Conqueror Toronto now goes by the name of World-Wind Logistics

They have also created a new office with a staff of six experienced professionals to better serve a wider range of customers and agents

U.S. Traffic, Conqueror member in Toronto, Canada, has changed their name to World-Wind Logistics. The decision to change the name arises from the division of their freight forwarding enterprise which has become increasingly centered on air and ocean freight services, setting them apart from their road freight services.

“We have acquired the book of business, office space and vendor relationships from a Freight Forwarder as well as the rights to use their name ‘World-Wind Logistics’ as our new name,” says Mr Shashwat Marla the Manager of Air & Ocean Department of Conqueror Toronto. “It will also be identified as being Part of the U.S. Traffic group of companies. We are also pleased to welcome the current staff of this operation into our family,” he adds.

World Wind Logistics
World-Wind Logistics


Their new office is equipped with a team of six highly experienced professionals, boasting a wealth of collective years in the industry. This addition promises to enhance their operational efficiency and focus, enabling them to serve a broader spectrum of customers and agents. Additionally, this acquisition has significantly expanded their supplier and vendor network, opening up new avenues for better customer and agent service.

In the words of Mr Marla, “This acquisition presents us with a distinctive opportunity to offer our support and expertise to clients who may not have yet enjoyed the advantages of a well-connected network like Conqueror.” It will help their company to adopt a more streamlined and focused approach to their freight forwarding operations, empowering them to intensify their sales efforts and explore new markets.

Congratulations to World-Wind Logistics and all the best for their upcoming projects!