Conqueror Freight Network celebrates its 10th Anniversary during its Second Virtual Meeting

During the event, Conqueror screened a commemorative video with some of the highlights of the network in the last 10 years

This year Conqueror Freight Network completed 10 years in the industry. Conqueror celebrated this special occasion during the 2nd Virtual Meeting, held on 29th and 30th November. Additionally, as a token of appreciation, a touching video with the highlights during the past decade was screened after the Speech by Antonio Torres, Conqueror’s President and Founder.

Conqueror's 2nd Annual Meeting of Independent freight forwarders
Conqueror Freight Network’s 10th Anniversary

Hit the above link to watch our 10th Anniversary Video

“I have been a member of Conqueror since 2011 and have seen it grow. The video played at the Event was very heart-warming. It made me remember all the good moments we have had at the Meetings, the friends we have met there and all the work and efforts we made along these years”, says one of the Conqueror members.

Conqueror was launched back in 2011 as an exclusive network for freight forwarders. Since then, it has been helping independent freight forwarders to effectively compete against the largest multinationals of this sector. The network started its operations with 47 cities in 33 countries. Presently it has more than 260 members across 137 countries, becoming the largest exclusive international freight forwarders network.

To quote Antonio Torres, “We have come a long way since the foundation of our network. All these years, we have grown together, expanded our business, established long-term relationships, being present in 10 editions of Virtual and Annual Meetings. Since the very first moment, there has been a fantastic personal and professional relationship among all Conqueror members. This is why I would like to thank all of them for their trust throughout these years, and even more in these difficult moments”.

“Conqueror’s Annual Meetings have helped members to get together for enhanced networking and better prospects of project exchanges. Our 1st Annual Meeting at Phuket in 2012 gave the members the first insight into the immense potential of this network. This is why there couldn’t have been a better time to celebrate our 10th Anniversary with our members than the Second Virtual Meeting,” continues Antonio Torres.

Conqueror's 2nd Virtual Meeting of independent freight forwarders
Conqueror’s 2nd Virtual Meeting


Conqueror’s custom-made meeting platform allowed each delegate to schedule a maximum of 28 videoconferences with their international logistics partners. Members got to schedule a total of 1680 videoconferences. Additionally, this year, the participants got the option of accessing a chat room with up to 5 random partners. The friendly chitchats further fostered the connections among network members.

The delegates also attended the FreightViewer workshops held during the online conference. Andrea Martin, Conqueror’s FreightViewer coordinator showcased the several utilities of Conqueror’s member-exclusive TMS.

“One of the Conqueror’s biggest achievements in the last ten years is the creation of our own digital freight quote generation platform. We are the first international network with global coverage to launch instant quoting ability for our members, through FreightViewer. We always strive for more and better services, in order to provide members with the most innovative and unique benefits. Apart from FreightViewer, every year we increase the wide range of logistics and marketing services we offer our members,” adds Mr. Torres.


Conqueror’s 2nd Virtual Meeting is all set to start on Monday

The virtual meeting is your once in a year opportunity to increase the outreach of your company right from the comfort of your home or work station

Conqueror’s 2nd Virtual Meeting is all set to take place on the 29th and 30th November on our bespoke meeting platform. The cloud conference will bring together network members from over 50 territories on one platform for increasing the number of concerted projects within the network.

The online one-to-one videoconferences that constitutes the core of the event will result in productive communication among the delegates. During the time of the pandemic, this is the only way to do the groundwork for several collaborative projects in the coming months. Members will get to conduct as many as 28 one-to-one videoconferences with previously chosen partners. Make sure to carefully check your time zone before starting with the conference.

Conqueror's 2nd Virtual Meeting of independent freight forwarders
Conqueror’s 2nd Virtual Meeting


Apart from the one-to-one meetings, you will also get to take part in the FreightViewer workshops to be conducted by our FreightViewer Coordinator Andea Martin. Additionally, there is also the opportunity for informal chat sessions with your network partners during the coffee breaks.

