CQR Laem Chabang ships trucks from China to Thailand

CQR Laem Chabang was selected to handle the shipping and clearing of 50 trucks on 25 Bus Decks (collapsible flat-rack), from China to the port of Laem Chabang. The trucks arrived in Thailand on the sister line of MSK, MCC where they were met by the WICE Freight Services team.

logistics companiesCQR Laem Chabangtook care of every step of the shipping process from pick up at the terminal using their own vehicles, the unstuffing of the trucks from the Bus Decks, to delivery. They also ensured the shipment received special customs clearance, which was completed prior to docking much to the customer’s delight as, of course, it resulted in a speedier delivery.

Bus Deck dimensions: W 2.438m x L 12.192m x H 4.150m.

logistics companiesThe CQR Laem Chabang team have been experts in logistics services since WICE’s inception in 1993. They strive to meet their customer’s needs in all areas whilst at the same time providing the highest standards of service, and WICE’s handling of this shipment demonstrates this perfectly.

To find out more about CQR Laem Chabang, please contact their CQR operations team on Cqrteam@wice.co.th or visit www.wice.co.th

Conqueror’s agent in Istanbul given prestigious European ECO Performance Awards 2012

Ekol Logistics, one of the largest logistics firms in Turkey and Europe, has received the European Eco Performance Award 2012, which was presented at a ceremony in Hamburg, Germany in May

Eco Performance defines the effective integration of ecological, economic and social policies of a company and how these are realized in the sustainability of successful road transportation. The award is given to those who adapt their economic business model to their environmental conscience and responsibilities. This environmentally friendly business model is then put into working practice.

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Despite being up against some stiff competition, Ekol came out on top. Ekol’s CEO, Tayfun Öktem, expressed his delight. “This award confirms once again Ekol Logistics commitment to protect the environment. We are very pleased to see that our efforts have gone international. With these awards, we continually ask ourselves, “what more can we do”? And this motivates us to do better. In line with our slogan, ‘logistics for a better world,’ we will continue our work to protect the environment.”

Ekol began its operations in 1990 and right from the start set itself the target of becoming one of the sectors major brands in Turkey and Europe. Starting off as a shipment organization in international transport, Ekol has achieved an integrated structure offering third party integrated logistics services. With the know-how accumulated, its highly qualified staff and cutting edge technological practices, Ekol offers integrated logistics services and supply chain solutions to its domestic and foreign customers from many different industries.