Conqueror Barcelona moves a special cargo of two helicopters

They loaded the two helicopters in a charter Ilyushin IL – 76 aircraft at the Girona Airport

Airtransa SA, Conqueror member in Barcelona, Spain, moves a special cargo consisting of two Airbus H125 helicopters for civil use. The two helicopters were loaded in a charter Ilyushin IL-76 plane at the Girona Airport.


Airtransa- logistics company in Barcelona
Shipment of Helicopters by Conqueror Barcelona

Airtransa SA is a specialized forwarder in the aerospace industry, a partner of Airbus, who has signed an agreement with the Girona airport to manage these kinds of operations.

To quote Jose Monreal, the Sea Freight Manager of Airtransa,”Although this unique shipment was a challenging one, with over four decades of experience in the air freight sector, our team is used to moving these kinds of cargo. Every year, we move helicopters, small aircraft and spare parts cargo to destinations in Africa and Latin America. Our air transport service stands out due to the level of commitment we put into the process and the different levels of service that we offer.”

Congratulations to Airtransa SA for pulling off the movement of this unique cargo!


Conqueror Barcelona saves a life by moving an urgent shipment of bone marrow

They shipped the bone marrow required for a transplant by air from Spain to Germany

Airtransa SA, Conqueror member in Barcelona, Spain, has recently moved a lifesaving shipment consisting of human bone marrow. They transported the delicate shipment via air freight from Barcelona to Frankfurt, Germany. The sensitive cargo was sent from the United States to Valencia, Spain, for additional treatment. Afterward, it was sent from Valencia to Madrid by an exclusive truck. Finally, from Madrid, Airtransa exported it to Frankfurt via Barcelona by air.

The shipment required a lot of effort on the part of CQR Barcelona who had to coordinate with different parties like the carrier, terminal, airline, etc. Additionally, they had to confirm with the terminal to not x-ray the cargo because of its delicate nature. For this, they had to obtain a letter from the clinic declaring the sensitivity of the cargo before requesting exemption from an x-ray.

As stated by Dimos Economeas, the Business Development Manager of Airtransa, “It was a complicated operation in terms of timing as there were too many things to consider. Nevertheless, we made it happen! We are delighted to have successfully executed a shipment that could potentially save a life.”

Airtransa SA- independent freight forwarder
Bone marrow shipment by Airtransa

Congratulations to Airtransa for successfully moving this lifesaving shipment!