CQR Porto has grown by over 30% in 2017

The exponential growth of CQR Porto is largely due to the mutual cooperation within Conqueror Network and their top-notch customer service

MGC Transitarios LDA, a company with almost 27 years of experience in the market, has grown by more than 30% in the last year. This has been a considerable achievement for the company and they are rewarding their entire team by sharing 25% of the company’s profit with their staff. Although this is something they do every year, it is even more special now since this is the best year they’ve had since their very foundation.

In the words of Gonçalo Ribeiro, Sales Manager of MGC Transitarios, “The growth has been the result of two main factors- first and foremost is our close relationship with all our clients. We provide personalized support for every customer which is one of the major reasons why we are still growing even after almost 3 decades in the market. The second factor is undoubtedly Conqueror Network which has given us reliable partners everywhere and allowed us to go door-to-door in every corner of the globe.”

Mr. Gonçalo Ribeiro has further added that “We want to maintain the same numbers this year and grow again in 2019 for which I am counting on the help within the CQR Network. I will attend the Annual Meeting at Kuala Lumpur this year and I intend to develop strategies with other Conqueror members in order to promote our mutual growth.”

The Conqueror team is delighted with the news and we wish them the very best for their future projects!

Conqueror collaboration- a network in action

This week we would like to bring you the special news of two Conqueror partners working together to form a “multinational” beating tender.

best freight forwarder network
best freight forwarder network

CQR Porto member MGC Transitarios, Lda recently won a project of 117.541kgs of air cargo from Portugal to Saudi Arabia. The load required 8 full trucks from Porto to Amsterdam and 3 cargo aircrafts to load all pieces involved (102 in total, some of them were 2.56m high!). The complexity of the project was such that the final route was Porto-Amsterdam-Luxemburg-Dammam-Jeddah.

When CQR Porto started negotiating this project they found that Portuguese air companies were not offering competitive prices. So, they contacted CQR Amsterdam, AMLH BV H.O.D.N. AIRFRIGO, to find a competitive solution outside of Portugal. Together they managed to negotiate and secure the best rates for the project, beating several multinational companies that were also interested in such large and complex shipment.

The negotiations with the shipper (the biggest technological company in Portugal) were hard; taking over a week to get available space and to convince the client that they were the right partners for the job.

Great team work!