Flooded by Applications, Conqueror Network Streamlines Process – 3PL NEWS

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Monday, 25 October 2010 22:12. George Zafirov. Third Party Logistics – 3PL

Madrid, Spain, October 25. – Staggering under an avalanche of mail, the new Conqueror freight forwarders network has drastically simplified its membership application procedure. Applicants now must complete a single form, available on www.conquerornetwork.com, and extra staff has been hired to deal with the backlog.

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“We had a bigger response than we bargained for, and in our zeal to identify the most qualified candidates, we had asked for too much information and too many documents,” admits Antonio Torres, who designed the network of selected independent forwarders to operate like a “virtual multinational”, with exclusive territories, internal disciplined, and a single brand.

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