Conqueror Freight Network meets in Kuala Lumpur in pursuit of mutual cooperation- Exim India

international logistics service provider
international logistics service provider

From across 63 countries, 117 members of the industry’s only network of audited partners, Conqueror Freight Network, gathered for its 3rd Annual Meeting in May 2014.The Intercontinental, Kuala Lumpur provided the setting for the annual Conqueror meeting, where participants were there to assist each other in driving forward their businesses in pursuit of conquering the world.

“Cooperation is one important element in our triad of tools for boosting the business volume of our members; another is our city-exclusivity, like the multinationals, and the third and most important is our annual meeting. As you can see, members are making the most of their individual meetings as well as competing for each other’s attention away from them,” explained Mr Antonio Torres, Managing Director of Conqueror Freight Network.

“I have to say that prior to last year’s meeting, I was sceptical about the benefits of attending such meetings but I can honestly say that as a direct result of meeting our fellow members in 2013, we saw a noticeable increase in shipments from fellow members and I firmly believe that the same will happen again this year,” said one member.

Conqueror Freight Network is no longer the new kid on the block. This well-established alliance of carefully selected independent freight forwarders is also celebrating a significant milestone at its annual meeting; covering 200 cities in 100 countries; its current coverage stands at 214 cities in 105 countries.

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