CQR Munich and Stuttgart starts operating charter flights for the distribution of masks and PPE

They already moved 20 million masks with 7 charter flights from China in April and plans to operate 6 such flights in May

Emons Air & Sea GMBH, Conqueror member in Munich and Stuttgart, Germany, has started to charter flights for the movement of masks and PPEs.

Mr. Hans Bayer the Prokurist of Emons Air & Sea GMBH states “The tremendously rising demand for protective clothing and masks and the lack of regular flight traffic between China and Europe has prompted us to start operating charter flights”.

In total, Emons team has been able to move 1100 cbm and approximately 20 million masks, in just three weeks: “COVID19 has affected every one of us, privately and economically and extraordinary times require innovative solutions. In April we successfully operated 7 charter flights- 6 x B767 PAX, including on seat cabin load and one B777-200 PAX including cabin load, but with seats removed. That is why, we are very satisfied with the provided services and we expect it to increase more in the following months.” continues Mr Bayer.

In  May, they are planning to take their service to a next level and supply CQR partners with a well-established service for five additional flights. “We have excellent possibilities for on carriage with our Emons organisation, so if any of our members have any inquiries, we will be happy to assist them.” states Mr. Bayer.

Congratulations to Emons Air & Sea GMBH for coming up with such innovative solutions!

3 decades at the top of their game

CQR Munich has positioned itself at the top of the freight forwarding market in their city over the last 30 years and is the go-to-forwarder for all the big names

One of its most recent shipments was a rail grinder from Munich to Thailand by air on behalf of Möser Maschinenbau, Rochlitz.

The Multi Logistics team took the rail grinder (on a pallet) by flat-bed trailer to the airport where it was then loaded onto 20ft PAL on a CARGOLUX plane for its final journey to Thailand where it arrived on time and in one piece.

CQR Munich organizes round-the-world trip

On the recommendation of one of their clients, CQR Munich was chosen by the plastics giant igus® to handle the planning of its 30th anniversary round the world trip

igus® has retrofitted a small car with iglidur® plastic components and sent it on a 10 month global expedition to demonstrate the high quality of its products. The CQR Munich team have been responsible for every aspect of the journey which is taking the car across four continents and three oceans; mile upon mile of tarmac, gravel, dirt and mud through rain, searing heat and snow.

“So far we are running to schedule, despite some schedule changes due to local vehicle registration problems in a few countries; we have had to register the car a few times to get local number plates, and the short transfer time of re-exporting the car currently in Brazil to Alaska. But, all in all this is a great project although I have to be reachable at all times,” explained Michael Lichtenegger of CQR Munich.

This tour has quite a following through its online blog and its facebook page which is certainly helping spread the name of Multi Logistics worldwide and increase its customer base.While for some companies this would be a once in a lifetime contract, for Multi Logistics, this is just one of a number of all-engrossing assignments, especially those for film, music and theatre projects.

Conqueror would like to congratulate the CQR Munich team!