Conqueror Tunis celebrates two decades of excellence

Scoop Cargo recently celebrated its 20th anniversary, reflecting on two decades of remarkable growth and numerous accomplishments since its establishment in 2004

Scoop Cargo, Conqueror member in Tunis, Tunisia, completes twenty years in the logistics sector. From its inception in 2003 Scoop Cargo has consistently expanded its footprint in the logistics sector, establishing itself as a key player in the industry.

Over the years, the company has achieved significant milestones, including gaining recognition as an IATA member and affiliating with esteemed organizations such as the Forwarders Association and Chamber of Commerce.

Speaking on this momentous occasion, Cherif Haj Slimane, the Managing Director of the company, expressed gratitude for the journey thus far. “We have come a long way, and I, along with the entire team at Scoop Cargo, look to the past with immense pride. As we celebrate our 20th anniversary, we also think about the future with courage and open eyes, eager to embrace it with the same passion and dedication that has brought us to this milestone.”

Scoop Cargo- independent freight forwarder
20th Anniversary of Scoop Cargo


Their commitment to excellence, innovation, and industry partnerships has been pivotal to its success. The 20th-anniversary celebration is a testament to Scoop Cargo’s resilience and adaptability in an ever-evolving industry. Additionally, they continue to remain at the forefront of technological advancements, ensuring to provide cutting-edge solutions to its clients.

Congratulations to Conqueror Tunis and here’s to another two decades of success!

Conqueror Toronto now goes by the name of World-Wind Logistics

They have also created a new office with a staff of six experienced professionals to better serve a wider range of customers and agents

U.S. Traffic, Conqueror member in Toronto, Canada, has changed their name to World-Wind Logistics. The decision to change the name arises from the division of their freight forwarding enterprise which has become increasingly centered on air and ocean freight services, setting them apart from their road freight services.

“We have acquired the book of business, office space and vendor relationships from a Freight Forwarder as well as the rights to use their name ‘World-Wind Logistics’ as our new name,” says Mr Shashwat Marla the Manager of Air & Ocean Department of Conqueror Toronto. “It will also be identified as being Part of the U.S. Traffic group of companies. We are also pleased to welcome the current staff of this operation into our family,” he adds.

World Wind Logistics
World-Wind Logistics


Their new office is equipped with a team of six highly experienced professionals, boasting a wealth of collective years in the industry. This addition promises to enhance their operational efficiency and focus, enabling them to serve a broader spectrum of customers and agents. Additionally, this acquisition has significantly expanded their supplier and vendor network, opening up new avenues for better customer and agent service.

In the words of Mr Marla, “This acquisition presents us with a distinctive opportunity to offer our support and expertise to clients who may not have yet enjoyed the advantages of a well-connected network like Conqueror.” It will help their company to adopt a more streamlined and focused approach to their freight forwarding operations, empowering them to intensify their sales efforts and explore new markets.

Congratulations to World-Wind Logistics and all the best for their upcoming projects!

International airfreight refrigerated shipment handled by Conqueror Valletta, Malta, for Gulfood Exhibition in Dubai

With their expertise in temperature-controlled cargo, they ensured that the goods remained in optimal condition throughout its journey from Malta to Dubai

Eurocargo Logistics, Conqueror member in Valletta, Malta, who has established themselves as experts in temperature-controlled solutions, successfully transported an air freight refrigerated shipment from Malta to Dubai for the prestigious Gulfood Exhibition. They moved the cargo of chilled & frozen foodstuffs via air freight operated by Emirates. They used perforated polystyrene boxes with dry ice placed on a pallet to move this temperature-sensitive shipment.

“Undoubtedly, transporting such a shipment for the largest food exhibition in the world presented a distinctive array of challenges,” says Luke Vassallo, Managing Director of Eurocargo Logistics. “Coordinating with local and foreign authorities regarding the compliance of documents was one such hurdle. Nevertheless, with our proven experience in refrigerated transport for almost two decades we managed to deliver on our promises.” he adds.

Eurocargo - Conqueror
Eurocargo – Conqueror News


Since dry ice is considered hazardous, they had to ventilate the boxes in the cold storage at Dubai Airport while awaiting release. Additionally, Eurocargo Logistics also offered guidance on the procedure and requirements of packing due to the delicate nature of the shipment.

Congratulations to Eurocargo for a job well executed!

