CQR Chengdu starts weekly rail service to Europe

Their regular rail console service was launched in August 2016 and marked a year of running.

Conqueror member in Chengdu, has recently started a weekly rail service from China to Warsaw (Poland), Hamburg (Germany), Rotterdam (Holland) and Budapest (Hungary).

Utilizing Chinese government’s infrastructure for the New Silk Road, Air Sea Transport Inc. has launched its professional railway services. The “New Silk Road” was announced in 2013 to facilitate overland and maritime trade between China, Europe, Middle East and Central Asia. As a result,  there are many different routes already established.

Adding to those, Air Sea Transport Inc. has started weekly rail routes from China to Poland, Germany, Holland, Hungary or Czech Republic, among other European cities. To achieve this, they can use any service to deliver the cargo like the truck, rail, barge, air etc.


Rail proves to be more advantageous over sea and air in many ways. Although air is faster, it is quite expensive and sea freight takes too long. This is especially true for all cargos between northern mainland China and Poland, Baltic area, East Europe, etc.

Rail comes across as the perfect solution which is not too expensive and also doesn’t take too long. Air Sea Transport Inc. also doesn’t take any local charges in Europe for their rail console unlike as for sea freight LCL which can turn out to be quite complicated and expensive. This helps save the customer from overcharge, etc. Not just that, for ease of customers, they can provide combination cargo services which is a mix of rail-air services and the freight is much lower than sea-air services.

However, as for all operations and logistics, there are many other factors to be considered for rail services as well like rail terminals being away from warehouses, lack of experienced resources, etc. The best thing about Air Sea Transport rail services are that since they have been established for the past 5 years, they have gained considerable edge and experience in handling all these matters efficiently.

Conqueror Freight Network convened in Abu Dhabi

A record number of agents from the world’s only truly exclusive network Conqueror Freight Network convened in Abu Dhabi to renew, rekindle and build strong business partnerships

Delegates representing 141 cities across 70 countries made their way to Abu Dhabi for the 5th Annual Conqueror Meeting. “These meetings are vital to both the success of each member as well as the network as a whole,” said Conqueror Managing Director, Antonio Torres.

“Success in the freight forwarding business is in part down to who you know. If agents aren’t meeting partners regularly and building lasting cooperative relationships, a company should expect to be in dire straits in just a few years,” he continued.

“My business it too important to place its fate in a company that I barely know anything about. A website and a few phone calls and emails can only tell me so much. Only by meeting face to face can I have a true sense of an agent’s character and modus operandi,” said one delegate.

It is clear that delegates have found the 5th Annual Conqueror Meeting worthwhile as over 1900 one to one meetings were booked by delegates ahead of the event and every moment in between is being taken up with unscheduled spontaneous business opportunities.

Another delegate had this to say, “This is my annual opportunity to promote our business on an international platform with agents all under one roof at one time. I can’t afford to sit back and relax; every moment, every conversation is an opportunity. We all understand that we can’t beat the multinationals alone; it is a cooperative effort that will enable us to ‘Conqueror the world.”

“Although it’s 5 years since our first meeting, the enthusiasm and commitment of our agents hasn’t dwindled. They return again and again with the same focus and determination as that of our first get together,” explained Mr Torres.

“As well as auditing all applicants prior to entry, we also require agents to have a cooperative spirit. I believe it is this commitment which ensures the success of the network as members meet and work with companies who are as committed as themselves,” said Antonio Torres.
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Interview with CQR Venice

Stante, which operates as CQR Venice, is one of the ‘big’ players in the international forwarding and logistics market and since its inception it has continually grown year on year; now employing in excess of 150 people. Recently we sat down with Managing Director Riccardo Stocco to find out more about the company and the secret to its longevity.

Q. Could you tell us a little about Stante’s history and when you joined the company?

A. The business was founded almost 40 years ago by Robert Stante and it has stayed in the family with the next generation following in his footsteps. The Venice office opened a decade ago and I became involved 5 years later.

Q. What sets Stante apart from other Freight Forwarders?

A. Great customer service! At Stante we believe in being clear about exactly what that entails, so we came up with a 3 pronged customer service ‘value system’.

