xChange doubles the discount offered to Conqueror members thanks to the enhancement of their partnership

The updated agreement will provide agents with a 10% discount on xChange subscriptions, enabling them to save up to 1000 USD. In addition, Conqueror members will have access to exclusive industry reports and insights. Also, they will be offered a discounted pass to annual Digital Container Summit and other xChange events

The aim of xChange is to provide with a neutral platform for container owners and users to collaborate easily and efficiently. The platform enables users to find new partners and manage end-to-end container logistics operations; including services like payment handling, trading buyer protection, container tracking premium and wallet management. Members will gain greater market transparency, avoid demurrage and detention charges and enhance operational flexibility.

Conqueror Members
Conqueror Members

Hamburg based company Container xChange connects industry players and brings members on one simple and efficient infrastructure to help them digitize their container logistic operations. Conqueror members will be able to join more than 1000 companies such as Kuehne+Nagel, Seaco, Sogese, Ocean Box, VMR Lines and Sarjak in revolutionizing their container sourcing method.

Conqueror Members
Conqueror Members

Claim your member benefit when joining xChange by using the referral code: CONQXC to receive a 10% discount upon sign up. If you would like to get to know more about xChange check the below interactive product tour.

Conqueror Members
Conqueror Members

For further information, feel free to reach out to our contact person Jedida Ravindran

FreightViewer: From an idea to a revolutionary freight quotation software

The freight forwarding industry is transforming steadily. Big Data, IoT, AI, Cloud Computing, TMS, are some of the digital trends that have serious consequences for this sector with regards to customer service, cost control, speed, and resilience. In this background logistics 4.0 has become crucial for independent freight forwarders looking forward to positioning themselves successfully in the industry.

Today we are publishing a special report on the beginnings of FreightViewer with valuable insights from Mr. Manual Cardona, the IT Manager of Conqueror Freight Network and the Developer of FreightViewer.

How an idea led to FreightViewer

Four years ago, Antonio Torres, President and Founder of Conqueror Freight Network, realized the importance of Logistics 4.0. He took into consideration the up and coming technologies that were setting new standards in the transportation and logistics industry. Technological innovation started allowing players in this industry to boost efficiency, reduce expenses, and explore new business opportunities.

Many forwarders used phone and computers to manually enter the same info into several IT systems. As pointed out by Conqueror’s IT Manager Manuel Cardona, “The logistics industry had been stuck many years in outdated customer interfaces, and age old manual processes. However, everything was changing very quickly. We noticed that freight forwarders were running the risk of getting overburdened with inefficient asset utilization, and declining response time that ultimately eroded their customer base. This motivated Antonio Torres to find a way to allow Conqueror members to take the first digital stride. This was when he got in touch with me.”

Manuel Cardona
Manuel Cardona, IT Manager

Nevertheless, digitization is not just a matter of adjusting the freight forwarders’ business to the new market using ground-breaking technology. Digitization also entails the creation of a foolproof digital strategy that is sustainable in the long run. This process necessitates thorough preparation and constant engagement with clients so as to make an informed decision and invest in the right tools.

That is why it took two years of hard work and substantial private investments, for Conqueror to launch its member-exclusive Transport Management Software, FreightViewer. “It was a very exciting moment. We were doing something that was going to make history. We were offering 260 members the capability to compare competitive freight rates, immediately receive an instant quote , book online, organize and share shipping documents effortlessly and track shipment in real time all neatly organized in one place”, continues Manuel Cardona.

How FreightViewer has become a revolutionary quotation software

A TMS or Transport Management Software is a platform capable of managing and optimizing regular logistics operations. The greatest advantage of TMS is that it processes most of the shipping operations within a unique channel. In an industry where promptness is crucial, a TMS can make regular logistical operations way more efficient.

