The September Edition of the Conqueror Newsletter is now ready!

The September Edition of the Conqueror Newsletter has just been released

In it, it is possible to find all the information regarding Conqueror’s 7th Annual Meeting, as well as very interesting news and interviews from fellow members or cities needing coverage. Additionally, the article about Conqueror’s establishment as the largest freight forwarding network worldwide can be read.

Check it out here!

Air Sea Transport starts weekly rail service to Europe

Their regular rail console service was launched in August 2016 and marked a year of running.

Air Sea Transport Inc., our Conqueror member in Chengdu, has recently started a weekly rail service from China to Warsaw (Poland), Hamburg (Germany), Rotterdam (Holland) and Budapest (Hungary).

Utilizing Chinese government’s infrastructure for the “New Silk Road”, Air Sea Transport Inc. has launched its professional railway services. The “New Silk Road” was announced in 2013 to facilitate overland and maritime trade between China, Europe, Middle East and Central Asia. As a result,  there are many different routes already established.


Adding to those, Air Sea Transport Inc. has started weekly rail routes from China to Poland, Germany, Holland, Hungary or Czech Republic, among other European cities. To achieve this, they can use any service to deliver the cargo like the truck, rail, barge, air etc.


Rail proves to be more advantageous over sea and air in many ways. Although air is faster, it is quite expensive and sea freight takes too long. This is especially true for all cargos between northern mainland China and Poland, Baltic area, East Europe, etc.

Rail comes across as the perfect solution which is not too expensive and also doesn’t take too long. Air Sea Transport Inc. also doesn’t take any local charges in Europe for their rail console unlike as for sea freight LCL which can turn out to be quite complicated and expensive. This helps save the customer from overcharge, etc. Not just that, for ease of customers, they can provide combination cargo services which is a mix of rail-air services and the freight is much lower than sea-air services.

However, as for all operations and logistics, there are many other factors to be considered for rail services as well like rail terminals being away from warehouses, lack of experienced resources, etc. The best thing about Air Sea Transport rail services are that since they have been established for the past 5 years, they have gained considerable edge and experience in handling all these matters efficiently.

Members can be more confident in Air Sea Transport than ever, and we invite all members with shipments to Chengdu to get in touch with the team

Jessica Xu

Conqueror’s 7th Annual Meeting will be held in Bali from 6th to 8th May 2018

Registration for Conqueror’s 7th Annual Meeting is now open!

We are delighted to announce that Conqueror’s 7th Annual Meeting will be held at The Laguna Resort & Spa, Bali, Indonesia, from 6th to 8th May 2018.

Agents from Conqueror, the 2nd largest freight forwarding network in global coverage worldwide, will meet in Bali from 6th to 8th May 2018 to meet face to face and build strong business partnerships with current and potential partners from other parts of the world.

Each agent will have two days of up to 32 one-to-one meetings. In addition to these meetings, there will be a welcome cocktail party, a Gala dinner and opportunities in between to meet, discuss, and do business throughout the event.

The Annual Meeting is one of the most important keys for freight forwarders to compete with the largest multinationals. It is through this that CQR members come together in one place at one time, reducing expense and time spent away from the office. Instead of travelling to country after country and city after city to meet the same amount of people and exchange the same amount of business, you travel to just one. Conqueror’s 7th Annual Meeting is not to be missed!

Registration is now open, so all agents are invited to register here.


Cqr Kandla/Mundra hits one out the park for 2017 India Vs. Sri Lanka Cricket Test Series!

APG LOGISTICS successfully complete the shipping of promotional car, digital display boards, and other materials for the 2017 cricket series in Sri Lanka.

This summer, CQR Kandla/Mundra – APG LOGISTICS, handdled the perfect setting for the Indian national cricket team’s victory over Sri Lanka by moving a car (used for the team victory lap amongst other things), numerous large digital display boards and other materials for the 40-day tournament, which took place in various locations across Sri Lanka.

These heavy and bulky materials were delivered seamlessly and on-time as APG who, as always, paid attention to every detail of the task and routed the freight in the most efficient way. All materials were packed securely, to pre-empt any accidental damage before being transported by air to ensure the fastest possible delivery, without any hold-ups.


This is not the first time APG have dealt with cargo for high profile sporting events, most noteably in cricket and football, as they are the strategic logistics partner for many top flight sports organisations. They are currently working with English Premier League side Huddersfield Town, by shipping materials by air to their stadium for the 2017/18 season.

The company undertakes a vital role in the supply chain for these organisations, making sure essential cargo needed for the tournaments reaches its venue ahead of time!

Here’s to APG Logistics’ champion service!


Van Moer Logistics moves into top gear with increased road fleet

Our CQR member in Antwerp has stepped up its road presence with the introduction of a number of new trucks and trailers

This summer, VAN MOER expanded its trucking fleet with the introduction of 60 additional trucks and 120 trailers, taking their total fleet to 300+ trucks and 550+ trailers.

The introduction of the new trucks and trailers is the result of VAN MOER LOGISTICS’ recent acquisition of MERMANS – VAN HOUDT, a company specialised in the transportation of construction materials, whose trucks have now been incorporated into VAN MOER.

The acquisition was especially important given MERMANS-VAN HOUDT strategic location in Retie, which is between Antwerp and Eindhoven. Being located close to the border of The Netherlands makes Retie an excellent operating base, as it is less subject to the road congestion of Antwerp, nor does it have the common shortage of truck drivers there.


