CQR Vienna operates a temperature controlled hub for pharmaceutical items at the Vienna Airport

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CQR member in Vienna, Prague, Bratislava and Sofia has established a network of dedicated health-care specialists for facilitating the distribution of temperature sensitive pharmaceuticals

CQR member in Vienna, Prague, Bratislava and Sofia, which has been offering customized transport solution for over three decades, has recently ventured into cold-chain transportation. In the complicated and fast changing healthcare environment of our time, proper management of cold chains is of utmost importance.

logistics business partner
logistics business partner

In words of Rudolf Martin, Country Manager of ABC European Air and Sea Cargo Distribution: “Developing a successful supply chain for the distribution of temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals is an ongoing process that involves sub-contractors, freight forwarders, carriers, pharmaceutical companies, and more. To this end, we have established a network of dedicated and well-trained healthcare specialists. Our pharma competence centres draw on comprehensive knowledge and experience in implementing as well as managing pharma supply chains.”

Their temperature controlled pharma hub located right at the Vienna airport which sprawls over an area of 200 square metres has enough space for pallet and ULD build-up and break-down and container loading. Our member in Prague, Sofia and Bratislava have also been offering active and passive packaging solutions like Envirotainer, Opticooler, C-Safe Container, va-Q-tainer, Softbox etc. If required they would even make arrangements for wrapping the pallets with insulation foil.

We would like to wish ABC the very best for their future endeavours.