Conqueror Panama City moves 30 ambulances with a net weight of 93,000 kg

They moved this cargo from Osaka, Japan, all the way to Manzanillo, Panama, via ocean freight

Panama Soluciones Logisticas INT, Conqueror member in Panama City, Panama, recently transported 30 ambulances from Osaka, Japan, to Manzanillo, Panama. This shipment had a volume of 593 cubic meters and a total weight of 93,000 Kg. They were in charge of transportation and customs clearance of the cargo. Moreover, they had to make the delivery within a very short time.

Conqueror Panama City
Conqueror Panama City moves 30 ambulances


As stated by Luis Carlos Bustamante, the Manager of Panama Soluciones Logisticas, “Moving a shipment of 30 ambulance type vehicles was a demanding project that required meticulous planning and attention to detail. Nevertheless, with 20 years of experience in providing all kinds of logistics solutions to customers worldwide, our team was perfectly equipped to execute this project flawlessly.”

Congratulations to Panama Soluciones Logisticas and all the best for their upcoming projects!

CQR Bangkok confronts the global pandemic by sending out over 600 tons of PPE

In the last few months, they have moved over 120,000 boxes of cargo to Europe, North America and several Asian countries

Trans Air Cargo, Conqueror member in Bangkok, Thailand, has transported more than 120,000 boxes of PPE totalling over 600 tons. The shipments were mostly consigned to UK, several countries in the EU, USA, and some Asian destinations. According to Mr. Keree Chaichanavong, the Managing Director of Trans Air Cargo, “Presently there is a high demand for nitrile gloves, facial masks and medical supplies shipment. Thailand being one of the key rubber producers in the world, we are trying our best to get these items delivered to countries where it is most required.”

independent freight agent
independent freight agent

They are closely working with the airlines and utilizing the cabin load on the passenger aircrafts in addition to the regular cargo space whenever possible in order to serve the demands of their customers. To this end, they have teamed up with several carriers including AF, KLM, Finnair, Swiss Air, Lufthansa, Qatar Airways and Singapore Airlines.

independent freight agent
independent freight agent

It has been a difficult time as we are all facing the COVID-19 pandemic situation for the last few months. The available capacity is very limited on almost all the carriers while the rates are skyrocketing and flight schedules are unstable and mostly at short notice. I appreciate the perseverance of our entire team which has managed to get this important job done almost seamlessly.” adds Mr. Chaichanavong. Presently CQR Bangkok is working on another 3 flights with PPE shipments to UK.

Congratulations to Trans Air Cargo and all the best for their future endeavours!

Conqueror Cairo handles a project cargo consisting of a new production line for one of their partners

The cargo which was loaded from Hamburg, Germany, was shipped all the way to Alexandria, Egypt

MGL Cargo Services, Conqueror member in Cairo, Egypt, has recently handled a project cargo for a new production line from Hamburg to Alexandria. In order to deliver this project cargo, they used x40’ HC DC + 2 x 40’ flat racks out of gauge. They made use of special low bed trucks for transporting the flat racks and used cranes and forklifts to discharge the shipment at the destination.

logistics business partner
logistics business partner

The cargo reached the destination intact and on time, thanks to the expertise and teamwork of MGL Cargo. As stated by Mr. Wassim Magdy of MGL Cargo Services, “We were in charge of each and every aspect of the shipment including documentation, customs clearance, and transportations. The project was not an easy one and we had to make route survey to find the best and safest route from Alexandria to the point of discharge at the 10th of Ramadan Industrial Zone where the cargo was unloaded,” 

Congratulations to MGL Cargo Services for a job well done!

Conqueror Esbjerg transports a heavy cargo from Esbjerg, Denmark, to Aarhus, with Panama as the end destination

Jutlandia Terminal A/S was also in charge of lashing and securing the transportation of the cargo

Some weeks back, Jutlandia Terminal A/S, our member in Esbjerg, Denmark, was responsible for the complete process of coordinating the transport, loading, lashing and securing of a heavy cargo. Their logistic department operated for this specific job as a one-point-of-contact, which handled the proper coordination between the various departments. The “one-point-of-contact” service offered by CQR Esbjerg, has allowed them to simplify the process for their customers, who now only have one person to contact regardless of the nature of the services.