This new addition proves that, apart from investing in intermodal transport, VAN MOER LOGSITICS continues its commitment to conventional transportation.

We’d like to wish VAN MOER’s new vehicles many a good trip ahead!

For shipments to/from Antwerp, do not hesitate to contact them. They are looking forward to any new challenges that lay ahead!!

Raf Frans


CQR Bandar Abbas & Tehran moves 50 ton power plant unit

FARASOOBAR INTERNATIONAL had to use travel jacking and pulling to transport the load from Bandar Abbas to Rafsanjan


CQR Bandar Abbas/Tehran – FARASOOBAR INTERNATIONAL, recently moved a transformer unit, which formed part of a power plant production line, across southern Iran from Bandar Abbas to Rafsanjan.

The unit, which weighed 50 tons, with dimensions 7 x 3.15 x 3.50 metres, was moved by road from the port at Bandar Abbas northward to Rafsanjan, with the use of travel jacking and pulling, to successfully discharge the unit onto its special foundation on arrival.

A tricky load well handled by FARASOOBAR INTERNATIONAL!

CQR Leeds-Bradford launches new sea freight division

Global Freight Management (GFM), Conqueror’s exclusive agent in Leeds-Bradford has just launched its own sea-freight division. Understanding the time-critical nature of each shipment has ensured the company already had  a strong reputation in air freight and now they are bringing the same level of focus and attention to their new Sea Freight Division, headed up by experienced manager, Mark Broscombe.

Mark has over 15 years’ experience in sea freight, working with DSV where he has managed major accounts for the last three years, and with Hellmann Worldwide Logistics. Mark’s strong relationships with all major shipping lines will provide all GFM customers with a competitive offering to meet their needs.

Of GFM, Mark had this to say, “When shipping goods abroad you need an export partner that you can trust.  Someone who will keep you updated at all stages of your cargo’s journey. Someone who can take your shipments from any UK pick up point to any worldwide location safely and with a clear understanding of the obstacles that such a journey can encounter. I truly believe that this is what we at GFM have to offer.”

We would like to welcome Mark to Conqueror and congratulate Global Freight Management on this new venture.

We invite all members with shipments in Leeds-Bradford to get in touch with team.

Mark Broscombe / Sea Freight Division Manager

Across the Shipping team moves to new head office

This summer, CQR Melbourne & Brisbane has relocated its corporate office to larger premises in Richmond


This move is testament to the continued growth of ACROSS THE OCEAN SHIPPING, an international freight forwarder focused on personalised services, provided by a young and dynamic group of professional staff. .

“With the new corporate office, we will keep being committed to providing a consistently high level of service, which is our main challenge” David Aherne, Managing Director of Across the Ocean Shipping.

The new office will be located on Cremorne Street, Richmond:

Suite 201 – 13 Cremorne Street,

Richmond Vic Australia 3121

Telephone +61 3 9427 0015

Facsimile +61 9427 0049


For shipments from/to Melbourne, do not hesitate to contact them.

Phyny Tran

Conqueror establishes itself as the 2nd largest freight forwarding network

The addition of Sao Paulo, Manchester and Moscow this week increases Conqueror’s coverage to 139 countries and 249 cities

Conqueror Freight Network continues its expansion worldwide, at the same time as its quality standards increase daily. “Whilst we receive countless applications every day, we are not operating an open door policy. Each member must pass a rigorous selection process and an audit by the third party auditor DUN & BRADSTREET before they are allowed to join” said CQR Managing Director, Antonio Torres.


In the first week of September alone, 3 new members have joined the now second-largest freight forwarding network, covering three new cities: Sao Paulo, Manchester and Moscow. “Having excellent network coverage is the key to competing with the multinationals, who have offices in every corner of the globe”, he added.


However, Conqueror’s team are not complacent about these achievements, Antonio continued, “We firmly believe that we need to improve our network, not just by increasing coverage, but also by taking care of our members. That is why we are working on new benefits for them, so that they have all the tools to compete successfully in the industry in every corner of the world”.

CQR Felixstone celebrates its 10th anniversary

Ian Connell, Energy Freight Forwarding Director, would like to thank his wife, colleagues, customers and partners for being part of the achievements they have accomplished together

We are pleased to report that the CQR Felixstowe Member, Energy Freight Forwarding LTD, has celebrated their 10th Anniversary this August 2017.

Energy Freight Director Ian Connell stated: “And they said it wouldn’t last… August marks the 10th anniversary of Energy Freight. 10 years ago I sat in a very small office wondering if I’d made the right decision. A decade on, I couldn’t be happier with that decision”.

In addition, he wanted to thank his wife, Sarah-Jane, who “has been a constant with love, support & great advice over all these years”, to Simon who “has been there from the word go on this amazing adventure” and to “every single person that has worked, either past or present – you have ALL played your part and continue to do so”.

The whole team are proud of what they have accomplished over these ten years and are ready to continue to support their customers and partners with their usual top quality services. In order to implement a better communication with them, they have updated their website news section, as well as launched Facebook and Twitter pages.

Congratulations to the whole team!

For shipments from/to Felixstowe, do not hesitate to contact them. They are looking forward to any new challenges that lay ahead!

Ian Connell