CQR Bangkok makes e-progress

 CQR Bangkok, is pushing ahead with electronic air cargo operations after beginning their transition to e-AWBs earlier this year and is now sending 400 to 500 AWBs per month electronically

“Continuous engagement with airlines on a local level is an important factor, as airline headquarters may be ready but that doesn’t mean their local offices are,” said Keree Chaichanavong, managing director of TAC.

“Selecting the right technology partner is vital, it’s one thing to begin sending electronic data, and it’s a further step to go paperless as per the IATA Resolution 672,” he added. The first step was to get connected and begin transmitting data to all of its airline partners. Next TAC engaged with each locally to coordinate the switch to full e-AWB.

“We selected WIN as our technology provider due to their airline coverage, experience in helping independent forwarders make the switch to e-AWB, ease of use, and proactive support. By using WIN to transmit electronic master and house AWB data to airlines, we save money and get full tracking.

“WIN has full coverage with 90 airlines so we have a single process and in Thailand WIN has implemented a connection with Bangkok Flight Services, the leading ground handler, to automatically update actual weights in the system from the warehouse receipt.”

CONQUEROR would like to congratulate the TAC team on these developments and we invite members with shipments in Bangkok to contact the team.

CQR Bangkok opens 4 new warehouses

partner with logistics company
partner with logistics company

Conqueror’s exclusive representative in Bangkok, has embarked on a joint venture with SBS Logistics (Japan) and has opened a TAS Logistics Warehouse close to the seaport.

“The goal of the new project is to increase our business capabilities and enhance the quality of our services; thus leading to a better response to the ever-growing import and export business in Thailand,” explained Keree Chaichanavong, TAC’s Managing Director.
For their USD10,000,000 investment, the projects boasts of 4 warehouses totalling 37,000m2 over 15 acres of land. 30,000m2 will be for used for general cargo and 7,000m2 will be allocated to chemical and dangerous goods.

Conqueror would like to congratulate the TAC team on this new project!

Horsing around

90% of the outbound horse shipments in Thailand and 60% of the inbound ones are handled by CQR Bangkok

During the year 2013, Trans Air Cargo organised the shipping of around 200 horses between Bangkok and Europe/USA and also within Asia.

Logistics Industry
Logistics Industry

Their latest horse shipment was in January this year and consisted of 3 horses being shipped from Bangkok to France via Luxembourg on CV. The customer was the Chairman of the Endurance Horse Riding Club Thailand who was going to attend a competition in France.

The team loaded the horses into a soft-floor horse box and provided feed and water during transportation. “We have many years of experience in handling horse shipments, and the continued customer satisfaction is helping to build our reputation and now the challenge is increasing our customer base,” explained Kantorn, Overseas and Projects Manager.