Coqueror members will be awarded with a 5% rebate on subscription fees for their first year on xChange

Container xChange provides a neutral platform for container owners and users to collaborate easily and efficiently

Conqueror Freight Network has upgraded its partnership with xChange to provide the members an exclusive offer in the form of a rebate for the first year subscription.  Moreover, this upgrade will also enable members join different advantages to make the most of xChange services.

The aim of xChange is to provide a neutral platform for container owners and users to collaborate easily and efficiently. Additionally, it connects global container logistics to take the hassle out of owning and transporting container equipment.  As a Conqueror member, you will enjoy an exclusive member benefit receiving a 5% rebate on subscription fees for your first year on xChange. Use the referral code: CONQXC21 at onboarding to qualify.

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Container xChange helps you lease, buy and sell containers in more than 2500 locations worldwide. Currently, 600+ small to mid-size companies as well as large enterprises are using their neutral online platform. They are helping these companies to gain market transparency, avoid demurrage and detention charges, and increase their flexibility. They cover the entire transaction process, from finding new partners to managing payments and even tracking containers.

If you may need any further information about xChange, arrange a demo with their team or directly reach out their contact person Jedida Ravindran

Conqueror Beijing becomes a top player in the China-Europe rail freight services

Throughout 2020 they have moved a considerable volume of rail freight from China to several countries in the EU

JCT (China) Co. Ltd, Conqueror member in Beijing, China, is taking the lead in the China Europe rail freight service. All through the year, they have transported several shipments including PPE cargo from China to many European countries. Until now they have moved almost 100×40’ for EB service from Europe to China, and 120×40’ for WB from China to Europe.

logistics business partner
logistics business partner

They have shipped around 21x 40 containers for two lots of masks and protective gowns from China to Moscow, Russia. “The China-Europe rail service has allowed us to offer speedy and cost effective transportation solutions and in last year, our team has become veritable experts in railway transport services. The rail freight between China and Europe is quickly increasing and we still have lots of containers and waiting for space in the trains,”says Mr. Jeff Zhang, the Managing Director of JCT.

Congratulations to JCT for their new office and wishing them the very best for their future projects!

Conqueror Freight Network establishes a media partnership with Logistics Business

The first event of Logistics Business Exhibition will be held from 22nd – 25th February 2021, with a second week in September 2021

The Logistics Business is staging an international, virtual exhibition for the logistics and materials handling industry in 2021. The Logistics Business Exhibition provides a platform for interaction between logistics, IT, transport and supply chain services, warehousing and materials handling manufacturing industries. The exhibition virtual marketplace enables visitors to source products online, request specific quotations, meet exhibitors on video calls & chats, networking, downloading documents and more.

With no physical events taking place till at least May, Logistics Business Show will enable international buyers to source products and services via live video meetings, to request quotes, discuss projects and receive sales product information. 70+ exhibitors are anticipated to participate and several thousand visitors.

best freight forwarder network
best freight forwarder network

There will be 6 virtual halls: Forklift & AGV Technology, Handling Automation Systems, Packaging & Pallets, Software & Computing, Transport Services & Equipment, Warehousing Equipment. Visitors will be able to browse halls and search for specific requirements from a long list of sub-categories. Watch a demo guide here.

There will also be live-streamed Panel Discussions, moderated by our Editor, Paul Hamblin:
Distribution Centre Project Management; Supply Chain Software-as-a-service Thought Leadership; Loading Bay & Warehouse Safety, Automated & Robot Warehouse Vehicles; Packaging for eCommerce; Contract Logistics & Freight Management, Forklift Technology Innovations; Sortation & Conveying Suppliers’ Forum; Storage System Projects, Transport Management IT Platform Decisions; Wearable Devices and Data Capture in Logistics; Pallets & Containers for Green Supply Chains. Visitors will be able to watch them and ask live questions.

There’s also a Networking Lounge, Chat Room and Keynote Address. You can read more about the event here.


