Sealand Logistics, CQR Gdynia / Gdansk, merges with the oldest freight forwarder of Poland-C. Hartwig

C. Hartwig takes over all of the business liabilities and assets of Sealand Logistics

The process of merging C. Hartwig Gdynia with Sealand Logistics- a young and rapidly expanding company – began in the last quarters of 2017. Since then, they optimized the structures of both the organizations to make the most out of their combined potential and now they are able to provide better rates and services than ever before.

The outstanding performance in the freight forwarding sector delivered by the two companies will be maintained by their dedicated and experienced employees. The scope of Sealand’s services as FCL, LCL, air, road, rail, and project cargo was enlarged by the more specialized C.Hartwig’s projects such as their own warehouse, fair logistics and bulk shipping projects. Formally, the merger has been written down in Polish Court Registry System on 2nd Jan 2018 after which they will continue as C.Hartwig.

In the words of Radek Januszczak, Network Development Manager, “This merger has been a very significant step forward for C. Hartwig and we expect that it will provide the company’s customers and partners with the benefit of joint experience, higher organisational culture and more efficient operation. Consequently, it will guarantee the improvement of service efficiency enabling us to achieve more tangible results in the future.”

All the best to the new C.Hartwig team for all their upcoming endeavours!

We invite our members to check their new contact details in the Network Directory, by accessing through the Members Area.

For shipment requirements to/from Gdynia / Gdansk you know whom to get in touch with!

Radek Januszczak

Kwise Logistics receives ‘The Golden Helm’ and the ‘Award of Most Honest Enterprise’

CQR Qingdao has been recognised for its innovation and its integrity with these prestigious prizes

CQR Qingdao- Kwise Logistics which was founded back in 1998 has distinguished itself by getting two well recognized awards. The Golden Helm 2016, China’s Shipping Industry Innovation Award went to Kwise Logistics for 2 years in a row.

Apart from this highly esteemed honour our member in Qingdao China also got a certificate from Qingdao Chamber of Commerce which is an ‘Award of Most Honest Enterprise with a high level of Integrity’. The two plaques and the certificates are surely going to drive them towards further excellence.

We heartily congratulate the team of Kwise Logistics for these awards for their outstanding achievements!

For any shipping requirements to/from Qingdao, make sure to get in touch with their award winning team.

Richard Ouyang

Joh. C. Henschen ships a 72-ton Grove Telescopic All Terrain Crane and 105 tons of equipment

CQR member in Bremen has used their long years of experience in freights to safely transport two cranes from Germany to South America

A few months back, Joh. C. Henschen, CQR member in Bremen, shipped an All Terrain Crane (Type GMK6300 L) from Wilhelmshaven to Zarate, Buenos Aires via Hamburg. The dimensions of this crane were 1758 x 320 x 385 cm weighing in around 72 tons and 105 tons of equipment.

Their achievement doesn’t end here. CQR Bremen also shipped a Terex PPM ATT 400/3 crane of 26 tons from Zeebrugge to Callao. The dimensions of this crane was 1060 x 262 x 340 cm.

A highly trained and professional team made the transportation of these heavy vehicles possible. With over 160 years of experience in this field, Joh. C. Henschen can definitely be regarded as one of the leaders in the industry.

Congratulation to the team for their outstanding achievement!

For shipments to/from Bremen kindly get in touch with their expert team:

Thomas Henschen

CQR Vienna operates a temperature controlled hub for pharmaceutical items at the Vienna Airport

ABC Vienna Pharma Centre has established a network of dedicated health-care specialists for facilitating the distribution of temperature sensitive pharmaceuticals

ABC European Air and Sea Cargo Distribution- CQR member in Vienna, Prague, Bratislava and Sofia which has been offering customized transport solution for over three decades has recently ventured into cold-chain transportation. In the complicated and fast changing healthcare environment of our time, proper management of cold chains is of utmost importance.

In words of Rudolf Martin, Country Manager of ABC European Air and Sea Cargo Distribution: “Developing a successful supply chain for the distribution of temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals is an ongoing process that involves sub-contractors, freight forwarders, carriers, pharmaceutical companies, and more. To this end, we have established a network of dedicated and well-trained healthcare specialists. Our pharma competence centres draw on comprehensive knowledge and experience in implementing as well as managing pharma supply chains.”

Their temperature controlled pharma hub located right at the Vienna airport which sprawls over an area of 200 square metres has enough space for pallet and ULD build-up and break-down and container loading. Our member in Prague, Sofia and Bratislava have also been offering active and passive packaging solutions like Envirotainer, Opticooler, C-Safe Container, va-Q-tainer, Softbox etc. If required they would even make arrangements for wrapping the pallets with insulation foil.

We would like to wish ABC the very best for their future endeavours.

For cold chain shipments to/from Vienna, Prague, Sofia and Bratislava don’t hesitate to contact them.

Rudolf Martin

CQR Pusan goes on air for their success and innovation in the logistics sector

Forman Shipping Co. Ltd is the 1st logistics company in Korea has been broadcasted on Ariring TV from 1st -3rd December

Forman Shipping which has been in operation since 2002 went on air on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd of December for their remarkable achievements in the logistics sector. After receiving the GRAND PRIZE from the Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries in the Ocean Logistics Sector, they were selected by Arirang TV for being broadcasted on their Bizsmart TV programme as an attempt to introduce and promote their company before a global audience.

We invite all our fellow agents to glance through the programme which can be viewed by clicking on the image below:

Arirang TV is a public TV broadcasting company which works in close cooperation with the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism of South Korea. In the words of Patrick Jun of Forman Shipping “After many years of consistent effort by our team, we have finally received the much-needed encouragement.”

Conqueror would like to congratulate Forman Shipping for coming up as the #1 logistics company in South Korea!