1. Constant improvements and innovation in the services we offer.

2.Constant quality control monitoring of internal and external systems.

3. Listening to the needs of our customers in order to build lasting relationships with them.

Q. How are these values translated into every day operations at the company?

A. I could give many examples so let me explain one which is more recent. It is the opening of a new ID office where we will implement new software and technology that will then be offered to our customers.

Q. As well as offering your clients ‘every-day’ forwarding services, does Stante specialise in handling certain shipments and what would be your most memorable?

A. We offer 360 degree services and solutions along with legal assistance and customs services in import and export. We readily handle shipments which require special equipment to load them and those which are oversize. Probably the most memorable was a break bulk shipment of 3500 ton, 4500 m3 from the North of Italy to Azerbaijan (via Mersin Port – Turkey). Although the actual goods didn’t have the ‘wow’ factor, the size certainly did!

Q. Stante has been a member of Conqueror since 2011 and has just renewed its membership for the coming year. Why did you choose to join Conqueror as opposed to other networks and what benefits does being part of this global network bring to your company?

A. The exclusivity was definitely an attraction as it has given us the opportunity to be on a level playing field with our competitors. Furthermore with a limited number of agents, we can strike the right balance between competition and opportunity, and the development of lasting relationships.

It is clear that with such a well-established position in the industry and customers at the core of all operations, Stante can only go from strength to strength.

We welcome all members requiring assistance with shipments in Venice, Italy to get in touch with the Stante team.

Mr.Riccardo Stocco

Managing Director: info.vicenza@stante.it


A Tremendous Feat for CQR Cairo

In June 2012 CQR Cairo was chosen to transport a shipment of petroleum equipment from Egypt to Houston in the United States. What makes this story more interesting is that a decade earlier the MGL team had shipped the exact same cargo to the US as a brand new piece of equipment. It fell back into their hands this year, in a slightly older state, to be shipped back to the US on an Air France Freighter after some renovations were carried out in Egypt.
The dimensions of this cargo were as follows 200cm x 200cm x 230 cm, weight 4300 kg.
Marc Gharabawi, MGL’s Director, told CQR Head Office that, “Despite the competition for this kind of shipment, we have created strong relationships with most airlines meaning that MGL is the popular choice as a subcontractor for petroleum companies in Cairo.”

To find out more about CQR Cairo, contact Marc Gharabawi on marc@mglcargo-eg.com or click here.

Wine and spirits are the order of the day for CQR Hong Kong

Conqueror is pleased to announce that CQR Hong Kong, The Janel Group of Hong Kong Limited, has once again been appointed as the official forwarder for the Hong Kong International Wine and Spirit Fair 2012 being held between November 8th and 10th, 2012

CQR Hong Kong was the clear choice for this role due to its expertise and years in the wine industry. As well as the run of the mill logistics services, The Janel Group offers its clients specialized wine related services; including the storage of wine in temperature controlled warehouses.

This wine and spirits fair is the largest of its kind in Asia. Of their role at the fair Managing Director Paul Tsiu said, “We will be providing a duty exemption program for exhibitors on spirits which have an alcohol content of over 30%. In addition we will be running logistics services and support to them at all times.”
The Hong Kong Trader publication has also picked up on the abilities of the Janel Group to handle wines and spirits. To read the article, click here.
To find out more about CQR Hong Kong, email Paul Tsiu on paultsiu@janelgroup.com.hk or click here.

1st CQR Annual Meeting: 60+ delegates already registered!!!

Time is flying and the much-awaited 1st CQR Annual Meeting is just around the corner!

60+ delegates have already registered! We are certain that you would like to meet them face-to-face as much as they would love to know you personally. So make sure that you register on time and don’t miss out on this opportunity!!

This CQR Annual Meeting is based on our winning formula for successful business initiatives – business mixed with authentic pleasure. And what better place to experience this but in the tropical paradise of Phuket!

We promise you plenty of new friends and business mates, joyful memories and of course, sales leads to follow up on upon return back home!

Sign up today to guarantee your place in this gathering!

Looking forward to seeing you in Phuket!

1st Conqueror Annual Meeting scheduled

We are delighted to announce the 1st CONQUEROR ANNUAL MEETING which will be held at JW Marriott Phuket Resort & Spa in Phuket (Thailand) on 23rd – 25th May 2012.

