Conqueror Jeddah moves a cargo of 182,000 Kg from Dammam Seaport to Ras Al Quraya

The shipment moved by Global Union Alliance consisted of 2 units of 400 KV 125 MVAR Shunt Reactors

Global Union Alliance Company Ltd. Conqueror member in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, recently moved an important shipment consisting of two units of Shunt Reactors. The cargo which had a dimension of L-7.450 M X W – 3.420 M X H – 4.300 M X 2 had a total weight of 182,000 kg. “This has been a very special cargo primarily because of the sheer size of the shipment. Thanks to the dedication and coordination among our team members, this important project was completed seamlessly.” says Mr. Hareb Ahmed, the Commercial Manager of Global Union Alliance.

logistics companies
logistics companies

CQR Jeddah made use of 10 axle special lowbed trailers for moving the cargo from Dammam Seaport to Ras Al Quraya. Mr. Ahmed further adds, “I’d like to extend my heartfelt thanks to Mr. Mustafa, the Branch Manager of Global Union Alliance, without whose hard work this project would never have been executed with perfection!”

Warm congratulations to Global Union Alliance Company for the successful completion of this project!

ALS Borderless Logistics gets featured in the December edition of Silicon India Magazine!

“Leveraging its presence across six well-equipped offices, ALS is firmly positioned in the market as a one-stop-shop that renders any kind of integrated service in logistics,” writes Silicon India 

logistics companies
logistics companies

ALS Borderless Logistics, CQR member in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, has distinguished themselves by getting featured in the Silicon India Magazine which focuses on the entrepreneurial journeys of prominent business persons.

The December edition of Silicon India whose prime focus is on Middle Eastern Logistics has published a detailed article on Conqueror Jeddah and even featured them on their cover page! 

Apart from that, they have created a directory where they have listed 20 Most Promising Logistics Companies in the Middle East. It goes without saying that, ALS Borderless Logistics secured the top position in this list.

“We are thrilled to be featured on the cover page of Silicon India Magazine, a magazine which focuses on entrepreneur and technologists and is published in the US and India. They have run a detailed column about the growth, scope, and services offered by our team while highlighting all the factors which makes us stand out from our competitors. I’d request all my network partners to have a look at the published article!” says Mr. Hareb Sheikh, the Commercial Manager of ALS Borderless Logistics.

Congratulations to ALS Borderless Logistics! We are proud of you!

Conqueror Jeddah executes the successful delivery of 18,000 Kg of air cargo

The shipment which consisted of environmental hazardous substance was moved from Denmark to Jeddah

Global Union Alliance Co. Ltd has moved this huge shipment of environmental hazardous cargo from Denmark to KAAIA Jeddah via Amsterdam. The shipment was efficiently air freighted, custom cleared and delivered to the client in Yanbu, Saudi Arabia.

international logistics
international logistics

In the words of Mr.Hareb Ahmed, the Commercial Manager of the company in Saudi Arabia, “The successive deliveries of environmental hazardous cargo has enabled us to become a veritable expert when it comes to the shipment of dangerous cargo. The Global Union team is absolutely elated with their achievement and we look forward to execute similar challenging projects in the future.”

Congratulations to Global Union Alliance Co. Ltd for their brilliant achievement!