xChange doubles the discount offered to Conqueror members thanks to the enhancement of their partnership

The updated agreement will provide agents with a 10% discount on xChange subscriptions, enabling them to save up to 1000 USD. In addition, Conqueror members will have access to exclusive industry reports and insights. Also, they will be offered a discounted pass to annual Digital Container Summit and other xChange events

The aim of xChange is to provide with a neutral platform for container owners and users to collaborate easily and efficiently. The platform enables users to find new partners and manage end-to-end container logistics operations; including services like payment handling, trading buyer protection, container tracking premium and wallet management. Members will gain greater market transparency, avoid demurrage and detention charges and enhance operational flexibility.

Conqueror Members
Conqueror Members

Hamburg based company Container xChange connects industry players and brings members on one simple and efficient infrastructure to help them digitize their container logistic operations. Conqueror members will be able to join more than 1000 companies such as Kuehne+Nagel, Seaco, Sogese, Ocean Box, VMR Lines and Sarjak in revolutionizing their container sourcing method.

Conqueror Members
Conqueror Members

Claim your member benefit when joining xChange by using the referral code: CONQXC to receive a 10% discount upon sign up. If you would like to get to know more about xChange check the below interactive product tour.

Conqueror Members
Conqueror Members

For further information, feel free to reach out to our contact person Jedida Ravindran

CQR Ahmedabad once more proves their worth by handling a break-bulk project cargo of 60 mt

Our member in Ahmedabad, India, moves a huge ball mill to Kandla port in Gujarat

Sea Freight Shipping and Logistics Pvt Ltd has successfully achieved the transportation of a break-bulk project cargo at Kandla port. The shipment which consisted of a 60 mt stone grinding machine was delivered by the use of 2 low bed axel vehicles with 150 mt load capacity.

logistics business partner
logistics business partner

The cargo was downloaded and uploaded with the help of an 80 mt vessel operated crane before being successfully transported to the Kandla port of Gujarat. In the words of Manoj Lakhwani, Sales Development Manager of Sea Freight Shipping and Logistics Pvt Ltd, “This has been a significant achievement by our team which would definitely encourage our partners to contact us for shipments requirements to or from Ahmedabad.”

All the best to Sea Freight Shipping and Logistics Pvt Ltd for their outstanding achievement!

Independent freight forwarders find network links with other logistics groups pays off: Handy Shipping Guide

freight forwarders networkTHAILAND – SRI LANKA – WORLDWIDE – Considering our recent piece regarding the way shipping and logistics conferences are returning to fashion with many in the freight community thoughts turn to the growth of industry networks which many freight forwarders in particular use to commence and develop trusted partnerships with counterparts overseas.

Most independent agents cannot possibly consider having offices anywhere but in the countries which form their principal markets and, as those are dependent upon the needs of each individual customer and can, quite literally, extend right across the globe, the need for an agent with at least a degree of recommendation is essential.

The network system, if properly supervised, can grant credibility to an agent who must adhere to sound principals or find themselves forsaken by their peers and effectively blacklisted. The same management can also act as arbiters in the case of a dispute and effectively act as a crucial hub for all its members. This month saw the second annual meeting for an embryonic network which claims to be the only one of its type as it is ‘city exclusive’.

One hundred and fifteen members of the Conqueror Network gathered in Bangkok between May 8-10 to hold hundreds of one to one meetings and see a new marketing strategy launched. With representatives hailing from over fifty countries the target for the group is to work co-operatively to serve customers globally and overcome client perceptions that independent forwarders are not equipped to provide a truly worldwide service. The latest campaign aims to assist members to self-promote using tools such as a brochure personalised for each member company.

As one delegate explained, ‘With the multinationals gaining ground daily, I can’t afford for my company to become stagnant. This brochure will aid our team in our promotion to potential clients.’ Conqueror’s Managing Director, Antonio Torres commented:

“Co-operation is one important element in our strategy for boosting the business volume of our members; another is our city-exclusivity, like the multinationals, and the third and most important is our annual meeting. Our second meeting has seen an increase of 33% in attendance, 25% in countries represented and 40% in one-to-one meetings available. The numbers speak for themselves.”

To read more; click here.

New virtual multinational forwarder group now extends to 100 cities

Less than four months after its launch, the pioneering Conqueror Freight Network has “virtual branches” in 100 cities in 58 countries

This week’s acceptance of Aries Global Logistics, Inc. adds New York, Philadelphia, Atlanta, and Miami to the fast-growing network, which is designed to operate like a multinational freight forwarding group, with a single member per city.

