The news about Conqueror’s 10th Annual Meeting gets published in 10 websites

The 10th edition of Conqueror’s Annual Meeting which was held in Bali, Indonesia, was attended by over 120 international logistics leaders

Conqueror’s 10th Annual Meeting, held from April 21st to 23rd brought together more than 120 international freight forwarders to discuss global logistics trends, challenges, growth opportunities, and technological advancements. The meeting, hosted at the Intercontinental Bali Resort in Bali, Indonesia, facilitated networking and expansion opportunities for their companies. To commemorate the 10th edition of Conqueror’s in-person conference, the network honored longstanding members who have played pivotal roles since its inception, contributing significantly to its growth and success.

The news about the success of Conqueror’s 10th Annual Meeting has been published in 10 websites.

Conqueror's 10th Annual Meeting
Conqueror’s 10th Annual Meeting

Forwarder Magazine

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Diario de Transporte is an independent, rigorous, and diverse online platform dedicated to the transportation and logistics sector. In their magazine, they deliver objective and balanced news and information from the industry by actively listening to and sharing insights from all parties involved.

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Market Watch

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Todologistica is a comprehensive platform that connects businesses in the logistics and supply chain industry with potential clients and partners. Through tools like the “Logistics and Foreign Trade Guide,” “Protagonist Magazine,” “Protagonist Encounter,” “UHUB,” “TodologisticaNEWS,” etc. this site offers effective ways to promote companies and foster meaningful connections within the industry.

DC Haulage

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Finanznachrichten is a leading German financial news website that offers comprehensive and up-to-date information on the financial markets. It provides real-time news, analysis, and data on stocks, bonds, commodities, and global markets.

The 10th edition of Conqueror’s Annual Meeting is all set to take place in Bali, Indonesia, in April 2024

Conqueror members are going to get together for the 10th time to forge enduring connections with reliable logistics partners around the world

Conqueror's 10th Annual Meeting - freight forwarders conference
Conqueror’s 10th Annual Meeting at Bali


Conqueror Freight Network’s 10th Annual Meeting will take place from 21st to 23rd April 2024 in Bali, Indonesia, at the Intercontinental Bali Resort Hotel. The meeting is a unique opportunity for Conqueror agents to promote their company and secure new businesses by connecting with freight forwarders from over 140 countries. It will highlight the bottom line of the business of the delegates and allow them to make the most of your membership.

The freight forwarders conference will kick off with a Welcome Cocktail Reception on the first day of the event. This will allow the delegates to warm up with their partners before starting the serious business discussions on the following day. During the conference, each participant can engage in up to 32 one-to-one meetings with their pre-selected network partners. These one-to-one meetings, which serve as the cornerstone of the conference’s business activities, play a vital role in promoting networking and collaboration among the participating delegates.

“For more than a decade, Conqueror’s in-person meetings have been allowing our agents to thrive, connect and collaborate while unlocking new business horizons. Moreover, we have put in a lot of effort to make sure that the members get to make the best of our yearly conferences. This one-of-a-kind yearly event will act as a powerful sourcing hub for our members to create long-term partnerships with trustworthy freight forwarders worldwide,” says Antonio Torres, the President and Founder of Conqueror Freight Network.

Moreover, face-to-face communication will help to bring a sense of community within the network. It will enable all the agents to socialize and interact which in turn lays the foundation for trust and a better working relationship. Some of the other highlights of the event include a corporate group tour, a welcome cocktail reception, and a dinner party. These social activities will contribute to achieving a perfect balance between business and leisure throughout the conference.

More information about the meeting will soon be published on Conqueror’s Annual Meeting page.


More than 100 members from Conqueror Freight Network meet at Qatar after 3 years

Conqueror’s 9th Annual Meeting brought together freight forwarders from more than 50 countries to Doha who got the chance to mingle and network with their logistics partners and bag new business opportunities

Conqueror Freight Network’s 9th Annual Meeting, which took place in Doha, Qatar, from 6th to 8th February 2023, has successfully concluded. The in-person freight forwarders conference that took place after a three years break because of the pandemic, allowed the network members to carry on constructive business discussions and do the groundwork for lucrative concerted projects.

“In the last three years, Conqueror has grown considerably and we have retained our position as the largest exclusive logistics network in the globe. Conqueror’s 9th Annual Meeting allowed us to promote a sense of trust and bonding within our network, which will surely boost the collaborative endeavours of our members. Most importantly, the meeting thoroughly satisfied our members who are sure to return to their respective cities with plenty of new business prospects in hand,” says Mr. Antonio Torres, Founder, and CEO of Conqueror Freight Network.

Conqueror's 9th Annual Meeting
Conqueror’s 9th Annual Meeting-freight forwarding network


On the occasion of this meeting, Conqueror created a new web app that allowed the delegates to constantly stay updated with the meeting agenda. On logging in this application the delegates could access every meeting information and check all the required information about the everyday agenda of the meeting that greatly helped the agents.

Conqueror members gathered at the Intercontinental Hotel, Doha, for three days of back-to-back networking. The event started with a desert safari to the outskirts of Doha which allowed the delegates to strike the right chord with their future business partners before the commencement of the conference. The delegates participated in almost 3000 one-to-one meetings with their chosen partners to make way for collaborative business endeavours. The Gala Dinner party was yet another meeting highlight where the members had a fantastic time over food, drinks, and live music while strengthening the bonding with their partners.

As stated by one of the attending members, “It was a very well-organized and fruitful conference. I wish everyone a good and safe journey back to their respective countries. I hope our fellow members will continue to support us and I wish everyone a great and successful 2023.”


Conqueror’s 9th Annual Meeting is all set to take place in Doha, Qatar, from 6th- 8th February 2023

Conqueror’s in-person meeting that will take place after a two years hiatus will offer a unique chance for 243 agents to come together for networking and set the scene for numerous business opportunities

Conqueror Freight Network’s 9th Annual Meeting will take place at the Intercontinental Hotel in Doha from 6th to 8th February 2023. After two years of Virtual Meetings because of the pandemic, Conqueror is once again gearing up to organize an in-person meeting at the Intercontinental Hotel in Doha, Qatar, in February 2023.

Conqueror Freight Network
Conqueror’s 9th Annual Meeting


The meeting will start with a Welcome Cocktail Reception which will allow the delegates to warm up with their fellow members before commencing the serious business talks on the following day. Each Conqueror member will be able to take part in up to 32 one-to-one meetings with their network partners. These face-to-face meetings which form the core business activity of the conference go a long way in fostering networking among the participating delegates.

As stated by Antonio Torres the President and Founder of Conqueror Freight Network, “The three days at Doha will provide our members with a networking platform and allow them to forge lasting relationships with their partners which in turn will make the way for many new collaborative projects.”

On the second evening of the conference, delegates will also get to indulge in a bit of leisure during the Gala Dinner Party where all the attendees will be feasting at one of the finest restaurants in the city. Additionally, this year’s conference will include an optional corporate group tour with the delegates and their spouses. This day trip will not only afford the opportunity to explore the marvels of the Qatari landscape but will also provide a perfect balance between business and leisure. This is an excellent chance to help members break the ice among themselves and get acquainted with each other under less formal circumstances.

Registration for Conqueror’s 9th Annual Meeting is now open. Visit our Annual Meeting page for further details about the conference.