Manuel Cardona is of opinion that TMS will play a vital role in the process of digitization. Its major advantage is the simplification of tasks in a very complex business. Additionally, it improves your response time and enhances customer experience. Most importantly, it reduces costs, saves time, cuts down the steps involved in the operations, and improves security and visibility.

The evolution of FreightViewer

“Of course, once FreightViewer was launched there was a lot of work to be done. First of all, many members have been helping in the updates, changes and new features implemented in the software to make it more practical, more easy-to-use and adapt it to its work reality. Then, we had to explain members how to use it, its benefits, its upgrades… All was done thanks to Conqueror’s FreightViewer Coordinator, Andrea Martin, who has been key in the development and update of the software, as well as in the teaching and presentations process.”

FreightViewer, is a freight rate management software that not only helps with instant quote generation but also offers a host of advantages. Moreover, every year Conqueror’s IT team adds significant updates to this software thereby immensely increasing its capacity as a powerful digital tool to help with the day-to-day office chores of members.

As Mr. Cardona points out – Conqueror is constantly partnering with companies to improve the usability of this software. Conqueror aims to integrate the main co-loader’s buying tariffs on a global scale into FreightViewer. Our agreement with SHIPCO allows us to offer their LCL buying rates online through FreightViewer. Additionally, Conqueror is presently negotiating the same with Webcargonet which will enable us to upload and update more than 14 million buying airfreight rates to FreightViewer. Furthermore, we have a partnership with Onus Cargo Services, an insurance broker offering rates from different insurance companies. Therefore Conqueror members can insure their cargo directly through FreightViewer. Moreover, we are working on the process of reaching competitive insurance rates for Conqueror members.

A look at the contemporary digital freight forwarders

Eight out of the top ten carriers have created their own instant quoting platform.  This proceed started in 2008 when Maersk launched Maersk Spot Booking, their online booking platform. Currently, fifty-two percent of Maersk spot cargo are booked on their online platform.

In the last couple of years digital freight forwarders like Freighthub, Flexport and Freightos came into the picture. This only shows the importance more than ever to become a digital freight forwarder to stay ahead of the competition. According to a Freightos report just 25% of the world’s top 20 logistics companies are providing LCL online quotes. It takes customers a minimum of two days to receive a freight quotation.  This implies that there is a dire lack of transparency in operations.

“This is the reason why we have been working hard on FreightViewer- a platform with upgraded capabilities, adapted to the freight forwarders realities and with an insuperable benefit over other software. Unlike the rest, Conqueror is a network which boasts of 260 members in 135 countries around the world. This implies we can have rates from almost every corner of the world.” adds Mr. Cardona.

The importance of a change of mentality in the digital transformation in this sector

Even after all the digitization efforts in this for from companies like Flexport or Freightos funded by millions of dollars or top logistics multinationals such as Twill or KN Freightnet, a large percentage of freight forwarders continue to miss out in the race of digitization. To quote Mr. Cardona, “One of the preconditions of digitization is considerable investments in an IT team and training of your employees. However, small and mid-sized companies don’t always have the necessary resources to keep pace with the needs of the hour. This is why Conqueror provides the agents with a very useful digital platform that allows them to initiate this process of digital transformation without investing a dime.”
FreightViewer will allow Conqueror members to be at the cutting edge of technology

The first and foremost thing that independent freight forwarders need to do is boost the level of client engagement. For example, tools like Conqueror’s TMS FreightViewer will provide you with the required capacity to meet your customers’ expectations. The technological impact on the freight forwarding industry in the last few years has been considerable. Most of the top players in this sector are investing in enhancing their services by implementing a well-rounded digital strategy.

FreightViewer allows forwarders to effectively manage rates, put together personalized quotations, and send them instantly or save them in PDF. They can also follow up with their clients and customize their websites. Mr. Cardona sums up, “This intuitive platform not only helps with instant quote generation but also allows for better customer service and helps with customer retention. Moreover, every year Conqueror’s IT team adds significant updates to this platform thereby immensely increasing its capacity as a powerful digital tool to help members with their everyday office chores.”

