CQR Taipei becomes AEO certified

Conqueror is pleased to announce that our member in Taipei has successfully passed and obtained the full AEO (Authorized Economic Operator) Certificate on 27th December 2013

In order to be awarded this internationally recognised certificate, companies must demonstrate that they operate in accordance with customs compliance, appropriate record keeping, solvency and security and safety standards.

Over the past year, CQR Taipei has successfully complied with all the Customs Authority inspections and audits including the required financial standing, application of suitable management and operational procedures as well as fruitful meetings with personnel and physical inspection of their operated depots and workplaces.

A number of benefits come with this accreditation:

– Easier admittance to customs simplifications
– Prior notification when, as a result of security and safety risk analysis, the consignment has been selected for further physical control.
– Reduced data set for entry and exit summary declarations.
– Fewer physical and document-based controls.
– Priority treatment of consignments if selected for control.
– Choice of the place of controls.
– Recognized as a secure and safe business partner.
– Improved relations with Customs.
– Improved relations and acknowledgement by other government authorities.

Conqueror would like to congratulate its member in Taipei on this achievement and invite all members with shipments in Taipei to get in touch with the team.

Conqueror partners with Transport Week, which will be held at Gdansk from the 6th to the 8th of March

This edition will be dedicated to the development of port infrastructure in Poland and Europe and the opportunities and challenges posed by the New Silk Road

Conqueror Freight Network partners with the Transport Week, a recognized transport exhibition that will take place on 6-8/3/2018 at the Baltic Philharmonic’s Congress Center in Gdansk, Poland.

This time the line-up includes representatives of the European Commission’s DG MOVE, ESPO, Deloitte, EBRD, Ports of Gdansk, Gdynia, Stockholm and Helsinki, Deepwater Container Terminal in Gdansk, Ocean Shipping Consultants and more.

The full agenda can be accessed here.

Evening networking activities include a sip of wine at the Old City Hall in Gdansk during the event’s evening reception and the evening cocktail & Baltic Trendsetters Club Award Ceremony hosted by the Olivia Business Center at the amazing Olivia Sky Club.

Participants will also get a chance to enjoy the wonders of Tri-City, one of the most unique and exciting metropolitan areas in Poland.

CQR members who are considering to participate in the conference can fill the registration form from this link: http://www.transportweek.eu/registration-form.html

For further information, do not hesitate to contact them:

Michal Hologa


Maersk expects carrier competition to narrow down to just three international companies

A lot of famous international shipping companies could disappear in the coming years

Since 2011, overcapacity is being viewed as the foremost obstacle being faced by quite a number of shipping companies, leaving Maersk along with a few other companies to be the uncontested industry leaders. Maersk even managed to survive the much talked about cyber-attack which hit the company back in June.

So far we have seen all the major ocean freight carriers copy the moves made by Maersk. This is precisely why when Maersk makes a statement, the industry should take it seriously. Maersk’s Chief Operating Officer, Mr. Soren Toft has been quoted to say: “We expect that within – I cannot give a timeframe on it – that you will see maybe a handful of shipping companies, a little bit similar to what you see in the courier express and parcel industry, where there’re really, you know, just three global companies…”

Other than Maersk some of the major carriers of our time include the Mediterranean Shipping Company, the CMA CGM Group, the China COSCO Shipping Corporation Limited and the Ocean Network Express. Its’ very difficult to predict which of these companies will make it to the final three, given that all of them are performing rather well. Though it is being said by experts of the industry that if such a thing were to become a reality then COSCO, Mediterranean Shipping Company and Maersk is going to make it to the top three.

Shrinking of carrier competition isn’t necessarily a good news for the freight forwarding industry and we sincerely hope to see at least 5 or 6 carriers dominating the market rather than just three international shipping companies.