Conqueror Venice and Genoa turns 15

During these years, Sev Stante Overseas has considerably increased their annual turnover to reach 48 million euros

Sev Stante-CQR Venice anniversary
Sev Stante-CQR Venice anniversary


Sev Stante Overseas, Conqueror member in Venice and Genoa, Italy, has recently celebrated their 15th Anniversary. On the occasion of this special event they organized a party with all their team members and a mentalist as a special guest.

Moreover, since the inception of their operations they have grown their organization substantially and increased their annual turnover. Presently, their yearly turnover stands at 48 million Euros.

In the words of Riccardo Stocco, Managing Director of Sev Stante Overseas, “We started our journey in 2008 and, since then, we have succeeded in becoming one of the most active independent players in the international forwarding and logistics market.

Today we have offices in several cities, four domestic warehouses, one bonded warehouse and a team of 62 trained and proficient employees… We are ready for the future and whatever challenges it might bring!”

A very happy 15th Anniversary to Conqueror Venice/Genoa and all the best for their future projects!



Conqueror Casablanca teams up with Conqueror Genoa/Venice for moving a project cargo shipment

They moved the shipment via ocean freight from Italy to Morocco

Locofreight, Conqueror member in Casablanca, Morocco, has hauled a project cargo shipment in collaboration with Sev Stante Overseas SRL, Conqueror member in Genoa and Venice. They transported the shipment consisting of a machinery from Italy to Morocco via an MSC vessel. Additionally, Locofreight was also responsible for lashing and securing the cargo.

Locofreight- logistics company in Casablanca
Locofreight- logistics company in Casablanca


They moved the cargo in 3X40’ Open Tops, 1X20’ Open Top & 1X40’ Flat Rack OOG. Moreover, they had to hire low-bed trucks to haul the cargo to/from the ports.

As stated by Mr. Sami Atik, General Manager of Locofreight, “Finding the right equipment and shipping this OOG cargo on the right vessel proved to be a challenging task. Nevertheless, our team has a passion and determination for providing our clients and partners with an unbeatable service. Of course this shipment was no exception. I firmly believe that in these difficult times, it is imperative for us to join forces and expand our outreach. Lastly, we are very satisfied with the outcome of this project and we look forward to being a part of many such joint ventures in the future!”

Locofreight-independent freight forwarder
Locofreight-independent freight forwarder

Congratulations to Locofreight and all the best for their upcoming projects!

Conqueror Genoa/Venice successfully handles an OOG cargo weighing over 200 tonnes

The shipment that consisted of two heavy presses from the ceramic industry was transported from China to Germany

Sev Stante Overseas SRL, Conqueror member in Genoa and Venice, Italy, recently moved an OOG shipment of two heavy presses. They transported the machinery weighing 102 tonnes each from Guangzhou, China, to Leipzig, Germany. They required break bulk service and FCL service for moving the presses.

Sev Stante Overseas SRL- logistics company
OOG cargo project by Conqueror Genoa/Venice


Conqueror Genoa & Venice used 3 x 40 HC and 1 x 20 containers for transporting this OOG cargo. Furthermore, they required a special truck with 7 axle lines and a length of 19.70 metres. They also had to hire the largest crane for lifting the heavy machinery.

To quote Mr. Riccardo Stocco, the Managing Director of Sev Stante, “Probably, the most challenging aspect of this project was finding a break bulk departure vessel to accept this heavy cargo and pick up the presses 40 days before the vessel departure. However, as a company with nearly 50 years of experience in international forwarding, our expert team managed to deliver the cargo to its destination on time.”

Congratulations to Sev Stante Overseas for successfully handling this complex shipment!