Conqueror Orlando and Detroit names Rene Raaberg as new President

Emons Air and Sea, USA, undergoes this leadership transition from 1st January 2024

freight forwarder in Orlando and Detroit
Rene Raaberg-Emons Air-Sea

Emons Air and Sea, USA, Conqueror member and freight forwarder in Orlando and Detroit, has planned a change in their management. As of January 1, 2024, Mr Rene Raaberg, who was formerly the Managing Director, has taken over as the President of Emons Air & Sea, LCC. The succession strategy for their former President Lori Fleissner was carefully devised ahead of time.

In the words of Rene Raaberg “With a solid foundation established during his tenure as a member of the management team at Emons Air and Sea since June 2022, Mr. Raaberg brings an impressive 40 years of industry experience to his new role. We are confident that under his leadership our team will continue to grow in the coming years.”

Meanwhile, Lori Fleissner, the former President, will continue to contribute to the company’s development by supporting Mr. Raaberg. She will take on a semi-retirement Consultant Advisory position, ensuring a smooth transition and leveraging her wealth of expertise.

Wishing the very best to Conqueror Orlando/Detroit for their future endeavours!

Conqueror member in Munich and Stuttgart, Germany, opens up a Fair and Exhibition Department at their Stuttgart office

Their new department will enable them to offer all sorts of logistical services that can be requested for a fair

Logistics Industry
Logistics Industry

Emons Air & Sea GmbH, Conqueror member in Munich and Stuttgart, has recently expanded their business by adding a new Fair & Exhibition Department at their office in Stuttgart. This is going to be extremely beneficial for all their customers and partners since they now have the ability to cover all the logistical requirements for a fair.

“Our service doesn’t end at the main entrance of the fair since we also take care of all customs formalities as well as the delivery and pick up of the items right from the fair stands. Our new department will allow us to provide a more comprehensive range of services for our clients and partners.” says Thomas Beinhölzl, the Sales Director of Emons Air & Sea GmbH.

The International Fair and Exhibition Department of Emons will provide additional services to their clients allowing them to exhibit at trade fairs, or participate at events and conferences in Germany. They are also offering services such as customs clearance for temporary imports, transports to and from the venues, off-loading and re-loading with fork-lifts or cranes, storage of empty packaging, and transportation back to the origin or to any other destination.

Congratulations to Emons Air and Sea for the creation of their new department!

Conqueror Belo Horizonte ships a Terex equipment from Antwerp, Belgium, to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

This important shipment was carried out in collaboration with Emons Air & Sea, the CQR member in Munich and Stuttgart

Internacional Comissaria de Despachos Aduneiros Ltda, Conqueror member in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, recently moved a Terex equipment from Antwerp to Rio de Janeiro in partnership with the network member in Munich and Stuttgart, Germany. The equipment is meant to be used for industrial recycling of a multinational company located in Brazil.

In the words of Carolina Rodrigues, Head of the International Shipping Department of Internacional Comissaria, “Our team was in charge of the full logistics from the supplier’s factory till the delivery at the consignee’s plant. All the services involved on this route were included on our offer and our client also benefited from the services of our consulting department to import this shipment to Brazil with an additional benefit from the government.”

The movement of the cargo required a truck with a special low bed trailer. Moreover, they had to obtain special permission due to the restrictions on the height of the cargo in Europe. “We are delighted to have carried out this project successfully and I can proudly state that our company has the support of some of the most reliable partners across the globe!” adds Ms. Rodrigues. 

Congratulations to Internacional Comissaria for a fantastic job!