Our tailor-made conferencing platform will ensure a seamless videoconferencing experience as per your agenda. In a time when this industry is reeling under the effect of container crisis, space shortage, stiff competition, and rising prices, it is crucial for the small and mid-sized entrepreneurs to collaborate and nurture their businesses. So make sure to prepare for the one-to-ones and do not forget to do a little research about the partners you’re about to meet. Preparing a soft copy of your company brochure will help you showcase the accomplishments of your company. Lastly, ensure that your laptop, mic, and internet are in perfect working order. Make your company stand out from the rest!

Hope you have a highly productive online conference!


The 3’rd edition of this year’s Conqueror quarterly newsletter

Conqueror’s Autumn Newsletter contains useful tips for our upcoming meeting, news from the members, the sector and much more

Conqueror’s Newsletter for September 2021 is now published and available for viewing on the website. The Virtual Meeting page of the newsletter includes a bunch of useful tips on meeting preparation and conferencing etiquette. Like always our member news section will update you with the latest undertakings of your network partners. In this edition, you’ll find the news about your partners from Cape Town, Hangzhou, Madrid, Ashdod, Nouakchott, Qingdao, and Odessa.

Conqueror's September newsletter
Conqueror’s Newsletter for September 2021

Click on the above image to read the newsletter

Additionally, there is also an interview with the Sales Manager of BlueX Trade who talks about the digital trends in our sector. The blog on Decarbonization of Maritime Shipping will definitely be a riveting one. Our Logistics News in focus is about the drone delivery of vaccines carried out by UPS. Moreover, there is also a compilation of interesting news bits from the sector.

Lastly, you will find all the regular sections like a list of public holidays, members’ birthdays, and endorsed exhibitions. If you want to feature the news of your company in our next newsletter then don’t forget to write to us!

Conqueror’s interview with BlueX Trade- one of the most innovative logistics tech companies

Andrea Martin, from Conqueror’s FreightViewer department, talks to Wilson Huang, BlueX’s Senior Sales Manager, about the latest digitization trends in the transportation and logistics industry

Conqueror Freight Network has been encouraging its members to embrace digitization ever since day one. To this end, they have made available a wide range of online tools and platforms within FreightViewer, their free and exclusive transport management software. Conqueror members can avail these platforms to digitize several aspects of their businesses. The transportation and logistics industry is going through a transition phase. Ever since the pandemic, this industry is witnessing a transformation that is somewhat disruptive. For this reason, independent freight forwarders and carriers are now trying to make use of digital solutions provided by companies like BlueX.

→ Click on the image below to listen to the full interview

Conqueror's Interview with BlueX
Conqueror’s Interview with BlueX

BlueX is coming up with innovative logistics tech platforms that make ocean cargo service easier and more accessible for the shippers, forwarders and carriers. Simply put, they are doing this by connecting the service providers and the customers on one single platform.

BlueX interacts directly with the carriers to create a fresh business model aimed at maximizing the revenue of the shippers. In this interview Wilson Huang and Andrea Martin discusses the way in which this industry is transforming to become more focused on efficiency and customer service. In addition, they also touch upon the way in which the pandemic has accelerated the digital transformation.

Mr. Huang thinks that this sector has started embracing technology since the last three years. However, the process soon became imperative to survive the stiff industry competition. In the last two years this industry has seen a major change in terms of new technologies. For example, eight out of the top ten carriers have created their own freight rate quotation platform. Maersk started this over a decade ago by launching their online booking platform Maersk Spot Booking. Presently, 52% of their cargo are being booked on this online platform.

Wilson Huang who has experience both as a carrier and as a forwarder is in a perfect position to analyze the current scenario and present a valuable opinion. According to him, digitization is not longer the future of this industry…it is happening at the very moment. So long, it were the carriers who pioneered the process of digitization. However, the scenario is fast changing as several freight forwarders are using technologies to optimize their workflow. Flexport- a freight forwarding and customs brokerage company has clearly demonstrated how digitization is meeting the modern needs of forwarders. Lastly, the pandemic has provided a further push to the digital endeavours of the transportation and logistics industry. The digital trend is finally being transformed from a vision to the reality.