Conqueror Hangzhou boosts the LCL/AIR export within the network

Domax Logistics Co. Ltd. cooperated with several network members to move airfreight shipments to Europe and Africa

Domax Logistics, Conqueror member in Hangzhou was founded on 10th September 2009. Their core business is airfreight and during the last year, they cooperated with many CQR members to move several LCL air projects boosting the business within the network.

Domax Logistics - independent freight forwarder
Collaboration shipment of Domax Logistics


One of the members they have recently cooperated with was C.V.Μ. International, Conqueror member in Athens/Piraeus. They moved an FCL export of a 20/40 container from China to Lagos by sea. Additionally, together with Incotrans, they carried out an export of HM 325 Manual Microtome which contained batteries. This was an air freight shipment that was moved from Shanghai to Lisbon.

“In Domax, we understand that different regional airports have different operational requirements, so we adapt to rapid customs clearance, and arrange the deliveries efficiently. Additionally, we believe that Conqueror has very reliable and professional members and we are delighted to have had the opportunity to work with many of them and contribute to the increase of the business within the network”.

Congratulations to Domax Logistics and all the best for their future endeavours!

Conqueror Hangzhou moves 51 temperature-sensitive shipments of nucleic acid tests

As a company specializing in international air cargo services, they are perfectly suited for the regular handling of temperature-sensitive medical cargoes

Domax Logistics Co Ltd, Conqueror member in Hangzhou, China, has moved several shipments of PPE and temperature-sensitive cargoes via air freight. To begin with, they moved several batches of shipments of nucleic acid test kits with dry ice and coolant (blue ice), from Shanghai, Guangzhou and Beijing, China, to Ethiopia, South Africa, Italy, Egypt, Bangladesh and Austria. To move these shipments they partnered with China Southern Airlines, Air China, Emirates, and Ethiopian Airlines.

Domax Logistics-air cargo service provider
Conqueror Hangzhou moves a batch of temperature sensitive cargoes


In addition, Conqueror Hangzhou also moved large shipment of oxygen concentrators from Shenzhen, Shanghai, Zhengzhou, Guangzhou to Kenya, India, Myanmar and so on.

In the words of Mr. Bruce Li, the General Manager of Domax Logistics, “Our impeccable international air cargo services have made us one of the leading air freight solution providers in Hangzhou. Moreover, our NVOCC, IATA certifications also help us provide tailor made solutions for our clients. Lastly, as a Conqueror member, we got to collaborate with many reliable logistics companies that have had a positive impact on our sales. All credits for these shipments go to my teammates whose hard work allowed us to execute this project seamlessly.”

Congratulations to Domax Logistics and wishing them the best for their future endeavours!

CQR Hangzhou successfully hauls 9 complex project shipments from China to Manila against all odds

They had to send the shipment in 2 batches due to its enormous size and the very strict security inspection at Shanghai Airport 

Domax Logistics, Conqueror member in Hangzhou, China, has recently hauled 9 complex project shipments from China to Manila, Philippines. The 9 shipments consisted of 42 pieces of which 34 were oversized and therefore involved complexities related to loading and x-ray. “This shipment was not easy to handle since it coincided with the time of CIIE (China International Import Expo) and the airport security inspection at Shanghai airport was very strict,” says Sue Xu of the Domax team.

independent freight agent
independent freight agent

Ms. Xu further added, “There were very few freighter routes from China to Manila, and some of our packages had to be loaded on B747-400F. All these factors posed a bit of a challenge but thanks to the efficiency of our team, we bypassed all these hurdles. We separated the shipments into two parts and moved them from Shenzhen and Xiamen and the delivery was completed right on time.”

Congratulations to Domax Logistics for flawlessly moving this complex cargo!