CQR Porto moves 12 tons of medical equipment from Pudong, China, to Caracas, Venezuela

The shipment is part of a Chinese governmental project to help Venezuela with medical assistance

MGC Transitarios LDA, the Conqueror member in Porto, Portugal, took care of a complex medical shipment from China to Venezuela. This challenging shipment was done in phases and the first phase consisted of chartering airplanes from Pudong to Caracas (CCS).

international logistics
international logistics

As the cargo’s volume was too high and the charters couldn’t fly it at once, other solutions in Europe were looked for. Finally, MGC managed to find a feasible solution – transit the shipment to Lisbon and then fly it to CCS with TAP Air Portugal. “Thanks to the meticulous planning of our airfreight department, the shipment was successfully moved in a few phases.” says Gonçalo Ribeiro of MGC Transitários.

The most challenging aspect of this shipment was the limited cargo space in each flight. Mr. Ribeiro further adds, “I imagine the desired route was via the USA. However, due to the economic sanctions of the US government, there were no available solutions as there aren’t too many airlines flying to Caracas, not even in Europe. We were ambitious enough to use Lisbon as an international hub and we were able to make use of all the space required to carry the shipment. Although other solutions were also considered, such as Air Europa via Madrid or Air France via Paris, our solution via Lisbon was the most feasible one since it allowed us to move a large number of pallets.”

Congratulations to MGC Transitarios for carrying out this project successfully!

Conqueror Porto won a project to ship electrical substations to 3 sites in Rwanda for distributing electricity to the remote areas of the country

This project is part of the government’s plan to bring electrical energy to 70% of Rwanda’s households by 2018

MGC Transitarios, the CQR member in Porto, Portugal, is in charge of the shipments of electrical substations to 3 sites in Rwanda. “The shipments in Rwanda are seriously challenging. The containers will go to Tanzania and from there we have to cross the entire country before entering Rwanda. The roads are not exactly great and for this project the Government and the consignee are improving the accesses, build bridges, roads, and so on as part of the plan,” says Gonçalo Ribeiro, Sales Manager of MGC Transitarios.

international logistics
international logistics

The items to be shipped consist of nearly 200 containers. Besides that, MGC will also have to ship out of gauge equipment and some break bulk pieces. Three of the transformers consist of 740 x 295 x 410 cm, weighing 81,000 kg. The other three have a dimension of 635 x 270 x 330 cm, weighing 46,000 kg. 

Gonçalo Ribeiro further adds, “Currently only 25% of Rwanda’s households have power. Of course, like all companies, we are here to make money but it is even better if you can make money and in the process help 6 million people that are still struggling due to lack of electricity.”

Congratulations to MGC Transitarios for successfully carrying out this project and wishing them the very best for the future!

CQR Porto has grown by over 30% in 2017

The exponential growth of CQR Porto is largely due to the mutual cooperation within Conqueror Network and their top-notch customer service

MGC Transitarios LDA, a company with almost 27 years of experience in the market, has grown by more than 30% in the last year. This has been a considerable achievement for the company and they are rewarding their entire team by sharing 25% of the company’s profit with their staff. Although this is something they do every year, it is even more special now since this is the best year they’ve had since their very foundation.

In the words of Gonçalo Ribeiro, Sales Manager of MGC Transitarios, “The growth has been the result of two main factors- first and foremost is our close relationship with all our clients. We provide personalized support for every customer which is one of the major reasons why we are still growing even after almost 3 decades in the market. The second factor is undoubtedly Conqueror Network which has given us reliable partners everywhere and allowed us to go door-to-door in every corner of the globe.”

Mr. Gonçalo Ribeiro has further added that “We want to maintain the same numbers this year and grow again in 2019 for which I am counting on the help within the CQR Network. I will attend the Annual Meeting at Kuala Lumpur this year and I intend to develop strategies with other Conqueror members in order to promote our mutual growth.”

The Conqueror team is delighted with the news and we wish them the very best for their future projects!