International transportation of a deckhouse with a weight of 13,550 Kg successfully carried out by Conqueror Panama City

freight forwarder in Panama City
Deckhouse Shipment by Conqueror Panama City

The cargo was transported via both ocean and road freight, from Panama to Turkey

Panama Soluciones Logisticas, Conqueror member in Panama City, Panama, effectively completed the international shipment of a deckhouse, which had a weight of 13,550 kilograms. They moved the cargo by a combination of ocean and ground freight from Panama to Turkey.

They made use of 1×40 flatrack and open top dry containers to move this cargo of massive size. The shipment had dimensions of 5m x 86m x 16m. “Managing the transportation of cargo of this size was undeniably a challenging task that demanded extensive preparations. This shipment held significant importance for us, and our team put in immense effort to ensure its seamless delivery,” remarked Luis Carlos Bustamente, Manager of Panama Soluciones Logisticas.

In addition, Conqueror Panama City also provided loading and unloading services, as well as stowage and lashing, to ensure the secure and smooth transportation of the cargo.

Congratulations to Conqueror Panama City for a project well executed!

Conqueror Nouakchott moves 168 units of trucks, trailers, military equipment, excavators, and other rolling materials

The shipment which was meant for the mining industry was moved from Guinea to Mauritania via sea freight

Acconage Consignation Transit SA (ACT SA), Conqueror member in Nouakchott, Mauritania, moves an ocean freight shipment for the mining industry. They transported 168 units of trucks, trailers, military equipment, excavators, and other rolling materials from Boke Port, Guinea, to Nouakchott Port, Mauritania. They used an MV Orient Pluto vessel for transporting the cargo. The cargo was meant for the mining sector specifically for the offshore gas field rocks transportation for BP Tortue. The BP Tortue project is a cooperation project between the governments of Mauritania and Senegal.

Conqueror Nouakchott-Independent freight forwarder
Conqueror Nouakchott moves a ocean freight shipment for the mining industry


They were responsible for the entire logistic chain from vessel arrival until the final delivery of 168 units. Although they have experience in handling similar projects, the massive volume and diverse nature of the shipment made it somewhat challenging. As stated by Mr. Khalil Chouaib from ACT, “The most difficult aspect of this shipment was that we had to ensure that the 168 units were delivered in intact condition. This also included the spare parts loaded inside some units.”

They did not use any special equipment for delivering this shipment. “Firstly, I would like to thank my teammates for seamlessly moving this complicated cargo. We also had to take the shipment from under the hook, and take care of lashing and warehousing. Additionally, we did the customs clearance and moved the cargo via trucks to the consignee’s site 60 Km from Nouakchott Port,” adds Mr. Chouaib.

Congratulations to Acconage Consignation Transit, and wishing them the best for the future!



Conqueror Qingdao moves a sea freight shipment of a propeller with a weight of over 58 Mt

They moved the massive breakbulk cargo via a Cosco Shipping vessel from Hamburg, Germany, to Qingdao, China

Kwise Logistics Co Ltd, Conqueror member in Qingdao, China, has successfully moved a breakbulk cargo from Hamburg to Qingdao. The shipment consisted of a 58 Mt propeller which had a dimension of 880 x 860 x 200 cm. As a veteran ocean freight service provider, they arranged for port to door movement of this shipment thereby providing end-to-end logistics solution.

They were responsible for several aspects of the project. This included vessel booking, and coordinating with the port authority to discharge the propeller. Additionally, they were also in charge of lashing/securing the cargo on the truck and delivering it to the consignee’s premises. The odd size of the cargo posed significant hurdles which were overcome successfully.

Conqueror Qingdao-independent freight forwarder
Conqueror Qingdao moves a 58 Mt propeller

As stated by Richard OIuyang, the General Manager of Kwise Logistics, “Due to the massive size of the propeller, our team had to dismantle and raise the wires at the gate of Qingdao port. We immediately restored the dismantled gate and wires after the propeller passed by. Moreover, we also had to dismantle the telephone poles and raise the wires while delivering the shipment at the consignee’s premises. Our experienced team managed to pull off the job perfectly and send the shipment right on time.”

Congratulations to Conqueror Qingdao and all the best for their future projects!