Email us or call +44 (0)1480 455660

First-ever Virtual Event held by Conqueror Freight Network yields a remarkable outcome

Other than the one-to-one meetings among network members, there was also an online presentation of all the new updates and features of Conqueror’s member-exclusive TMS FreightViewer

Conqueror Freight Network, the largest exclusive network in the world, has organized its First Virtual Meeting on 27th and 28th October 2020. More than 2500 videoconferences were running during these two days when over 75 freight forwarders from more than 50 countries met on the cloud to close deals,  obtain sales leads, and strengthen business relationships.

best freight forwarder network
best freight forwarder network

The cloud conference was conducted via an exclusive user-friendly videoconferencing platform created by the IT department of Conqueror, which allowed for a seamless videoconferencing experience. The Virtual Meeting began with a speech from Antonio Torres after which the members started with the one-to-one videoconferences with existing and future partners to deliberate on the prospects of collaboration in the future.

“This is my fourth virtual meeting this year and this is by far the best platform. Congratulations to the Conqueror team. It is really working perfectly and the event has been very well organized, with a support team that’s always willing to assist,” stated a Conqueror member from Portugal.

The Virtual Meeting was a one of a kind opportunity for the network members to assemble on one platform at one time to engage in constructive business discussions with fellow members with the purpose of securing a constant flow of new business opportunities. As stated by Antonio Torres, the President and Founder of Conqueror Freight Network, “In the light of the present circumstances we were not able to hold our in-person meeting at Doha and had to arrange for an online meeting that provided our members with a unique opportunity to establish long-term relationships and allowed us to keep them posted with the latest developments within the network. Being on the cloud, it also eliminated all the obstacles to participation, and enabled the members to engage in productive communications, strengthen their partnership ties and secure new businesses.”

The 2 days of the virtual conference also included an online workshop where the members were acquainted with all the latest updates to Conqueror’s member-exclusive quotation generating software –FreightViewer. With more than twenty years of experience in the logistics industry, Mr. Torres rightly points out that, “Our industry has gone through a veritable revolution and presently the most competent logistics companies have already implemented a digital strategy that enables real-time cargo tracking, transparent invoicing, automated quote generation and much more. This is exactly why independent freight forwarders need an online tool like FreightViewer at their disposal which will allow them to compete with the multinationals on a more equal footing.”

Conqueror’s 1st Virtual Meeting is all set to commence on the 27th of October

With our impeccable IT support, the online meeting will be the most effective way for members to increase their business volume in 2020

This year Conqueror’s Annual Meeting will go on the cloud because of the pandemic. Even though we will not be able to get together in person like we usually do, our networking must go on and this is precisely why we have organized Conqueror’s 1st Virtual Meeting to be held from 27th to 28th October 2020.

best freight forwarder network
best freight forwarder network

Coming together on one platform at one time will allow our delegates to carry on with their networking activities and talk one-to-one with their partners for increased prospects of collaboration in the coming months.  The virtual face-to-face meetings which will consist of the core of the event will allow for productive engagement among members without jeopardizing their safety. Agents will be able to attend up to 32 one-to-one videoconferences (each of 15 minutes duration) with previously chosen partners at a convenient meeting time.

Apart from the one-to-ones, members will also be provided with a live demonstration of all the new features and developments of our member-exclusive TMS -FreightViewer. Our user-friendly meeting platform will ensure an uninterrupted videoconferencing experience as per the agenda of the delegates. In a time when the global economy has been hard hit because of the pandemic and the ensuing lockdown, it is all the more important for the small and mid-sized entrepreneurs to collaborate and nurture their businesses.

“Since an in-person meeting is out of the question in 2020 our team has worked tirelessly to create an unparalleled networking experience in the virtual format. Our 1st ever online meeting will not only help the members to save time and expenses but also create a highly productive networking experience in the safest possible manner,” says Conqueror founder Antonio Torres.

Come online to promote your business, get new projects, and cultivate a better working relationship with your partners!

Interview with Dustin Brown, the Agent Coordinator of Conqueror Freight Network

“I have had the feeling that Conqueror is like a family, there is a very positive work environment both within the office and the network.”

best freight forwarder network
best freight forwarder network

Today we talk to Dustin Brown, who is the Agent Coordinator of Conqueror Freight Network. He is the person with whom members connect on a daily basis for all their queries and problems within the network. His work consists of helping our agents with any questions and issues relating to the network and ensuring that the work processes of our Agent Coordination Team are at the highest level.

