Strategic collaboration between Conqueror Varna and Istanbul leads to the international transportation of 40 containers of fabric

The shipment of fabric was shipped from China to Turkey via Bulgaria

Trident Freight Ltd, Conqueror member in Varna, Bulgaria, handled the overseas movement of 40 containers of cargo loaded with fabrics from China. The cargo first came in Bulgaria, but at a later stage, the client decided to ship them to Turkey. To this end, they counted on the assistance of Herfurth Logistics, Conqueror member in Istanbul, Turkey.

“Regarding the cooperation with Herfurth Logistics, I can proudly say that they are people who can be trusted. I’d like to take this opportunity to announce the appreciation for their professionalism and value-added services,” says Mr Vladimir Demirov from the Sales Department of Trident Freight.

Container Shipping-Trident - Conqueror
Container Shipping-Trident – Conqueror


Pushed by the urgency, they needed to ship the cargo by sea to Istanbul, where their partners from Herfurth took charge and coordinated the trucking to Gemlik. Despite the complexity and slow pace of the process due to the nature of the goods and various restrictions, the outcome was favorable.

Congratulations to Trident Freight Ltd and all the best for their upcoming projects!


Conqueror Casablanca teams up with Conqueror Genoa/Venice for moving a project cargo shipment

They moved the shipment via ocean freight from Italy to Morocco

Locofreight, Conqueror member in Casablanca, Morocco, has hauled a project cargo shipment in collaboration with Sev Stante Overseas SRL, Conqueror member in Genoa and Venice. They transported the shipment consisting of a machinery from Italy to Morocco via an MSC vessel. Additionally, Locofreight was also responsible for lashing and securing the cargo.

Locofreight- logistics company in Casablanca
Locofreight- logistics company in Casablanca


They moved the cargo in 3X40’ Open Tops, 1X20’ Open Top & 1X40’ Flat Rack OOG. Moreover, they had to hire low-bed trucks to haul the cargo to/from the ports.

As stated by Mr. Sami Atik, General Manager of Locofreight, “Finding the right equipment and shipping this OOG cargo on the right vessel proved to be a challenging task. Nevertheless, our team has a passion and determination for providing our clients and partners with an unbeatable service. Of course this shipment was no exception. I firmly believe that in these difficult times, it is imperative for us to join forces and expand our outreach. Lastly, we are very satisfied with the outcome of this project and we look forward to being a part of many such joint ventures in the future!”

Locofreight-independent freight forwarder
Locofreight-independent freight forwarder

Congratulations to Locofreight and all the best for their upcoming projects!