FreightViewer’s new tool announcement has been covered in several logistics webzines

The implementation of Shipco LCL rates in FreightViewer is an important step in the development of the member-exlusive transport management software.

FreightViewer Department has almost concluded one of the several projects programmed in order to upgrade the fuctionality of the system. Including this new feature in FreightViewer is in the line of Conqueror’s commitment to approach a digital strategy, provide end-to-end logistics solutions and enable members to be on pair with main competitors in the industry. The event has been covered by Actualidad Maritma y Portuaria, Veinte Pies, MLC-ITS and DC Velocity.

digital transformation
digital transformation

American Journal of Transportation: is dedicated to providing shippers, carriers, transportation intermediaries, and logistics professionals with coverage of news and events that shape the world of international trade and transportation.

The Logistics News: is a digital diary that published contents and news from all over the world in English and Turkish.

Container News: is a shipping and maritime news portal specialized in liner shipping and its container applications.

Hellenic Shipping news Worldwide is an Online Daily Newspaper on Hellenic and International Shipping Leaders in global shipping news for over 10 years Hellenic Shipping News Worldwide.

Veinte Pies is a renowned Spanish language digital magazine serving the informational needs of professionals in the logistics and supply chain industry. It provides a comprehensive coverage of all supply chain related topics.

To find out more about their coverage of our Virtual Meeting just click on the above links.

“FreightViewer is different than other online marketplaces. We are proud to work with Conqueror in this project”

After establishing the partnership with Shipco, FreightViewer Department interviewed Morten Bach- Global Chief Commercial Officer at Shipco Transport- to analyse the current situation and the upcoming digital changes in logistics.

Speed in quoting is essential in a market where the difference between one quote or the other has become minimum. This means that, in some cases, who quotes the faster will have the shipment. This is one of the reasons why it’s so important to develop tools such as FreightViewer, states Mr. Morten Bach. He also adds that technology has disrupted in logistics and everything is happening amazingly fast, changing the landscape of logistics.

Mr. Bach also adds that the speed of the market is one of the other big changes in logistics, this is forcing traditional freight forwarders to change their way of thinking. They need to find the strategy to send shipments from A to B as fast as possible, achieve faster information sharing or better order management. And this can be done using different gateways than the traditional.

Under his point of view, it’s important to become global, reaching key partners and the right technology. Being part of a network, which offers a tool such as FreightViewer, means that small-medium companies will be able to become global, being much more competitive and, with the help of technology, being able to handle much more tasks along the process, optimizing their resources. Mr. Morten says: “With the pandemic the digitization process has been accelerated and those companies who didn’t have a great technology strategy have got caught by the new world-wide situation, not being able to serve their clients in the same way or the way they should”

Mr. Morten Bach pointed out the importance of visibility in logistics in order to take control over all shipments. According to his words “it’s essential to provide several options for a shipment to the client, if you don’t give various options to them, they will go somewhere else. Clients need what they need and if you don’t offer it, they will try another option”

To finalize, Mr. Morten states that, currently, there are two different sectors in logistics. Those that refuse to use digital services and those that only use digital resources. This means that we need to develop two different customer strategies, providing service to both groups, but never forgetting that digital trends will be extremely helpful in both strategies.

You are able to find Shipco rates directly through your FreightViewer  profile accesing to your members area profile and personalize these adding your own profit margin. Please contact martin@conquerornetwork.com to obtain further information.

Conqueror’s June Newsletter has been published and it is now available for viewing on our website

We are happy to announce that the summer edition of Conqueror’s 2020 newsletters has been published and can be viewed and downloaded from the website.

It starts with a page with all the information about our First Virtual Meeting, which will be held from 27th to 28th October, following which there’s the news articles and interviews about the achievements of the network members along with important news and headlines from the logistics industry.