Before joining Conqueror, Dustin worked for 4 years teaching English as a second language. He also spent many years working at the international administration department of a top US university. Through all this, he has developed a talent for public relations and communications.

Q. How has been your experience with the Conqueror team so far?

A. Working with my teammates at Conqueror has indeed been a good experience. I enjoy my work and I am learning many new things about our industry thanks to them. My task consists of helping all our members with any problem they might be facing, and I do my best to complete these tasks with the utmost care and precision. In all this time, I have had the feeling that Conqueror is like a family, there is a very positive work environment both within the office and the network.

Q. Which do you think are the best benefits of belonging Conqueror?

A. Firstly, Conqueror is the largest exclusive network in the world, covering more than 260 cities and 140 countries. Additionally, Conqueror accepts only one agent per city, so this agent is the only one responsible for the traffic from/to that territory. Secondly, Conqueror operates an extremely rigorous selection process, paying for each member’s financial analysis by the external auditor DUN & BRADSTREET, in order to guarantee that all our members are financially solvent. Thirdly, Conqueror’s Agent Finder Tool ensures that members operate within clearly defined areas with no overlap and no competition. Finally, our highly professional team is on hand to assist members in the best way possible both quickly and efficiently, whatever the issue.

Q. How can Conqueror’s referral programme help members save?

A. Conqueror members who refer another agent who in due course becomes a member of our network can benefit a lot from the CQR Referral Programme. Our members are always encouraged to refer their reliable peers in the industry to get a discount on their membership fees. In the first place, the member as the referring agent will be given a 25% discount on their upcoming membership fee. Additionally, when members refer more than one agent then they stand to receive up to 4 discounts (each of 25%) on their next annual membership fees which implies that they have the prospect of paying zero membership fees for the next year!

Q. Which are the most common points of disagreement between members and how do you resolve that?

A. The most common point of dispute between agents is more often than not linked to ‘who is supposed to pay the bank fees’. This has even resulted in heated discussions among members which could have been avoided. This is because the Conqueror’s Rules and Procedures which all the members are required to comply with clearly states that “All invoice payments will be made by bank transfer. All bank fees will be paid by the member ordering the transfer.” Keeping this in mind will help the members eschew such unpleasant arguments.

Q. Do you get complaints from agents regarding scam emails? How are you dealing with this problem?

A. Scam emails have become a pestering issue these days since we rely more and more on technology-enabled communications. I often get calls from members who tell me how they have received payment related emails from another so-called member where they were requested to make the payment to the new bank details provided. However, these emails are sent by scammers and not by Conqueror members. This is why members always need to double-check the bank details of their network partner who owe them payment by carrying on a direct phone conversation with them.

Q. Why do you think it is important for members to be active on social media?

A. In 2020 entrepreneurs cannot do without becoming a part of social media. It is social media that ensures that your services gain traction among the customers and therefore being active on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram is an absolute must. Moreover liking, commenting and sharing the posts of the network or your partners will increase your visibility and encourage others to do the same with your posts. Apart from that, being active on social media also helps you stay up to date with all the latest news from your peers within the industry.

Q. How is Conqueror’s new tool FreightViewer helping the members?

A. With FreightViewer, our agents will be able to deliver a professional and accurate quotation for their clients within less than a minute. This is one thing which is greatly going to enhance the customer service of our members. Since this software is compatible with all sorts of devices, our agents will now be able to send an instant online quotation to their clients no matter where they are working from. Customers from every corner of the world will be able to accept the quotation, book a shipment, or leave feedback.

CQR Munich and Stuttgart starts operating charter flights for the distribution of masks and PPE

They already moved 20 million masks with 7 charter flights from China in April and plans to operate 6 such flights in May

Emons Air & Sea GMBH, Conqueror member in Munich and Stuttgart, Germany, has started to charter flights for the movement of masks and PPEs.

