industry.

ELITE has a second, equally important role in representing the freight forwarding community in an industry that has until now been dominated by the large multinationals. Representing the views of its members, ELITE will actively participate alongside associations and government bodies to ensure that the SME sectors needs and views are considered as new industry programmes, rules and regulations are devised

Head of Global Cargo, Des Vertannes, has welcomed the formation of ELITE, stating that with the industry currently undergoing major changes it is essential that all sectors work together. “ELITE has the potential to become a powerful and potent voice for freight forwarders around the world. The size and quality of the networks within ELITE ensures that their views will be heard and taken seriously by associations, regulators and carriers. We look forward to forming a close strategic relationship with ELITE and working together to drive new efficiencies for the benefit of us all.”Other members include Global Logistics Network, Global Project Logistics Network, Lognet Global, Project Cargo Network, Time Critical Logistics Alliance, Universal Freight Organisation, Worldwide Partners Alliance and WCA Family of Logistic Networks.
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