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THAILAND – WORLDWIDE – Bangkok played host this year to the 4th annual meeting of the Conqueror Freight Network, a global alliance of freight forwarders which saw 113 member agents from 57 countries come together for a chance to meet and talk with an eye to developing business

freight forwarders
freight forwarders

With a combined turnover of over $2 billion and 19,000 employees the 2,500+ one to one meetings on offer gave ample opportunity to catch up with old associates whilst developing new friendships. Founder Antonio Torres commented:

“Our annual meeting is the most important element in our triad of tools for boosting the business volume of our members; the others being city-exclusivity, like the multinationals, and cooperation. We believe in promoting good communication and healthy financial relationships between members. Our [new] request tool will simplify the management and tracking of rate requests between members and the payment monitoring system will allow agents to add, view and edit details of open invoices.”

This last comment was in relation to Conqueror’s latest tools to assist members in their daily operations, an online quotation request tool and a payment monitoring system, both of which received favourable comments from visiting delegates. The atmosphere at the gathering was doubtless helped by the location for this year’s event, the five star Plaza Athenee hotel near Ploenchit BTS skytrain station.

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Freight forwarding network meeting celebrates further expansion- Handy Shipping Guide

best freight forwarder network
best freight forwarder network

MALAYSIA – WORLDWIDE – The third annual meeting of the Conqueror Freight Network in Kuala Lumpur earlier this month saw 117 members from 63 countries gather to celebrate the success of what has been called ‘the new kid on the block’ which now covers 214 cities in 105 countries by way of its audited partners. The network now boasts a combined annual turnover of $2.2 billion employing over 17,000 freight professionals who handle over a million shipments each year comprising 175.000 tons of airfreight cargo and 600,000 TEU of ocean borne cargo, which Conqueror says makes it a top ten player in the global market.

“With only 1 in every 10 applications passing our selection process, reaching such a milestone is not as easy as you may think. We have worked hard to find only the best agents for the network and removing any company found to be only taking shipments and not offering any. Marketing can be incredibly costly to independent companies and yet they cannot allow themselves to become stagnant in this area which is why we try to assist our members as much as we can. We want to give our agents the tools to compete in an ever competitive global market. Our third meeting has seen an increase of 31% in territories represented. I don’t think I need say anymore!”

In addition to the 2000 one to one meetings on offer, delegates at the recent event were treated to the latest phase in Conqueror’s strategy for helping its members better market themselves against the multinationals, which began last year with a personalised member brochure. This year saw the launch of a personalised member website, of which the designing costs will be completely absorbed by the network. Antonio Torres, Managing Director of the Conqueror Freight Network, commented:

“Co-operation is one important element in our triad of tools for boosting the business volume of our members; another is our city-exclusivity, like the multinationals, and the third and most important is our annual meeting. As you can see, members are making the most of their individual meetings as well as competing for each other’s attention away from them.

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Independent freight forwarders find network links with other logistics groups pays off: Handy Shipping Guide

freight forwarders networkTHAILAND – SRI LANKA – WORLDWIDE – Considering our recent piece regarding the way shipping and logistics conferences are returning to fashion with many in the freight community thoughts turn to the growth of industry networks which many freight forwarders in particular use to commence and develop trusted partnerships with counterparts overseas.

Most independent agents cannot possibly consider having offices anywhere but in the countries which form their principal markets and, as those are dependent upon the needs of each individual customer and can, quite literally, extend right across the globe, the need for an agent with at least a degree of recommendation is essential.

The network system, if properly supervised, can grant credibility to an agent who must adhere to sound principals or find themselves forsaken by their peers and effectively blacklisted. The same management can also act as arbiters in the case of a dispute and effectively act as a crucial hub for all its members. This month saw the second annual meeting for an embryonic network which claims to be the only one of its type as it is ‘city exclusive’.

One hundred and fifteen members of the Conqueror Network gathered in Bangkok between May 8-10 to hold hundreds of one to one meetings and see a new marketing strategy launched. With representatives hailing from over fifty countries the target for the group is to work co-operatively to serve customers globally and overcome client perceptions that independent forwarders are not equipped to provide a truly worldwide service. The latest campaign aims to assist members to self-promote using tools such as a brochure personalised for each member company.

As one delegate explained, ‘With the multinationals gaining ground daily, I can’t afford for my company to become stagnant. This brochure will aid our team in our promotion to potential clients.’ Conqueror’s Managing Director, Antonio Torres commented:

“Co-operation is one important element in our strategy for boosting the business volume of our members; another is our city-exclusivity, like the multinationals, and the third and most important is our annual meeting. Our second meeting has seen an increase of 33% in attendance, 25% in countries represented and 40% in one-to-one meetings available. The numbers speak for themselves.”

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Conqueror’s 1st Annual Meeting makes the news

Independent Freight and Logistics Operators Meet at First ‘Virtual Forwarders’ Conference

best freight forwarder network

THAILAND – WORLDWIDE – Freight and logistics is of course by definition the ultimate multinational business and as technology advances executives globally are becoming aware of the potential of international cooperation without the need for thousands of miles of air travel to formulate trade agreements. It was with this thought in mind that Antonio Torres first came up with the idea of what he calls a ‘Virtual Multinational’ paving the way for what he considers a new generation of networks which want to mobilize independent freight forwarders to work together as global ‘mega-forwarders.’