Interview with CQR Tehran

“Freight Forwarders can create markets and demand, facilitating the trade cycle all over the world.’’

logistics business partner
logistics business partner

1. What prompted you to venture into the freight forwarding industry?

A. Actually, I started freight forwarding with my elder brother who acquainted me with the alphabets of this business. From 2005 I organized my own setup under the Farasoobar Int’l Forwarder and Shipping Agency flag and have now been in this field for over 28 years. I have been able to explore and show my counter parts how freight forwarders have a very important role in the industry in each country and that it’s not a simple job of just selling freight. Freight Forwarders can create markets and demand, facilitating the trade cycle all over the world.

Q. Can you shed some light on the geographical importance of Iran?

A. We have an inherent advantage due to the Persian Gulf’s connection to CIS, Afghanistan and Iraq, as well as to the South Quafqas area and Russia. We have about 670 Km of the coastal border with the Caspian Sea in the North connecting the Bandar Anzali and Amirabad ports to Aktau, Turkmenbashi, and Astrakhan. On the south of Iran we have 1,770 km coastal border connecting the Oman Sea and the Persian Gulf. The unique location of the country makes all modes of transportation (air, sea, road or rail) possible.

Q. Tell us something about the rail network in your country.

A. Several rail projects are in the pipeline to upgrade and complete the current railway network infrastructure. Currently we can send shipments by rail from Bandar Abbas to Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan and Turkmenistan. There are also rail links up to Astara Iran and the Russia rail network is connected up to Astara Azerbaijan and hopefully in the near future the rail connection will be finished between Astara Iran and Azerbaijan. The South Quafqkas rail connection is now possible up to Yerevan and liner containers can be sent from European ports up to Yerevan and then by truck to Iran. We also have rail links to Europe through Turkey’s rail network via our western borders, this also can be connected to the CIS by changing wagons.

Q. Can you give us a concrete example of Iran’s route advantage?

A. Well.. When we ship containers from Bandar Abbas to Baku the trucker should drive about 2270 km, out of which 1944 km are in Iran. The same advantage exists for other destinations. The other advantage is that we move containers by the same trailers all the way to their final destination and return empty containers back to Bandar Abbas. This safeguards the goods against multiple loading/unloading in transhipment.

logistics business partner
logistics business partner

Q. Can you give me some examples of project cargo you have handled in the recent past?

A. Please see the following photos of some projects we have handled via Iran to CIS. The latest one consisted of two girders from Bandar Abbas to Baku.

Q. Is customs clearance in Iran normally done in the port for inland bound cargo or can it be done at the final destination, say Tehran?

A. Final customs clearing can be done either at the port of arrival or at any domestic inland destination as a bonded shipment, subject to the destination’s customs having the authority to accept the relevant goods.

Conqueror in Logistics World News, February 2011

Conqueror Group Wins Praise from Founding Members

“We know there’s at least one independent forwarding firm in every city that can meet our standards and benefit immensely by joining us.”


Madrid, Spain, February 10, 2011. Only a month after its operational launch, the world’s first “virtual multinational” freight forwarding network is getting highly positive feedback from its first 50 members.

best freight forwarder network“An agent told me that he had received more new business from Conqueror in a month than he had in eight years from another network he had belonged to,” said Conqueror mastermind Antonio Torres, himself a veteran freight forwarder.

“Members also say they are impressed with each other’s quality and professionalism. One said we are providing what medium-sized forwarders need most –partners everywhere who understand that the key to future survival and growth is genuine give-and-take cooperation, in a secure payments environment.”

Conqueror in LogLink Logistics News

Conqueror Group Wins Praise from Founding Members
“We know there’s at least one independent forwarding firm in every city that can meet our standards and benefit immensely by joining us.”

For Conqueror’s network development manager Russell Whittington, “what members appreciate most is ‘owning’ their territories as the group’s sole representative, and the fact that the territories are clearly defined so there are no conflicts .”

best freight forwarder networkThe high-end network began accepting applications last September, and in January its members began contacting each other to start working together. All members must agree to work with each other for about half of their shipments and follow other rules to ensure “disciplined cooperation”.

The first members operate in 50 cities in 34 countries, and together they have more than 5,900 employees. All were carefully selected for solvency, size, and reputation from among nearly 500 applicants.

The recruitment drive will continue until the cooperative association has chosen members in all 564 of the world’s largest cities.

“Conqueror” Forwarder Network to Operate Like Multinational – GLOBALPORTS ON LINE

To help the best independent agencies recover lost market share “Conqueror” Forwarder Network to operate like multinational

logistics companies

A new high-level freight forwarders network will operate as a “virtual multinational”, with obligatory cooperation among members, a single worldwide brand, exclusive territories, and other advantages now enjoyed only by the biggest players.

World’s first ‘virtual multinational forwarder’ -Logistics Clinic

A new freight forwarding network that will operate as a “virtual multinational”, with obligatory co-best freight forwarders networkoperation among members, a single worldwide brand and exclusive territories, claims it will provide advantages currently enjoyed only by the biggest players.