CQR Beijing exclusive service provider for Volkswagen Group Import Company (VGIC)

Volkswagen China, based in Beijing, has advised JCT (China) Co. Ltd. that they are the winner of their tender of after Sales Spare Parts Inbound Customs Declaration and Transportation.This contract is on an exclusive basis for 3 years and will include sea freight and air freight clearance in Beijing, and transportation from Tianjin seaports and Beijing airport to Volkswagen Parts Distribution Centre.

independent freight agent
independent freight agent
JCT China was the clear front-runner thanks to its decade of experience in the customs clearance of automotive after sales parts in Beijing and its service to Volkswagen China specifically for more than six years. This is what Volkswagen had to say about JCT, “Once again, we appreciate the efforts that your company has provided to meet the requirements of VW, and your provided solution both for process improvements and price optimizations, in this process, your company has proved its extensive knowledge and know-how in the requested service area.”
In addition to looking after Volkswagen, the team will also be handling their other brands including Lamborghini, Seat, Bentley and Skoda from now on.
Conqueror would like to congratulate CQR Beijing and invite all members with shipments in Beijing to get in touch with the team.
independent freight agent
independent freight agent

Jeff Zhang / Managing Director

CQR Beijing handles crankshaft for Benz

Recently, JCT (China) Co. Ltd was charged with the transportation of 5 oversize manufacturing lines of crankshafts for the high-end car manufacturer, Beijing Benz

Logistics Industry

Removing the packaging                                            Precise positioning in the workshop

The CQR Beijing team were responsible for moving the cargo from Tianjin seaport to the Benz factory as well as delivery to the Benz workshop. The crankshafts were moved in three shipments of 10 flat rack containers (Heaviest container 28.34 Ton 5.1m x 3.95m x 3.4m).


Logistics IndustryOver the past 18 years since its inception, JCT has deservedly acquired a reputation for precision planning and flawless execution in all its work, which is why the BIG names want to utilise their services. With a combination of shipments like this from companies like Benz and an excellent team, CQR Beijing is assured success for another 18 years.

We welcome all agents with shipments in Beijing to get in touch with the JCT team.