Aries (AGL) was founded in 1985, and has 90 employees. Like all members of the Conqueror group, it was checked out by an independent auditor as part of the selection process, and it meets the highest standards of solvency, size, and reputation. To date, the network has accepted only about 16% of applicants.

Aries president Frank G. D’Ambra said he hoped membership in Conqueror “will increase our reach in markets where we are not represented,” and noted that the network “has already filled in some of the more difficult regions”.

Conqueror is recruiting strong and solvent independent forwarders to act as “virtual branches” in each of the world’s 564 largest cities. Members now have a total of more than 8,000 employees.

“We are delighted to welcome the prestigious Aries company to our group, which considerably strengthens our coverage of the United States,” said Conqueror’s network development manager Russell Whittington. “While other networks may have as many as 80 members in a single city, we have only one in each, just like the multinationals. And like them, we require that our members cooperate actively with each other, working under common rules and our worldwide brand.”

“The idea is to equip our members with all the advantages previously enjoyed only by the mega forwarders, including a global network of reliable agents, exclusive software to delimit territories, a payment-protected environment, and even a dispute resolution service,” said Whittington.

“These advantages, combined with the personalized customer service traditionally associated with independent agents, are helping our members recover lost market share,” he added.

Members pay nothing during the six-month probationary period, but those who fail to cooperate actively with other members are replaced. Quality is monitored by self-policing. Members are obliged to report all problems that arise with other members, who all have a vested interest in upholding the brand image and the network’s collective reputation.

The formula appears to be working. “Some of our member agents say they have already received more new business from Conqueror than they did in years of belonging to other networks,” said Conqueror founder Antonio Torres, himself an experienced freight forwarder.

For more information, see www.conquerornetwork.com


For more information, please contact:

Mr. Dwight Porter
Tel. +34 91 494 58 76

Conqueror in Logweb, April 2011

Cargofast e a nova representante da Conqueror em Sao Paulo

(28-04-2011). A empresa de freight forwarder Cargofast Logistica do Brasil foi selecionada como o representante best logistics networkexclusivo em Sao Paulo do Conqueror Network, que opera como um “virtual multinational”, no qual empresas independentes em todo o mundo trabalham juntas em um regime de “cooperacao disciplinada”.

Read the full article at: www.logweb.com.br/novo/conteudo/noticia/26265/cargofast–nova-representante-da-conqueror-em-spaulo


Conqueror in LogLink Logistics News

Conqueror Group Wins Praise from Founding Members
“We know there’s at least one independent forwarding firm in every city that can meet our standards and benefit immensely by joining us.”

For Conqueror’s network development manager Russell Whittington, “what members appreciate most is ‘owning’ their territories as the group’s sole representative, and the fact that the territories are clearly defined so there are no conflicts .”

best freight forwarder networkThe high-end network began accepting applications last September, and in January its members began contacting each other to start working together. All members must agree to work with each other for about half of their shipments and follow other rules to ensure “disciplined cooperation”.

The first members operate in 50 cities in 34 countries, and together they have more than 5,900 employees. All were carefully selected for solvency, size, and reputation from among nearly 500 applicants.

The recruitment drive will continue until the cooperative association has chosen members in all 564 of the world’s largest cities.

Freight Forwarders Network Streamlines Process – SUPPLYCHAIN DIGITAL

The Conqueror freight forwarders network has simplified its membership application process. The Conqueror network was inundated with applications, which has prompted it to streamline the membership application procedure. Applicants must now complete a single form, while extra staff have been taken on to deal with the backlog.

freight agents networkAntonio Torres, who designed the network of freight forwarders, said: “We had a bigger response than we bargained for, and in our zeal to identify the most qualified candidates, we had asked for too much information and too many documents.”

Since the September 15 launch, hundreds of applications and thousands of emails were received, network coordinator Russell Whittington said. This forced the postponement of promotional campaigns on several continents.


Flooded by Applications, Conqueror Network Streamlines Process

Madrid, Spain, October 25. – Staggering under an avalanche of mail, the new Conqueror freight forwarders network has drastically simplified its membership application procedure. Applicants now must complete a single form, available on www.conquerornetwork.com, and extra staff has been hired to deal with the backlog.