There’s also a page dedicated to Conqueror’s new updates: the creation of a new blog and the announcement of a new customizable online brochure for members.

Go through the Refer and Earn page where we have listed all the perks of the Conqueror’s Referral Programme. So if you know of an eligible candidate in any of the territories in need of coverage, make sure to tell your peers about all the advantages of being a Conqueror member!

Since many freight forwarders are working from home at this time, it can also be found a post with useful tips to enhance work from home productivity. 

Lastly, if you want to get the news about your company featured in our upcoming newsletter, then just write to us about your recent accomplishments!

Hope you enjoy reading!


Conqueror Cairo delivers a sensitive and high-value shipment

MGL Cargo Services was in charge of all port and custom related formalities, and port handling in Alexandria

MGL Cargo Services, the Conqueror member in Cairo, Egypt has recently moved a highly sensitive and high-value shipment to a special security site in the Desert Road of Alexandria. The most sensitive and valuable piece of cargo which weighed 24,000 Kg was moved in a 1x 40’ roll-trailer. A generator weighing 15,200 kg and a chiller weighing 6,200 kg were loaded onto 2 x 40’ FR, OH and 2 buffer tanks weighing 1,200 kg each were loaded in one 40’ flat rack container.

international logistics service provider
international logistics service provider

The trucks in which the cargo was moved were equipped with GPS and live tracking facilities and throughout the journey, the cargo was closely attended by Special Armed forces. “The entire volume of the shipment was accommodated on 3 low bed + 2 trailers while arrangements were made for special lashing and security belts were provided. Our team was in charge of port handling in Alexandria, truck transport up to the site, all related port and customs formalities and supervision of the process of unloading and installation on the site of delivery.” says Mr. Marc Gharabawi, the Executive Director of MGL Cargo Services.

Congratulations to MGL Cargo Services for the impeccable handling of this sensitive cargo!

Conqueror member in Kandla receives the Shipping Times’ “Young Logistics Professional of the Year” Award

The award ceremony was held on Wednesday, 3rd of July, at the ITC Grand Chola in Chennai, India

APG Logistics Pvt. Ltd, the Conqueror member in Kandla, India, gets an award from the Shipping Times in the “Young Logistics Professional of the Year” category. The award ceremony which was held on 3rd of July at the 11th South East CEO Conclave, took place at the ITC Grand Chola in Chennai, India.

international shipping
international shipping

Mr. Rajesh Kannan from APG Logistics was present at the ceremony along with a few dedicated employees who have been with the company through thick and thin. They thanked their customers who believed in APG and gave them continuous business which motivated them to work harder to provide the very best services in their capacity.

In the words of Mr. Modi, the Chief Coordinator of APG Logistics, “I would like to thank the Shipping Times and its jury panels, for granting us this prestigious award. Well, this is a very proud moment as it took us 11 years to reach this platform. I would especially like to thank our customers, and business partners without whose support and trust this achievement would never have been possible. “

Congratulations to APG Logistics for receiving this prestigious award!

CQR agent in Hangzhou encourages all members to use FreightViewer in order to develop good and quality business between agents

After the launch of Conqueror’s exclusive Transport Management Software, FreightViewer Department has been receiving plenty of applications from our members to test the software and suggest its improvements. Bruce Li, General Manager of Domax Logistics, our CQR member in Hangzhou, has recently visited our office in order to get an in-depth knowledge of FreightViewer and contribute to its improvement.

Bruce states: “FreightViewer is different from other online rates tools, as it is a member-exclusive privilege […] members are able to share their costs with each other, we are able to have rates and local information, working as a global forwarder” In addition, Bruce Li, offered different suggestions to be implemented within the tool such as specific policy regulation for FreightViewer

Following our member’s statements, we are sure FreightViewer will enable all members of Conqueror to work in a different and more efficient way. The more users, the more useful  the Software will become.

FreightViewer Department will be happy to assist you if you may need any assistance with the use of FreightViewer or would like to know more about the system, contact amartin@conquerornetwork.com, we will be happy to assist you.

