CQR Constanta is AEO certified

Conqueror is pleased to announce that its agent in Constanta Romania, Europrim Shipping, has obtained the full AEO (Authorized Economic Operator) Certificate

logistics companies and suppliers
logistics companies and suppliers

Following the successful ISO 9000:2001 certificate granted last year by IQNet, Europrim Shipping has joined another elite group becoming just the 62nd Romanian Authorized Economic Operator (AEO), thus confirming once again the leading position of their group within the Romanian freight forwarding market.

In order to be awarded this internationally recognised certificate, companies must demonstrate that they operate in accordance with customs compliance, appropriate record keeping, solvency and security and safety standards. During the 6 months of auditing, Europrim successfully complied with all the Customs Authority inspections and audits including the required financial standing, application of suitable management and operational procedures as well as fruitful meetings with personnel and physical inspection of their operated depots and workplaces.

The benefits of this accreditation on both Europrim and its partners cannot be emphasized enough.

  •  Easier admittance to customs simplifications
  • Prior notification when, as a result of security and safety risk analysis, the consignment has been selected for further physical control.
  • Reduced data set for entry and exit summary declarations.
  • Fewer physical and document-based controls.
  • Priority treatment of consignments if selected for control.
  • Choice of the place of controls.
  • Recognized as a secure and safe business partner.
  • Improved relations with Customs.
  • Improved relations and acknowledgement by other government authorities

CQR Constanta given ‘Excellent SME Award’

Europrim Shipping SRL, Conqueror’s exclusive member in Constanta, Romania, has been awarded the Excellent Small and Medium Sized Enterprises Certificate (Excellent SME)

international logistics service provider
international logistics service provider

The ‘Excellent SME’ certificate is awarded to the best small and medium companies in Romania by the Chamber of Commerce and the Industry of Bucharest in partnership with Coface Romania.

In accordance with EU directives, the main purpose of the certificate is to help develop and promote small and medium-sized businesses, support business relationships, improve the business environment in the country and increase market transparency. The project also helps companies to reduce the risk involved in financial transactions between partners from different countries because the certificate allows both local and international business partners to assess the soundness of each other.

The basis of certification is a complex assessment of the company by Coface Romania through a credit report and daily monitoring and verification of all information that may impact on the economic and financial situation of the company and, consequently, on its ability to meet its commercial obligations to business partners.”

It is clear that the standard of a company needs to be high in order to receive this award and CQR Constanta certainly is that.

We would like to congratulate CQR Constanta and its team on this recognition and encourage all members with shipments in Constanta to get in touch with them.