“We had a bigger response than we bargained for, and in our zeal to identify the most qualified candidates, we had asked for too much information and too many documents,” admits Antonio Torres, who designed the network of selected independent forwarders to operate like a “virtual multinational”, with exclusive territories, internal discipline, and a single brand.

Torres, himself a veteran freight forwarder, says the new application form can be completed in an hour. “It’s much easier now. The shorter form still lets us identify the best candidates to represent us in each of the 564 territories. We then ask for additional information only from the finalists.”

The network’s coordinator, Russell Whittington, explains: “So many applications and enquiries came in that we had to interrupt our recruitment drive just to cope with all the correspondence.” Whittington says that hundreds of applications and thousands of emails have been received since the September 15 launch, which has forced the postponement of promotional campaigns on several continents.

“Conqueror was designed very carefully to ensure that all the members will obtain large increases in business volume, in a protected environment,” explains Torres. “So we expected a reasonably good response, but nothing like this. Forwarders are busy and they don’t necessarily read all the messages they receive. It was a big help that our launch was reported by the specialized press.”

Torres says he is now confident that Conqueror will surpass its first goal: to cover the world’s 60 most important cities within six months.

Unlike other networks, Conqueror carefully selects its members, which will have exclusive rights to a territory, and must agree to use other members for at least half their shipments. There is a free six-month trial period.

Flooded by Applications, Conqueror Network Streamlines Process – 3PL NEWS

Monday, 25 October 2010 22:12. George Zafirov. Third Party Logistics – 3PL

Madrid, Spain, October 25. – Staggering under an avalanche of mail, the new Conqueror freight forwarders network has drastically simplified its membership application procedure. Applicants now must complete a single form, available on www.conquerornetwork.com, and extra staff has been hired to deal with the backlog.

freight agents network

“We had a bigger response than we bargained for, and in our zeal to identify the most qualified candidates, we had asked for too much information and too many documents,” admits Antonio Torres, who designed the network of selected independent forwarders to operate like a “virtual multinational”, with exclusive territories, internal disciplined, and a single brand.

Read the full article at: http://www.3plnews.com/3pl/flooded-by-applications-conqueror-network-streamlines-process.html

Conqueror Launch Makes Big Waves

Madrid, Spain, Sept. 23 – Less than a week after launch, the recruitment drive for the world’s first “virtual multinational” freight forwarders alliance has already netted scores of pre-applications and hundreds of website hits and requests for information.

“We are very encouraged by the response,” said Antonio Torres, himself a veteran freight forwarder and mastermind of the new Conqueror network, whose members will be obliged to work with each other on at least half of their shipments. “Our launch was reported widely in the specialized press, and seems to have become a talking point in the industry.” This response from forwarders, Torres said, “is making us optimistic about our chances of meeting our first objective, which is to have the 60 most important cities covered within six months. That would already put us ahead of many of the medium-sized multinationals. Our target for the first year is to have 90-100 agents.”

Unlike other networks, Conqueror is designed to operate like a mega-forwarder, with exclusive territories, internal discipline, rules governing business relations between members, and a global brand.

“Some forwarders have complained about the paperwork involved in the application process,” Torres said. “This is because most other networks accept anyone who pays. We charge nothing for the first six months, and while we are prepared to be flexible, we can only accept applicants who meet reasonably high standards. Our whole business model is based on this.”

“It’s true that our entry barriers are high, and that we require evidence of solvency, reputation, business volume, and good credit,” Torres said. “But how else can we be certain that our members have the quality we are promising to all our other members and to shippers around the world?”

“We’re not like other networks,” he added. “Our members will have exclusive territories, and they will be assured of substantial increases in business volume, and many other advantages. Other networks ‘recommend’ cooperation, but we demand it –although our members can still use their old agents for half their shipments,” he explained.

“Most other networks take your money and give you little or nothing in return. We only ask you to show your qualifications to join what we call ‘the aristocracy of freight forwarders’. At the end of the six months, you will know whether you want to remain in this alliance, and we will know whether you are fulfilling your responsibilities as a member. No money will change hands until then. I don’t see how we can make it any easier, safer, or more transparent than that!”

One forwarder expressed doubts that Conqueror would manage to negotiate lower rates from carriers for its members, who retain their independence. “We answered by comparing Conqueror to a franchise, like Burger King, which is correctly perceived as a multinational chain by both customers and suppliers, though its establishments may be locally owned,” Torres said. “Conqueror is going to show that by working together under one brand, the best independents can beat the mega-forwarders at their own game!”