Conqueror takes a major step towards the digitization of the freight forwarding sector by creating FreightViewer

Madrid, Spain October 2019: After two years of hard work and substantial private investments, Conqueror with agents in 265 cities and 142 countries is all set to start working with its member-exclusive Transport Management Software, FreightViewer. This software will provide the members of Conqueror the technological capability to compare competitive online freight rates, share shipping documents,and quote instantly in real-time all in one neatly organized platform.

Freight forwarding sector is aware about the need of digitization in the industry. The best example to show this fact, is the great investment of technological companies such as Flexport, Freightos or other pioneer freight forwarding multinationals, e.g. Twill and KN Freightnet, have done during the last few years. But even, after all these investments and efforts, a considerable percentage of freight forwarders continue to miss out on the digitalization race in the freight industry.

Even though it is not an easy task to become digitalize within this industry, highly demanding and inpatient customers, multinationals and globalization, are some of the factors which are forcing an important transformation in logistics sector. Inside this environment, Conqueror has developed FreightViewer, revolutionizing the old ways of working. As a member-exclusive and free Transport Management Software, FreightViewer allows members of the network to automatize the uploading of their contract rates (Air, FCL, LCL and Cargo Insurance) through the online platform and share them with agents or customers instantly. Moreover, FreightViewer on the dashboard allows customers and agents to manage bookings for any carrier online, collaborate and share the shipping documents, and offer real-time status updates for shipments.

As stated by Antonio Torres, the CEO and President of Conqueror, “The new tool is going to help freight forwarders within our network cope with the problem of ever-changing freight rates due to complex tariffs, various time zones and unresponsive overseas agents, which eventually leads to a delay in quoting a door-to-door service.”

FreightViewer will ensure that all members will become truly digital freight forwarders. Mr. Torres further added that “Digitization of the freight forwarding sector is starting but very slowly. For example, only three of the top twenty global freight forwarders can provide an instant quotes online. We feel very proud to be part of the digitization process in our industry. Conqueror is the first international freight forwarding network to launch instant quoting ability for its members. We have come up with FreightViewer after the launch of the operating system by the industry leader Flexport, who has received one billion $ investment, has eleven offices in four countries and is currently receiving all the attention world-wide from media related to the industry as it is growing incredibly. We haven’t a received a billion-dollar investment, but we have developed a state-of-art software and we have a huge worldwide infrastructure formed by our members. This makes us one of the biggest players running in the digital race of the logistics sector. Our main aim is to contribute towards actualizing the process of digitization in this sector and thereby create value for the shippers.”

FreightViewer will definitely alter the way independent freight forwarders conduct their businesses. It will not just reduce the quotation processing time from a number of days to a couple of seconds, but also help to enhance the productivity, client engagement, and profitability of the member companies.

Conqueror Cairo handles a project cargo consisting of a new production line for one of their partners

The cargo which was loaded from Hamburg, Germany, was shipped all the way to Alexandria, Egypt

MGL Cargo Services, Conqueror member in Cairo, Egypt, has recently handled a project cargo for a new production line from Hamburg to Alexandria. In order to deliver this project cargo, they used x40’ HC DC + 2 x 40’ flat racks out of gauge. They made use of special low bed trucks for transporting the flat racks and used cranes and forklifts to discharge the shipment at the destination.

logistics business partner
logistics business partner

The cargo reached the destination intact and on time, thanks to the expertise and teamwork of MGL Cargo. As stated by Mr. Wassim Magdy of MGL Cargo Services, “We were in charge of each and every aspect of the shipment including documentation, customs clearance, and transportations. The project was not an easy one and we had to make route survey to find the best and safest route from Alexandria to the point of discharge at the 10th of Ramadan Industrial Zone where the cargo was unloaded,” 

Congratulations to MGL Cargo Services for a job well done!