Conqueror in Air Cargo World, February 2011

Forwarder network claims early successfreight forwarding

18/02/2011 2:02 pm. A month after its operational launch, Conqueror Group, which claims to be the world’s first “virtual multinational” freight forwarder network, has reported positive feedback from its first 50 members.

Conqueror founder, veteran freight forwarder Antonio Torres, said: “We are providing what medium-sized forwarders need most — partners everywhere who understand that the key to future survival and growth is genuine give-and-take cooperation in a secure payments environment.”

Torres said that when a member signs up for the service, they immediately begin a free six-month trial of the software. Until the probationary period, new members would not be identified in the public area of the network’s website.

Conqueror began accepting applications last September, and in January, its members began contacting each other to start working together. All members must agree to work with each other for about half of their shipments and follow other rules to ensure “disciplined cooperation.”

The first members operate in 50 cities in 34 countries, and they were selected for solvency, size, and reputation from among nearly 500 applicants.

Source: Aircargoworld