Conqueror Freight Network’s 1st Virtual Meeting gets coverage from several logistics webzines

Conqueror’s 1st Virtual Meeting conducted over their exclusive meeting platform ensured that members get to network and collaborate even amidst the pandemic

best freight forwarder network
best freight forwarder network

The news of Conqueror’s 1st Virtual Meeting of freight forwarders which was attended by 75 members from more than 50 countries has been published a number of websites of the transportation and supply chain sector. The online conference of independent forwarders which took place on the 27th and 28th of October, allowed the members to  discuss new businesses, consolidate their relationships and prepare for concerted projects. The event has been covered by Actualidad Maritma y Portuaria, Veinte Pies, MLC-ITS and DC Velocity.

Actualidad Maritma y Portuaria is a digital diary of the logistics and maritime sector published from Spain. This web magazine is published by the students and professors of the IMBS (International Maritime Business School).

Veinte Pies is a renowned Spanish language digital magazine serving the informational needs of professionals in the logistics and supply chain industry. It provides a comprehensive coverage of all supply chain related topics.

DC Velocity is one of the pioneering multi-media magazines providing a substantial coverage of all aspects of the logistics industry.

MLC ITS is a website dedicated to the logistics, transportation, and supply chain industry in Spain and beyond.

The report published in the above mentioned shipping and maritime websites touches on the successful outcome of the meeting, and the way in which it allowed the members to pursue their networking activities in light of the absence of an in-person annual meeting like every year. The report also mentions the FreightViewer workshops held during the meeting when all the delegates were given an online demonstration of the latest features of Conqueror’s member-exclusive TMS.

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First-ever Virtual Event held by Conqueror Freight Network yields a remarkable outcome

Other than the one-to-one meetings among network members, there was also an online presentation of all the new updates and features of Conqueror’s member-exclusive TMS FreightViewer

Conqueror Freight Network, the largest exclusive network in the world, has organized its First Virtual Meeting on 27th and 28th October 2020. More than 2500 videoconferences were running during these two days when over 75 freight forwarders from more than 50 countries met on the cloud to close deals,  obtain sales leads, and strengthen business relationships.

best freight forwarder network
best freight forwarder network

The cloud conference was conducted via an exclusive user-friendly videoconferencing platform created by the IT department of Conqueror, which allowed for a seamless videoconferencing experience. The Virtual Meeting began with a speech from Antonio Torres after which the members started with the one-to-one videoconferences with existing and future partners to deliberate on the prospects of collaboration in the future.

“This is my fourth virtual meeting this year and this is by far the best platform. Congratulations to the Conqueror team. It is really working perfectly and the event has been very well organized, with a support team that’s always willing to assist,” stated a Conqueror member from Portugal.

The Virtual Meeting was a one of a kind opportunity for the network members to assemble on one platform at one time to engage in constructive business discussions with fellow members with the purpose of securing a constant flow of new business opportunities. As stated by Antonio Torres, the President and Founder of Conqueror Freight Network, “In the light of the present circumstances we were not able to hold our in-person meeting at Doha and had to arrange for an online meeting that provided our members with a unique opportunity to establish long-term relationships and allowed us to keep them posted with the latest developments within the network. Being on the cloud, it also eliminated all the obstacles to participation, and enabled the members to engage in productive communications, strengthen their partnership ties and secure new businesses.”

The 2 days of the virtual conference also included an online workshop where the members were acquainted with all the latest updates to Conqueror’s member-exclusive quotation generating software –FreightViewer. With more than twenty years of experience in the logistics industry, Mr. Torres rightly points out that, “Our industry has gone through a veritable revolution and presently the most competent logistics companies have already implemented a digital strategy that enables real-time cargo tracking, transparent invoicing, automated quote generation and much more. This is exactly why independent freight forwarders need an online tool like FreightViewer at their disposal which will allow them to compete with the multinationals on a more equal footing.”

Conqueror’s 1st Virtual Meeting is all set to commence on the 27th of October

With our impeccable IT support, the online meeting will be the most effective way for members to increase their business volume in 2020

This year Conqueror’s Annual Meeting will go on the cloud because of the pandemic. Even though we will not be able to get together in person like we usually do, our networking must go on and this is precisely why we have organized Conqueror’s 1st Virtual Meeting to be held from 27th to 28th October 2020.

best freight forwarder network
best freight forwarder network

Coming together on one platform at one time will allow our delegates to carry on with their networking activities and talk one-to-one with their partners for increased prospects of collaboration in the coming months.  The virtual face-to-face meetings which will consist of the core of the event will allow for productive engagement among members without jeopardizing their safety. Agents will be able to attend up to 32 one-to-one videoconferences (each of 15 minutes duration) with previously chosen partners at a convenient meeting time.

Apart from the one-to-ones, members will also be provided with a live demonstration of all the new features and developments of our member-exclusive TMS -FreightViewer. Our user-friendly meeting platform will ensure an uninterrupted videoconferencing experience as per the agenda of the delegates. In a time when the global economy has been hard hit because of the pandemic and the ensuing lockdown, it is all the more important for the small and mid-sized entrepreneurs to collaborate and nurture their businesses.

“Since an in-person meeting is out of the question in 2020 our team has worked tirelessly to create an unparalleled networking experience in the virtual format. Our 1st ever online meeting will not only help the members to save time and expenses but also create a highly productive networking experience in the safest possible manner,” says Conqueror founder Antonio Torres.

Come online to promote your business, get new projects, and cultivate a better working relationship with your partners!

Conqueror’s 1st Virtual Meeting will be held from 27th-28th October 2020

CQR’s first ever online conference will ensure more participation and help the agents to generate more collaborative projects for 2020

Conqueror Freight Network is gearing up to host a virtual meeting of network members to be held on 27th to 28th October 2020. By bringing all the agents in one platform at one time the online conference will allow the members to discuss the prospects of upcoming collaborative projects in 2020. The videoconferences will help the members have constructive communication with their network partners and since an in-person meeting is out of the question in 2020, members need to make the best use of this networking opportunity.

best freight forwarder network
best freight forwarder network

The conference isn’t going to be a regular video call over Skype or Zoom. CQR agents will be able to participate in up to 32 one-to-one videoconferences of 15 minutes duration with previously chosen partners. Moreover, there will be a presentation about all the latest updates of Conqueror’s member-exclusive digital tool FreightViewer. Although a face-to-face meeting would have been much preferable, the major upside of the virtual meeting is that the agents will be able to save a lot of time as well as expenses on transportation, visa, and hotel.

The user-friendly meeting platform integrated with Conqueror’s website will ensure a seamless videoconferencing experience in accordance with the agenda of the agents. In the words of Antonio Torres, the President and Founder of Conqueror Freight Network, “This year we could not meet in person because of safety concerns which is why we have decided to move our meeting online for 2020. The virtual nature of the meeting will do away with all obstacles to participation and we are looking forward to much greater participation by CQR agents.”

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