Mr. Hans Bayer the Prokurist of Emons Air & Sea GMBH states “The tremendously rising demand for protective clothing and masks and the lack of regular flight traffic between China and Europe has prompted us to start operating charter flights”.

air freight services
air freight services

In total, Emons team has been able to move 1100 cbm and approximately 20 million masks, in just three weeks: “COVID19 has affected every one of us, privately and economically and extraordinary times require innovative solutions. In April we successfully operated 7 charter flights- 6 x B767 PAX, including on seat cabin load and one B777-200 PAX including cabin load, but with seats removed. That is why, we are very satisfied with the provided services and we expect it to increase more in the following months.” continues Mr Bayer.

air freight services
air freight services

In  May, they are planning to take their service to a next level and supply CQR partners with a well-established service for five additional flights. “We have excellent possibilities for on carriage with our Emons organisation, so if any of our members have any inquiries, we will be happy to assist them.” states Mr. Bayer.

Congratulations to Emons Air & Sea GMBH for coming up with such innovative solutions!

Conqueror’s 7th Annual Meeting News has been covered by American Journal of Transportation

We are delighted to announce that the news of our Annual Meeting in Kuala Lumpur has already been published in one of the top freight forwarding journals of our time!

best freight forwarder network
best freight forwarder network

Hit on the following link to read the full news as published on

Conqueror partners with Transport Week, which will be held at Gdansk from the 6th to the 8th of March

This edition will be dedicated to the development of port infrastructure in Poland and Europe and the opportunities and challenges posed by the New Silk Road

Conqueror Freight Network partners with the Transport Week, a recognized transport exhibition that will take place on 6-8/3/2018 at the Baltic Philharmonic’s Congress Center in Gdansk, Poland.

This time the line-up includes representatives of the European Commission’s DG MOVE, ESPO, Deloitte, EBRD, Ports of Gdansk, Gdynia, Stockholm and Helsinki, Deepwater Container Terminal in Gdansk, Ocean Shipping Consultants and more.

The full agenda can be accessed here.

international logistics service provider
international logistics service provider

Evening networking activities include a sip of wine at the Old City Hall in Gdansk during the event’s evening reception and the evening cocktail & Baltic Trendsetters Club Award Ceremony hosted by the Olivia Business Center at the amazing Olivia Sky Club.

Participants will also get a chance to enjoy the wonders of Tri-City, one of the most unique and exciting metropolitan areas in Poland.

CQR members who are considering to participate in the conference can fill the registration form from this link.

For further information, do not hesitate to contact them:

Michal Hologa

Conqueror Freight Network offers members free marketing services- 3PL News

logistics companies
logistics companies

Madrid, Spain – Conqueror Freight Network is pleased to announce the launch of the newest phase of its complimentary PR and Marketing Services. Conqueror Freight Network is offering its members professional, personalised marketing tools including, a website, brochure, video and PowerPoint presentation at no cost. “Marketing is costly to independent companies and yet they cannot allow themselves to become stagnant in this area which is why we assist our members as much as we can. We want to give our agents the tools to compete in an ever competitive global market,” explained Antonio Torres.

With a common design, colour and images, all of the tools created complement each other seamlessly. “The only way this service could benefit our members was if we offered a universal corporate identity across all the promotional materials, emphasised Mr Torres, “Yes, we could offer totally unique designs for each element, but we want the customers of our members to recognise the brand when they see it.”

The PR and Marketing Service was well-received by the 117 Conqueror members at the network’s 3rd annual meeting in Kuala Lumpur in May. “The internet was one area where, I must admit, our company had failed to create a real presence despite it being the most utilised search tool for potential clients, but now I will be able to without it breaking the bank,” said one satisfied delegate.

“With the multinationals gaining ground year on year, in my opinion, networks have a duty of care to their members to assist them in whatever way they can. It is not ok to just accept a membership fee and offer nothing in return except a list of contacts. We, the team behind Conqueror are continuously looking for new ways in which we can help increase members visibilit’y both within the network and worldwide,” said Antonio Torres.

To read the full press release, click here.