Conqueror Varna celebrates 30 years in business

They took this opportunity to launch a social media campaign and generate content to involve their online community in the celebrations

Trident Freight Ltd, Conqueror member in Varna, Bulgaria, recently celebrated their company’s 30th Anniversary. Mr Vladimir Demirov from the Sales Department of Conqueror Varna commented, “Our company’s journey began 30 years ago with a small team and a vision to provide reliable and efficient freight forwarding services. Over the years, we have steadily grown our operations, expanded our global network of partners, and diversified our service offerings.”

30 Anniversary - Conqueror member
30th Anniversary – Conqueror member in Varna

Presently, they have embraced technological advancements, adapted to industry changes, and focused on delivering exceptional customer experiences. To commemorate their 30th anniversary, they initiated a social media campaign to generate fresh content and engage their online community in the festivities.

In the last three decades, they have successfully established long-term partnerships with clients, ensuring their cargo reaches its destination safely and on time. They also have invested in enhancing their infrastructure, leveraging technology to optimize operations.

“Today, we have become a trusted and renowned player in the freight forwarding industry, serving clients across various sectors and facilitating international trade on a larger scale,” he adds.

Furthermore, Trident Freight Ltd has expanded its capabilities by acquiring a dedicated warehouse and container depot, thus offering additional value-added services to its customers. Lastly, they have diligently assembled a team of highly skilled professionals who are passionate about providing exceptional service.

Congratulations to Trident Freight Ltd on completing 3 decades in the industry!




Conqueror Venice and Genoa turns 15

During these years, Sev Stante Overseas has considerably increased their annual turnover to reach 48 million euros

Sev Stante-CQR Venice anniversary
Sev Stante-CQR Venice anniversary


Sev Stante Overseas, Conqueror member in Venice and Genoa, Italy, has recently celebrated their 15th Anniversary. On the occasion of this special event they organized a party with all their team members and a mentalist as a special guest.

Moreover, since the inception of their operations they have grown their organization substantially and increased their annual turnover. Presently, their yearly turnover stands at 48 million Euros.

In the words of Riccardo Stocco, Managing Director of Sev Stante Overseas, “We started our journey in 2008 and, since then, we have succeeded in becoming one of the most active independent players in the international forwarding and logistics market.

Today we have offices in several cities, four domestic warehouses, one bonded warehouse and a team of 62 trained and proficient employees… We are ready for the future and whatever challenges it might bring!”

A very happy 15th Anniversary to Conqueror Venice/Genoa and all the best for their future projects!



The June edition of Conqueror’s quarterly newsletter for 2022 is now online

The newsletter comes with the details about Conqueror’s upcoming Annual Meeting, news and articles from the network members as well as from the industry and much more

Conqueror Freight Network’s June Newsletter for 2022 is now available for reading and downloading from the website. In this newsletter, the readers will find the details about Conqueror’s 9th Annual Meeting that will take place in Doha, Qatar, in February 2023. Additionally, there is a brief section on how participating in the in-person meeting will help the members to increase the scope and outreach of their businesses.

Conqueror Newsletter for June
Conqueror Newsletter for June


Click on the image above to read the newsletter

This edition of the newsletter covers the latest news from the network members in Penang, Barcelona, Genoa/Venice, Hangzhou, Ljubljana, and Chengdu. The network news section covers the news about Conqueror’s new online certificate and the announcement of the Essentials of Freight Forwarding course that starts exclusively for the network members from 15th September.

The industry news in focus is about the acquisition of Deutsche Afrika-Linien by container shipping giant Hapag Lloyd. In addition, there are also several news snippets from the transportation and logistics industry. Last but not the least, there is a very interesting article that will inform the readers about the importance of the Panama Canal for international shipping.

Click here to read the newsletter.


Conqueror Chengdu redesigns their website to make it more user friendly

Although the website address is intact, their revamped website includes several new features that add to the convenience of the users

CIMC Anda Shun International Logistics Co Ltd, Conqueror member in Chengdu, China, has created a new redesigned, user-friendly website. While their old web address has remained intact, the content, looks, and functionalities of the website have vastly improved. It comes with new functional modules, a better layout, and many new things for the customers to explore.

CIMC Anda Shun International Logistics- logistics company in Chengdu
New website of CIMC Anda Shun International Logistics


Additionally, apart from Chinese and English, the audience will now be able to view their website in Spanish. The new website of Conqueror Chengdu also comes with a cargo tracking feature. Their customers and partners will henceforth be able to check the shipment status just by entering their waybill/ airline number.

