Conqueror Cairo safely delivers an out of gauge DDP shipment to the grounds of the client’s factory

The cargo consisted of a new production line meant for manufacturing in the agricultural sector

MGL Cargo Services, Conqueror member in Cairo, Egypt, has recently moved an out of gauge cargo consisting of a new production line for agricultural manufacturing. The OOG shipment was moved in 2 x 40 flat rack containers and 1 x 40 high cube container. “Loading and unloading a cargo of this size was definitely a considerable challenge which  was easily surpassed by our skilled and experienced workforce. Moreover, placing each machine in its right place required much care and attention on our part,” says Mr. Wassim Magdy, the Managing Director of MGL Cargo Services.

CQR Cairo took care of many vital aspects of shipping as obtaining documentation, LC monitoring, company issuance, customs clearance at Alexandria Port, on-carriage to the factory site, loading/unloading, and more. Mr. Magdy further states, “The pandemic situation also posed a few obstacles regardless of which all the operations were concluded impeccably. The credit goes to our dedicated employees who have been working tirelessly even in the hardest of times.”

Congratulations to MGL Cargo Services for a job well executed!

Conqueror Cairo moves 2 Ex Works shipments consisting of a concrete pump and a CAT Dozer

The cargo which had a total weight of 34 tons was transported from Alexandria Port, Egypt, to Dubai, UAE

MGL Cargo Services, the Conqueror member in Cairo, Egypt, handled 2 Ex Works shipments from the Port of Alexandria, Egypt, to Dubai, UAE. The shipment of a concrete pump and a CAT Dozer weighed 25 tons and 9 tons respectively and were transported with the aid of low bed trailers. MGL Cargo Services was in charge of all the aspects of moving this cargo including trucking, lashing, customs clearance, documentation and RORO shipping to Jebel Ali Port in Dubai.

In the words of Mr. Wassim Magdy, the Managing Director of Conqueror Cairo, “We were in charge of every single aspect of the shipment which was moved by us from the shippers’ site to Alexandria Port and from there to Dubai by RORO ship. Loading the concrete pump posed a considerable challenge largely because of its enormous weight and dimensions. However, our expert team succeeded in pulling off the task smoothly.”

Congratulations to MGL Cargo Services for a job well executed!

CQR Cairo new project department head

We are pleased to share that the CQR Cairo member have added a new member to their team.

They would like to introduce Mr. Jean Sadek, an experienced Logistics professional with over 20 years’ experience in the fields of cargo, oil and Gas logistics and Supply Chain Management. The appointment has been made in continuance with the MGL Cargo Services expansion plan. Mr Sadek has joined the organization from Panalpina World Transport where he was the Country Head of Energy Solutions for 10 Years.

Jean told us that he is excited to join the well-established team and is looking forward to using his experience to increase the projects shipping capacity of the company.

Already in-situ, Jean is ready to handle project related client enquiries and requests. Welcome on board! 

A Tremendous Feat for CQR Cairo

In June 2012 CQR Cairo was chosen to transport a shipment of petroleum equipment from Egypt to Houston in the United States. What makes this story more interesting is that a decade earlier the MGL team had shipped the exact same cargo to the US as a brand new piece of equipment. It fell back into their hands this year, in a slightly older state, to be shipped back to the US on an Air France Freighter after some renovations were carried out in Egypt.
The dimensions of this cargo were as follows 200cm x 200cm x 230 cm, weight 4300 kg.
Marc Gharabawi, MGL’s Director, told CQR Head Office that, “Despite the competition for this kind of shipment, we have created strong relationships with most airlines meaning that MGL is the popular choice as a subcontractor for petroleum companies in Cairo.”

To find out more about CQR Cairo, contact Marc Gharabawi on or click here.