International airfreight refrigerated shipment handled by Conqueror Valletta, Malta, for Gulfood Exhibition in Dubai

With their expertise in temperature-controlled cargo, they ensured that the goods remained in optimal condition throughout its journey from Malta to Dubai

Eurocargo Logistics, Conqueror member in Valletta, Malta, who has established themselves as experts in temperature-controlled solutions, successfully transported an air freight refrigerated shipment from Malta to Dubai for the prestigious Gulfood Exhibition. They moved the cargo of chilled & frozen foodstuffs via air freight operated by Emirates. They used perforated polystyrene boxes with dry ice placed on a pallet to move this temperature-sensitive shipment.

“Undoubtedly, transporting such a shipment for the largest food exhibition in the world presented a distinctive array of challenges,” says Luke Vassallo, Managing Director of Eurocargo Logistics. “Coordinating with local and foreign authorities regarding the compliance of documents was one such hurdle. Nevertheless, with our proven experience in refrigerated transport for almost two decades we managed to deliver on our promises.” he adds.

Eurocargo - Conqueror
Eurocargo – Conqueror News


Since dry ice is considered hazardous, they had to ventilate the boxes in the cold storage at Dubai Airport while awaiting release. Additionally, Eurocargo Logistics also offered guidance on the procedure and requirements of packing due to the delicate nature of the shipment.

Congratulations to Eurocargo for a job well executed!

Conqueror Barcelona saves a life by moving an urgent shipment of bone marrow

They shipped the bone marrow required for a transplant by air from Spain to Germany

Airtransa SA, Conqueror member in Barcelona, Spain, has recently moved a lifesaving shipment consisting of human bone marrow. They transported the delicate shipment via air freight from Barcelona to Frankfurt, Germany. The sensitive cargo was sent from the United States to Valencia, Spain, for additional treatment. Afterward, it was sent from Valencia to Madrid by an exclusive truck. Finally, from Madrid, Airtransa exported it to Frankfurt via Barcelona by air.

The shipment required a lot of effort on the part of CQR Barcelona who had to coordinate with different parties like the carrier, terminal, airline, etc. Additionally, they had to confirm with the terminal to not x-ray the cargo because of its delicate nature. For this, they had to obtain a letter from the clinic declaring the sensitivity of the cargo before requesting exemption from an x-ray.

As stated by Dimos Economeas, the Business Development Manager of Airtransa, “It was a complicated operation in terms of timing as there were too many things to consider. Nevertheless, we made it happen! We are delighted to have successfully executed a shipment that could potentially save a life.”

Airtransa SA- independent freight forwarder
Bone marrow shipment by Airtransa

Congratulations to Airtransa for successfully moving this lifesaving shipment!


Conqueror Hangzhou moves 693 Kg of sliced fruit from China to The Netherlands by airfreight

The cargo consisting of yellow and green lemon and orange slices was moved via Yangtze River Express

Domax Logistics Co Ltd, Conqueror member in Hangzhou, China, moved a delicate perishable shipment. They transported the cargo of slices of oranges and yellow and green lemons from Shanghai to Amsterdam via air freight.

Domax Logistics-independent freight forwarder
Perishable shipment by Domax Logistics


As explained by Mr. Bruce Li, General Manager of Domax Logistics, “Although the concept of transporting perishables seems simple enough, it involves many complications. This is because the slightest loophole in the transportation process could spoil the food products. We believe time is the key factor in these kinds of shipments. For this reason, we made all the preparations round the clock to ensure the delivery professionally and safely. To make sure that the cargo stays fresh and intact, we had to take several things into account like packaging, temperature, humidity, and other factors.”

Additionally, Domax had to provide some specific documentation like Phytosanitary Certificate to the customs authorities. Phytosanitary certificates are issued to indicate that consignments of some regulated articles meet the specified phytosanitary import requirements. It also certifies that the goods conform with the certifying statement of the appropriate model certificate. These include commodities such as plants, bulbs, tubers, or seeds for propagation, fruits and vegetables, cut flowers and branches, grain, and growing medium.

“We are a young enterprise with an experienced team. Most of our staff have more than 10 years experience in the logistics industry. This combined with our precise and exclusive services allows us to efficiently handle delicate and complex shipments like this one,” adds Mr. Li.

Congratulations to Domax Logistics and all the best for their future endeavours!