“Jutlandia arranged the pick-up of the cargo from their customer’s site in Esbjerg and had it delivered to Jutlandia’s terminal at Europakaj in Esbjerg. Due to the special dimensions of the cargo, it had to be reloaded onto a flat, suitable for transporting this cargo, which did not fit a standard solution,” says Maiken Spangsberg Thygesen, Logistics Coordinator of Jutlandia.

After the loading, Jutlandia’s terminal workers lashed and secured the cargo to the flat and made it ready for sea freight. The cargo was then transported to Aarhus, with Panama as the end destination. Ms. Thygesen further adds, “I would like to thank all my team members for the successful accomplishment of yet another important project.”

Conqueror congratulates Jutlandia Terminal A/S for handling the project successfully!

Conqueror member in Pune and Bangalore transports an oversized column of a boiler

The cargo which was shipped from Baroda was moved all the way to Antwerp

Atlas Shipping Services Pvt Limited, our member in Pune and Bangalore, India, has recently handled a cargo consisting of a huge boiler column which was 30 meters in length. The top-notch team work of Atlas Shipping made possible the successful delivery of this complex shipment. The cargo which weighed around 52 MT was loaded at the Mundra Port with the help of a long boom crane. On reaching the destination, the cargo was delivered with the use of a 4 axel semi propelled trailer.

international shipping
international shipping

“Moving this enormous cargo during the rainy season was indeed a challenge especially because of the length of the shipment and the terrible condition of the roads. We were required to navigate through small villages which could only be done at night. Our team put forth a great effort and do a hard work,” said Sushil Gupta, Chairman and Managing Director of Atlas Shipping.

Congratulations to Atlas Shipping on successfully completing this project!

Conqueror Forwarder Network to Operate Like Multinational

Madrid, Spain, Sept.15 – A new high-level freight forwarders network will operate as a “virtual multinational”, with obligatory cooperation among members, a single worldwide brand, exclusive territories, and other advantages now enjoyed only by the biggest players.

Starting today, applications are being accepted to join the Conqueror Freight Network, in which carefully selected members will work with each other on at least 50% of their shipments and follow other rules to maximize the benefits of “disciplined cooperation”, enabling them to compete against the largest forwarding group.

“The idea is to mobilize the top rank of independents to work together as another ‘mega-forwarder’, while keeping their independence”, explains Antonio Torres, a freight forwarding veteran and mastermind of the Madrid-based Conqueror network. “But this calls for high admissions standards and for intelligent, monitored cooperation among our members”.

Each Conqueror agent will operate as a “virtual branch office” in one of 564 cities in 175 countries, receiving freehands, routed cargo, and sales leads from the other members. Like the multinationals, they will also benefit from global coverage, a payment-protected environment, collective negotiation with carriers, and internal discipline.

“Globalization has brought a steady increase in market share for a handful of multinational forwarders at the expense of even the best local firms”, Torres says, citing a Transport Intelligence study showing that in 2008 just ten companies accounted for 42% of the global freight forwarding market. “The mega-forwarders have followed their customers, opening branches everywhere, while the independents have watched helplessly from the sidelines. But our members will be able to bid for the biggest contracts.”

Torres, who has managed both small and multi-branch independents and held key positions in multinational forwarder groups, believes that independents face a “cooperate or die” situation in today’s market. He finds a parallel between Conqueror and Spain’s world champion soccer team: “It was give-and-take cooperation that gave Spain the advantage in this summer’s World Cup, and not just the quality of the individual players.”

The Conqueror brand is to be promoted worldwide as an attractive new alternative for shippers, who will no longer have to choose between the personalized service of the strongest local independent agents and the global reach and lower prices of a multinational forwarding group.

Applicants must undergo audits and supply proofs of solvency, strength, and good reputation. But those chosen will pay no membership fee for the first six months. “This will be a probationary period for both sides,” explains Torres. “We have to be certain that every member is able and willing to add value to the brand, and bring business to the network.”

“We’re assuming that most qualified freight forwarders will want to join, since they risk nothing, and the rewards –more volume, worldwide scope, efficiency, prestige– will be enormous. They keep their independence while participating in a global enterprise alongside the best agencies in the business, each one in its own exclusive territory. And there are other features –including valuable business tools– to help our members grow, and to reduce expenses and risks,” Torres says. “They’re the best, and they deserve the best!”