CQR Vienna operates a temperature controlled hub for pharmaceutical items at the Vienna Airport

CQR member in Vienna, Prague, Bratislava and Sofia has established a network of dedicated health-care specialists for facilitating the distribution of temperature sensitive pharmaceuticals

CQR member in Vienna, Prague, Bratislava and Sofia, which has been offering customized transport solution for over three decades, has recently ventured into cold-chain transportation. In the complicated and fast changing healthcare environment of our time, proper management of cold chains is of utmost importance.

logistics business partner
logistics business partner

In words of Rudolf Martin, Country Manager of ABC European Air and Sea Cargo Distribution: “Developing a successful supply chain for the distribution of temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals is an ongoing process that involves sub-contractors, freight forwarders, carriers, pharmaceutical companies, and more. To this end, we have established a network of dedicated and well-trained healthcare specialists. Our pharma competence centres draw on comprehensive knowledge and experience in implementing as well as managing pharma supply chains.”

Their temperature controlled pharma hub located right at the Vienna airport which sprawls over an area of 200 square metres has enough space for pallet and ULD build-up and break-down and container loading. Our member in Prague, Sofia and Bratislava have also been offering active and passive packaging solutions like Envirotainer, Opticooler, C-Safe Container, va-Q-tainer, Softbox etc. If required they would even make arrangements for wrapping the pallets with insulation foil.

We would like to wish ABC the very best for their future endeavours.


Interview with CQR Prague

 Conqueror’s exclusive agent in Prague, is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year and we sat down with founder and owner Jan Mádl to get the inside story on the company and why they believe education in this industry is so important.


freight forwarder
freight forwarder

Q. How did you get into the freight forwarding industry? 

A. It was actually a continuation of my university studies. One of the departments at the University of Economics in Prague is ‘Logistics’ and they were and still are able to provide a joint course of theory and practical experience.

Q. Having yourself studied and trained in logistics, what is your feeling on education in the freight forwarding industry? 

A. In all honestly, there are very few people who can be considered to be really knowledgeable in our industry. For example, everyone can recite the Incoterms, they are on a poster on the wall of every company’s office, but those with a detailed knowledge of what these terms mean are rare; and Incoterms is just one example.

At PELMI, we believe that our staff should be well-versed in the matters of our industry and so we constantly ensure that they and ourselves are being educated and trained in the wider aspects of the logistics industry. As a company, we actually contribute to specialist periodicals and actively participate in working groups seeking to promote new logistics disciplines.

Q. Does PELMI specialize in any particular service? 

A. Yes, we specialize in “High level” logistics so the transportation of things like live animals, hazardous goods (including classes 1 and 7), tank containers and flexi-tanks.

Q. What would be your most memorable shipment? 

A. One that sticks in my mind was the shipping of an historical tank from Peru (EXW pedestal by local barracks to door) a couple of years ago. Due to its age and significance, it required a lot of prior planning and delicate handling.

Q. What attracted PELMI to Conqueror? 

A. Conqueror has good coverage across the world so that was one attraction. In addition, we were impressed by the strict selection process and whilst of course PELMI had to pass, so has each member so we know that we are working with professional agents with are all financially healthy.

Q. Will you be attending the 3rd Annual Conqueror Meeting 9th-11th May in Kuala Lumpur? 

A. Definitely! These meetings are very important for us; we know that we need to meet our partners face to face in order to build cooperation.

We would like to congratulate the team on their 10th anniversary and wish them well for the next decade. We are sure that with such a knowledgeable and experienced team, the world is their oyster..