For shipments to and from Pusan you know whom to contact!

Patrick Jun

Conqueror launches a new redesigned website to enhance the productivity of the members

The revamped website will come with a new online tool, free for CQR members, which will be presented exclusively at the 7th Annual Meeting and which would irrevocably change the old ways of conducting logistics business

After putting in a lot of hard work and investments, Conqueror, the largest exclusive network in the world, has come up with a new website which will vastly improve the efficiency of the agents and provide them with an optimal viewing experience.

Its new responsive web design will ensure that all the navigation elements of the webpages with its texts, images, audio/video and screen-layouts are automatically re-adjusted on a number of devices. You no longer need to pan and zoom the pages while viewing them on your smartphone or tablet.

The new Conqueror website will also make available a new sophisticated Freight Rate Management Software tool which will allow the members to do away with manually quoting their clients and partners. It will be offered to all Conqueror members for free and the project will be presented officially at the next Annual Meeting in Bali, Indonesia, (6th- 8th May 2018).

In the words of Antonio Torres the Director of Conqueror Network, “With the help of the new website and the online tool, Conqueror members will become the first freight forwarders in the world to be able to generate instant online door-to-door freight quotations 24/7 to/from over 140 countries.”

The responsive CQR website along with the new online tool would undoubtedly empower your business and add to your customer base. We invite you to check it in the following link!

Van Moer Logistics take over the 50% of ATO terminal shares in port of Antwerp

CQR Antwerp successfully completes acquisition of the ATO terminal in partnership deal with NMBS LOGISTICS

VAN MOER LOGISTICS, Our CQR member in Antwerp, has taken the next step in its intermodal transport strategy with the purchasing of ATO terminal in the Port of Antwerp, in collaboration with NMBS LOGISTICS. The agreement between the two firms, announced last Friday, means that VAN MOER will takeover 50% of the terminal port.

The ATO terminal covers almost 175,000 square-metres and processes over 500,000 TEU’s per year along its ½ kilometre-long quay. With the arrival of VAN MOER LOGISTICS, this is sure to increase, while Belgian malt producer BOORMALT will be investing in additional production capacity at the 6th dock of the terminal.

VAN MOER’s barge service, iBarge, which operates daily calls at the Vilvoorde terminal, Umicore and Blue Gate, is now complete with the incorporation of the ATO terminal. Apart from servicing water-bound logistics, ATO will also function as a primary hub for the hinterland corridor.

Jo Van Moer, owner of VAN MOER, and Patrick Lecluyse, CEO, said “We are delighted with this partnership, which has allowed the synergies to reach their full potential and create the missing link in our intermodal strategy. We have found the perfect partner with Boormalt and are looking forward to their cooperation”.

We’d like to wish VAN MOER all the best with this impressive new venture!

For shipments to/from Antwerp get in touch with their team of experts:

  Raf Frans

Takhlees Shipping Agencies ships mobile firearms range of 20 tons/174 cbm

CQR Manama/Bahrain has used its extensive experience in freights to ship a mobile firearms training range from Bahrein to Poland

CQR member in Manama/Bahrain, TAKHLEES SHIPPING AGENCIES, accomplished the task of transporting a mobile firearms training range from Bahrain to Gdansk, via Damam, in January this year.


An extremely professional and competent team was required for transporting the heavy range which weighed around 20,865.000 KGM/ 174 CBM. Takhlees Shipping successfully shipped the range from Bahrain to Damman by road from where a Bahri Shipping Line Vessel moved it to Poland.

Congratulations to the team!

For any shipping to/from Manama, please get in touch with their experienced personnel.

Ali Hameed 

Emons achieves a remarkable feat by moving oversized shred press

CQR Stuttgart ships three heavy lift pieces of more than 230 tons from Germany to Scotland

Emons Air & Sea, CQR member in Stuttgart, moved a dismantled shred press from Germany to Scotland at the end of August. The shred press consisted of three oversized heavy lift pieces of 92, 82.5 and 58 tons that had to be transported. Since the 3.90 m wide truck was carrying a total weight of 143.8 tons, a special road survey was required for the entire journey whose final destination was near Edinburgh.

Ever since the company was set up in 1928, Emons Air & Sea has stood for dependable and flexible services in the transport and logistics sector. Their professional team and their technological know-how has allowed them to accomplish this challenging shipment with ease

We congratulate Emons for completing the transport with utmost customer satisfaction and wish them the best to accomplish many more similar achievements in the future.

For shipments to/from Stuttgart make sure to contact the team of Emons.

Dirk Trübiger

Another feather in the cap for Agora Shipping

 CQR Douala triumphs a laborious charter to UN Office, Bria

Agora Shipping Logistics, CQR Douala Shipping, recently successfully managed a laborious transport of a charter vessel from Douala to the UN office in Bria, Central African Republic (CAR). This was a tremendous feat since Bria is known for rebel controlled areas near the Kotto river.

Agora Shipping basically took to themselves to first remove the charter from the ship and then load the truck at Douala port. There, they had to go through customs clearance and road procedures BGFT / Barc to endure a long road transport from Douala to Bria. When at CAR, they again had to go customs clearance at Bangui and finally offload at the UN office at Bria. This was a laborious and difficult transport as seen in the pictures but Agora accomplished the task at hand easily.

Agora Shipping & Logistics is a company of Agora group specializing in transport to difficult areas due to their extensive experience. They cater to the supply of integrated solutions in the field of logistics, shipping, customs, relocations, national and international transport, etc. both by sea and by air.

Conqueror takes immense pride in having Agora Shipping & Logistics in our network, as one of our members and congratulates them on their big achievement.
For shipments from/to Douala, Cameroon, do not hesitate to contact their team: 

Karine Yolande Ngombi