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Conqueror Group Wins Praise from Founding Members
“We know there’s at least one independent forwarding firm in every city that can meet our standards and benefit immensely by joining us.”

For Conqueror’s network development manager Russell Whittington, “what members appreciate most is ‘owning’ their territories as the group’s sole representative, and the fact that the territories are clearly defined so there are no conflicts .”

best freight forwarder networkThe high-end network began accepting applications last September, and in January its members began contacting each other to start working together. All members must agree to work with each other for about half of their shipments and follow other rules to ensure “disciplined cooperation”.

The first members operate in 50 cities in 34 countries, and together they have more than 5,900 employees. All were carefully selected for solvency, size, and reputation from among nearly 500 applicants.

The recruitment drive will continue until the cooperative association has chosen members in all 564 of the world’s largest cities.