As stated by Jane Lan, the Overseas Market Manager of CIMC Anda Shun, “Better content, clearer structure, new tools like online order, cargo tracking, HS CODE query, seaports/airports query, shipping company query, FBA warehouse address, and forwarding FAQs will immensely help to enhance the browsing experience. Even under difficult market circumstances, we are trying to improve our services for our esteemed clients and partners. Our company’s website is now running and we bet you can’t wait to browse it!”

Congratulations to CIMC Anda Shun and all the best for their upcoming projects!


Conqueror’s March Newsletter is loaded with news, interviews, and insights from the transportation and logistics industry

The first edition of Conqueror’s quarterly newsletters for 2022 can now be viewed and downloaded from the website

Conqueror Freight Network’s March newsletter for 2022 is now published. It is available for viewing and downloading from the Newsletter section of the Conqueror website. The newsletter comes packed with all the latest news, interviews, reports, and articles from the network and the industry.

Conqueror Freight Network- largest logistics network
Conqueror’s March Newsletter


Click on the above image to view the newsletter

The newsletter features all the news about the latest achievements of Conqueror members in Penang, Athens/Piraeus, Amsterdam, and Dhaka. Furthermore, there is a very interesting report about the Container Availability Index in ports across the world. In the interview with Anibal Diego, Conqueror’s Membership Development Coordinator, he talks about his experiences at Conqueror, the network’s 10th Anniversary, the benefits of members in terms of sales, and much more.

Moreover, the newsletter also includes a page about the participation of Conqueror in the Logistics Business Show. Additionally, it comes with all the details of Conqueror’s newly launched Online Academy. The post on ‘Debunking the myths of online education’ informs how remote learning can help freight forwarders reach their career goals.

The sector news in focus is on the transformation of India into a logistical powerhouse. Furthermore, there is a list of news headlines from the logistics sector. Last but not the least, this newsletter has an useful article about the handling of abandoned containers.

Send us the news about your latest achievements to feature them in our upcoming newsletter.


Conqueror Piraeus/Athens moves an oversized cargo of 35 tons with Mafi equipment

The cargo which had a volume of 150 CBM primarily consisted of tanks and boilers

C.V.Maragos International Forwarding, Conqueror member in Piraeus / Athens, Greece, recently shipped oversize tanks and boilers. They moved this 150 CBM cargo from Athens City Limits to Piraeus Port, with permits of special inland transportation, onward to West Africa via two Mafi equipment.

CV Maragos -independent freight forwarder
Oversized shipment by CV Maragos


This oversized shipment consisted of a system of feed water tank thermal insulation, condensate collection tank, heat recovery boiler, and peripheral spares. Conqueror Athens was responsible for all aspects of this shipment including pickup, crane use, lashing / securing on the platforms, export custom formalities, and their sea transportation, via a RoRo service and several liner containers.

CV Maragos- independent freight forwarder
Latest project by CV Maragos


As stated by Mr. Vlasis Maragos, the General Manager of Conqueror Piraeus/Athens, “Our 40 years of market experience has allowed our company to manage this complicated project with professionalism and excellence. We apply our philosophy of premium quality services and premium customer care to every domestic and international shipment we handle, no matter the kind of cargo.”

CV Maragos- independent freight forwarder
Conqueror Piraeus/Athens oversized shipment


Congratulations to CV Maragos and all the best for their future endeavours!


The December edition of Conqueror’s quarterly newsletter is now available for reading

Conqueror’s December newsletter includes all the news from our agents in the last three months along with relevant news from the supply chain industry

The December edition of Conqueror’s newsletter is now out. Inside the newsletter, there’s a special post on Conqueror’s 10th Anniversary. Additionally, we have also included a post about the objectives of our network for 2022.

Conqueror's December Newsletter
Conqueror’s Newsletter for December


Click on the above image to read the newsletter

Like always, this newsletter will update you with all the latest news from your network partners. We have covered the news about the recent achievements of our network members in Nouakchott, Antwerp, Muscat/Sohar, and Chengdu. Moreover, there is a special report where Manuel Cardona, Conqueror’s IT Manager and FreightViewer Developer, talks about the origins of FreightViewer and our ambitions with this platform.

This newsletter is also packed with all the important news and news bits from the transportation and logistics industry. Our sector news in focus is about the rising cost of LTL freight and the reasons behind it. There is yet another article on the problems of maritime piracy and the areas that are most affected by it.

To feature the latest news of your company in our next newsletter, kindly send us an email with a few lines about your recent undertakings.

Hope you enjoy reading!