This event will be a great opportunity for all CQR members to build stronger business relationships with each other, discuss industrial trends, and of course, celebrate our network’s success!

For additional information, please click here.

We look forward to meeting you all!

Conqueror in Verslo Zinios, March 2011

UAB “Balthana” ir The Conqueror Freight Network – naujos galimybės krovinių ekspedijavimo pasaulyje

(09-03-2011).- Klaipedos imone UAB “Balthana” jau daugiau nei 10 metu dirbanti kroviniu ekspedijavimo srityje �iais metais tapo The Conqueror Freight Network (CQR/FN) nare ir pirmaja Lietuvos atstove �iame tinkle. CQR/FN – ekspeditoriu tinklas pradejo veikti 2011-01-01 su 55 nariais i� viso pasaulio. �iuo metu CQR/FN nariai yra i� 55 miestu, 37 �aliu, kuriu bendras darbuotoju skaicius vir�ija 5880, o kroviniu srautai sudaro vir� 250000 kroviniu per metus.

UAB “Balthana” kaip ir visi CQR/FN nariai buvo atrinkti grie�tai ivertinus ju finansini stabiluma, reputacija, kompetencija, verslo galimybes ir patirti. Tai dar karta patvirtina, kad esame patikimi ir dirbame atsakingai bei kokybi�kai, turime igije klientu ir ve�eju pasitikejima. Planuojama, kad per ateinancius dvejus metus CQR/FN nariu skaicius bus – 564, tai yra, kad i� tiek, pasaulyje esanciuose pagrindiniuose juru ir oro uostuose isikurusiu ekspediciniu imoniu , bus atrinktos tik po viena – geriausia ir patikimiausia CQR/FN atstova.

CQR/FN siekia suteikti klientams i� viso pasaulio galimybe rinktis tarp �ymius vardus turincias dideles ekspedicines imones , kuriancias kroviniu ekspedijavimo rinkos taisykles ir kainas, bei tarp visame pasaulyje isikurusiu nepriklausomu imoniu, sudaranciu �i tarptautini tinkla, kuris gales pasiulyti kvalifikuotas kroviniu ekspedijavimo paslaugas palankesnemis kainomis, nepamir�tant kokybes. UAB “Balthana” turedama tokius CQR/FN partnerius, praples teikiamu paslaugu spektra – bus galima gabenti krovinius ivairesniais mar�rutais ir geresnemis salygomis, nei siulo konkurentai.

D�iaugiames ir did�iuojames, kad tapome CQR/FN nariais, atitikome auk�tus reikalavimus, bei ir toliau stengsimes savo esamiems ir busimiems klientams teikti auk�ciausio lygio kroviniu ekspedijavimo paslaugas, kaip to reikalauja grie�tos imones ir CQR/FN taisykles. Kvieciame aktyviai dometis UAB “Balthana” paslaugomis, bei gauti jas, u� verte atitinkancia kaina.

“Conqueror” Forwarder Network to Operate Like Multinational – GLOBALPORTS ON LINE

To help the best independent agencies recover lost market share “Conqueror” Forwarder Network to operate like multinational

A new high-level freight forwarders network will operate as a “virtual multinational”, with obligatory cooperation among members, a single worldwide brand, exclusive territories, and other advantages now enjoyed only by the biggest players.

Read the full article at: http://www.globalports.eu/pag/noticia.php?id=820

Independent Forwarders Form Virtual Multinational – Export Logistics Guide

Conqueror Freight Forwarder Network

The new Conqueror Freight Network is a cooperative group of independent freight forwarders that, while retaining independence, operate as a virtual multinational freight forwarder. In other words, they provide the services formerly provided by only the largest multinational forwarders. Based in Madrid, Spain, they operate in 564 cities in 175 countries. Until now, independents have had a very difficult time competing against the largest firms because of the multinational presence of the big players, Conqueror is designed to give the independent forwarder a shot at more of that business.

Independent freight forwarders can now apply to join the Conqueror Freight Network.

Read the full article at: http://exportlogisticsguide.com/conqueror-freight-forwarder-network/