Conqueror Chengdu redesigns their website to make it more user friendly

Although the website address is intact, their revamped website includes several new features that add to the convenience of the users

CIMC Anda Shun International Logistics Co Ltd, Conqueror member in Chengdu, China, has created a new redesigned, user-friendly website. While their old web address has remained intact, the content, looks, and functionalities of the website have vastly improved. It comes with new functional modules, a better layout, and many new things for the customers to explore.

CIMC Anda Shun International Logistics- logistics company in Chengdu
New website of CIMC Anda Shun International Logistics


Additionally, apart from Chinese and English, the audience will now be able to view their website in Spanish. The new website of Conqueror Chengdu also comes with a cargo tracking feature. Their customers and partners will henceforth be able to check the shipment status just by entering their waybill/ airline number.

As stated by Jane Lan, the Overseas Market Manager of CIMC Anda Shun, “Better content, clearer structure, new tools like online order, cargo tracking, HS CODE query, seaports/airports query, shipping company query, FBA warehouse address, and forwarding FAQs will immensely help to enhance the browsing experience. Even under difficult market circumstances, we are trying to improve our services for our esteemed clients and partners. Our company’s website is now running and we bet you can’t wait to browse it!”

Congratulations to CIMC Anda Shun and all the best for their upcoming projects!


Conqueror Chengdu changes its company name to CIMC ANDA SHUN International Logistics

After their merger with Shenzhen Yee Zhan Yuan and with CIMC Logistics Group, they renamed their company

ADS Logistics, Conqueror member in Chengdu, China, is now known as CIMC ANDA SHUN International Logistics Co.,Ltd Chengdu Branch. Their merger with two freight forwarding companies Shenzhen Yee Zhan Yuan and CMIC Logistics Group necessitated the change of name.

Conqueror Chendu-independent freight forwarder
Conqueror Chengdu changes its name


ADS Logistics merged with Shenzhen Yee Zhan to have better management and resources sharing. Moreover, ADS Group also obtained the strategic corporate inversion of CIMC Logistics Group. The merger has come into effect from 1st November 2021. They will handle all projects with fellow Conqueror members under this new name.

“With over a decade of experience in this industry, we rank among the top 100 freight forwarding companies in China. Our recent mergers will help us further cement our position as the most competent logistics service provider in Chengdu and beyond,” says Mr. Ricky Wang, the General Manager of Conqueror Chengdu.

Congratulations to CIMC ANDA SHUN International Logistics and all the best for their future projects!