Conqueror Manama moves a high-value project cargo with a net freight rate of $620,000

The shipment which consisted of more than 87 containers was transported from the USA to Bahrain

Takhlees Shipping Agencies, Conqueror member in Manama, Bahrain, recently handled a special project shipment with over 87 containers which had a net cargo worth of $620,000. CQR Manama was in charge of various processes including all related packing and stuffing services. Because of the sheer size of this shipment, the process of loading at the port proved to be a demanding job.

“The shipment was moved with the help of 20 dry containers and one of the most challenging aspects of this project was to find a suitable vessel. This special project from the government has been a crucial shipment for us and will surely attract other important projects,” says Mr Abdulelah Alarabi, CEO of Takhlees Shipping Agencies.

Congratulations to Conqueror Manama and wishing them the very best for their future endeavours!

Conqueror Cairo safely delivers an out of gauge DDP shipment to the grounds of the client’s factory

The cargo consisted of a new production line meant for manufacturing in the agricultural sector

MGL Cargo Services, Conqueror member in Cairo, Egypt, has recently moved an out of gauge cargo consisting of a new production line for agricultural manufacturing. The OOG shipment was moved in 2 x 40 flat rack containers and 1 x 40 high cube container. “Loading and unloading a cargo of this size was definitely a considerable challenge which  was easily surpassed by our skilled and experienced workforce. Moreover, placing each machine in its right place required much care and attention on our part,” says Mr. Wassim Magdy, the Managing Director of MGL Cargo Services.

CQR Cairo took care of many vital aspects of shipping as obtaining documentation, LC monitoring, company issuance, customs clearance at Alexandria Port, on-carriage to the factory site, loading/unloading, and more. Mr. Magdy further states, “The pandemic situation also posed a few obstacles regardless of which all the operations were concluded impeccably. The credit goes to our dedicated employees who have been working tirelessly even in the hardest of times.”

Congratulations to MGL Cargo Services for a job well executed!

Conqueror Manama relocated to a new bedecked office space earlier this year

The new office of Takhlees Shipping Agencies comes with a spectacular view of the ocean

Takhlees Shipping Agencies, Conqueror member in Manama, Bahrain, shifted to a brand new, well equipped office space in a beautiful location. “We believe that creativity and efficiency are largely dependent on the quality of the workspace and a nice office environment can have a positive impact on the output, and wellbeing of the employees. We were on the lookout for a new building for quite some time so as to provide our employees with a better and more comfortable working space.” says Mr Abdulelah Alarabi, CEO of Takhlees Shipping Agencies.

As one of the largest forwarders of the country with over a decade of experience, Takhlees firmly believes that the office space shapes the company culture and they think that a pleasant work environment fosters creative solutions that are very important in this industry. “The new office atmosphere is very relaxing and the magnificent ocean view keeps our staff motivated and happy.” adds Mr. Alarabi.

Congratulations to Takhlees Shipping Agencies and all the best for their future projects!

CQR Bangkok confronts the global pandemic by sending out over 600 tons of PPE

In the last few months, they have moved over 120,000 boxes of cargo to Europe, North America and several Asian countries

Trans Air Cargo, Conqueror member in Bangkok, Thailand, has transported more than 120,000 boxes of PPE totalling over 600 tons. The shipments were mostly consigned to UK, several countries in the EU, USA, and some Asian destinations. According to Mr. Keree Chaichanavong, the Managing Director of Trans Air Cargo, “Presently there is a high demand for nitrile gloves, facial masks and medical supplies shipment. Thailand being one of the key rubber producers in the world, we are trying our best to get these items delivered to countries where it is most required.”

They are closely working with the airlines and utilizing the cabin load on the passenger aircrafts in addition to the regular cargo space whenever possible in order to serve the demands of their customers. To this end, they have teamed up with several carriers including AF, KLM, Finnair, Swiss Air, Lufthansa, Qatar Airways and Singapore Airlines.

It has been a difficult time as we are all facing the COVID-19 pandemic situation for the last few months. The available capacity is very limited on almost all the carriers while the rates are skyrocketing and flight schedules are unstable and mostly at short notice. I appreciate the perseverance of our entire team which has managed to get this important job done almost seamlessly.” adds Mr. Chaichanavong. Presently CQR Bangkok is working on another 3 flights with PPE shipments to UK.

Congratulations to Trans Air Cargo and all the best for their future endeavours!