Conqueror in Logistics World News, February 2011

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Conqueror Group Wins Praise from Founding Members

“We know there’s at least one independent forwarding firm in every city that can meet our standards and benefit immensely by joining us.”


Madrid, Spain, February 10, 2011. Only a month after its operational launch, the world’s first “virtual multinational” freight forwarding network is getting highly positive feedback from its first 50 members.

best freight forwarder network“An agent told me that he had received more new business from Conqueror in a month than he had in eight years from another network he had belonged to,” said Conqueror mastermind Antonio Torres, himself a veteran freight forwarder.

“Members also say they are impressed with each other’s quality and professionalism. One said we are providing what medium-sized forwarders need most –partners everywhere who understand that the key to future survival and growth is genuine give-and-take cooperation, in a secure payments environment.”