No challenge too great for CQR Qingdao

CQR Qingdao, was chosen by GOLDWIND, the largest supplier of wind turbines, in China to ship 5 MW wind driven generator blade from China to Antwerp

In total the team shipped 25 pieces, each measuring 55.2m x 3.4m x 3.8m by road to the port and then stowed the customized steel frames on the BreakBulk WL Shipping vessel. Luckily, they clip together so this was the easier part of the process.

freight forwarder
freight forwarder

This shipment was not without its challenges as Director Hattie Huang explained. “There were many considerations to be though about before this shipment could even leave its origin. For example we had to ensure each piece was secured and that each vehicle could travel down roads with other road users.”

In fact, the drivers became experts at the ‘3-point turn’, or should that be 4-5 point turn! “Yes, at some turnings the corners were more than challenging, however we were not beaten and we got each blade to the port on time,” Hattie said. “Although, the port was not that happy as they didn’t want to handle the blades at night, nevertheless we soldiered on.”

After 48 hours of work, their hard work paid off and the blades sailed off to Antwerp. “Although these shipments are quite mentally and physically taxing, we are specialists in this and this is the 6th time GOLDWIND has requested us,” explained Hattie.

CQR Qingdao enjoys a change in weather

CQR Qingdao was chosen by LM Wind Power Co. Ltd to handle the shipping of 6 wind turbine blades from Tianjin to Alexandria in July 2012. This was not S.F. Systems first experience of such a shipment; they previously shipped 36 of these blades to Brake, Germany.

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CQR Qingdao was charged with the picking, loading, custom clearance and shipping of this order by break-bulk. In addition to the two shipments already made by S.F. Systems, they have been nominated for a further contract consisting of 54 blades to be shipped to Germany early next year.

The dimensions of each blade were as follows: 34.4m x 2.59m and each weighed 5,781Kg.

Logistics IndustryYou might think that concern about climate change would damage the freight forwarding industry, especially as initiatives such as ‘buy local’ and ‘reduce your carbon footprint’ become more popular. But it is clear that new shipping opportunities are opening up for the right forwarders in the renewable energy sector. With almost 15 years of experience and principles of responsibility, efficiency and conscientiousness at the centre of all operations, CQR Qingdao is certainly one of those.

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